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Friday, September 22, 2017

The UN: Important or Impotent?

Well Trump and all the other leaders of the world finished up quite a time wasting week at the United Nations

As we wrote a couple days ago, the UN is really mostly a way for dozens upon dozens of secondary nations with no real power or influence anywhere to feel they have a voice

And in exchange they basically allow themselves to be economic and geo-political colonies to the US, Russia or China

Of course we don't use that word now.. They're called allies and get to sit on various councils that mean nothing 
The UN is a bit more powerful than its predecessor the League of Nations formed after World War I ended but really not by much

President Wilson had made the creation of the world policing body as one of his 'Fourteen Points' at the Versailles conference in 1919 but fortunately at the time, Congress flatly rejected US entrance into it

As a side note, Wilson was so insistent the US enter the League that while travelling the country to frantically promote it, he ultimately had a stroke and while he didn't die in office, it was really his wife Edith who made Presidential decisions behind the scenes in Woodrow's behalf for that final year in office because he was too ill and weak to do so..
When we think of the UN, we think of a quote by Mussolini

During the Second Italo-Abyssinian War in late 1935-early 1936, when the League accused Italian soldiers of targeting Red Cross medical tents, he responded that "the League is very well when sparrows shout, but no good at all when eagles fall out."

Yep..  Same with the UN

Honestly it only exists because America and its leaders find it useful to keep it..  If we left the UN, it collapses upon itself
The UN has shown it is completely powerless and toothless when it comes to dealing with world threats

The North Korea situation?  All it is good for is passing resolutions 

Yesterday it was announced that any corporations that did business dealings with NK and traded significantly with them would be financially punished

Who made that directive -- The UN?

Nope.. it was us, the US..  The rest of the UN just nodded
If the UN had any importance at all, it would have been the President of that body who announced the sanctions and would be the ones to enforce it

Today Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran would continue its missile program in defiance of US sanctions, and to underscore the determination, their Revolutionary Guard unveiled its newest long-range ballistic missile during a military parade in Tehran.

The new missile is capable of reaching much of the Middle East, including Israel, with a range of 1,200 miles. It's also capable of carrying several warheads

So what do you think the UN will do?   What has it done?
Maybe issue some referendums and perhaps condemnations?  Perhaps.. Perhaps not..  

Russia is their ally and has UN veto power so we doubt anything genuinely anti-Iran has ever been publicly approved

Not that it matters..

Besides, according to him:  “All countries in the world supported the nuclear deal in the United Nations General Assembly this year ... except the United States and the Zionist regime (Israel).. We will not seek permission from anyone to defend our country."
If what he says is true than the UN has worked against their mission goal of world peace

And if/when Iran is ultimately dealt, it will of course not be by the cowardly UN..  It will be a vastly militarily superior America and vastly morally-ethically superior Israel

Such a completely worthless body of rotten people who compose it..  Its significance does not come from the institution itself but in how the everyday person sees it based on how the media molds and shapes the narrative of it
Some see the UN as this lovely symbol; as some representation of hope for peace on earth..  

Some see it as the mechanism to finally humble the US and put America in its place as equal to the Perus, Belgiums and Nepals of the world in global significance

The US contributes $8 billion annually to the UN (this includes all agencies) which is 22% of the total budget for that inconsequential body but don't let that stop the globalists from their goal of American political and military impotence

And some like us see the UN for what it is.. An expensive joke.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Only One Way To Deal with N. Korea.. By Completely Ignoring

Currently North Korea (NK) lobs missiles in the air as they both test and flaunt their nuclear capabilities and in spite of the tough talk and bluster, our response is 3rd party sanctions

Trump announced a new executive action that "significantly expands" US authority to target individuals, companies and financial institutions that finance or facilitate trade with North Korea.

Details thus far are scarce, but thus far we know that Trump has stated China's central bank has ordered their banks to stop doing business with NK and that Trump's effort will also target NK's shipping and trade networks
Of course the real question is don't we already punish NK with sanctions on everything except non-essentials like medical supplies?

Also if Trump keeps refusing to implement any oil-linked sanctions, potentially limiting the only trade flow between China and North Korea that matters for fear of angering China, then really what is the point?!

It is sort of like sending your teenage son/daughter to their room as punishment where there's a TV, computer, iPad, cell phone, XBox One and a dozen other fun ways to pass the time
Of course deep down we all know sanctions will never work, even if oil supply is cut

Let's assume Jong Il is as mentally disturbed as everyone says (which we don't truly believe but for argument sake...)

OK.. So you take a person off his rocker, taunt and tease him with mocks like 'Rocket Man', continue squeezing his economy and then do everything to prevent his only ally China from keeping his nation surviving..

Does anyone not think NK would not retaliate with launching missiles that hit Japan or South Korea or even Guam if possible?
They don't even have to be nuclear weapons used..  Just something to cause destruction and loss of life to others because when you push certain people into a corner what do they have left to lose?

 Would anyone really be surprised if NK brought about a military strike?  

To those who would be, why?
Does anyone out there know why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941?

We're all taught and led to believe it was a surprise, that we did absolutely nothing to them prior and were blindsided

Now we're not conspiracy theorists and we do not support the notion that the higher-ups knew of the attack and did nothing on purpose

We are saying the higher-ups knew ultimately the US would be attacked based on our economic policies toward them
We were greatly concerned with their expanding influence in the Pacific and especially after their takeover of China and how much the British navy was struggling to fight them

So we basically established an economic embargo on the Empire and more important to their war machine, were blockading the ability of Japan to get both oil and rubber which are both essential in building and maintaining tanks, planes and other armaments

So after 6 months or so of this, Japan saw they were pushed into this corner where either they would have to attack the US and engage in a war of them to get their naval fleet out of the Pacific or Japan's entire war machine would come to a halt and by extension they'd be demolished

So they chose military retaliation for economic sanctions
As stated before, why does anyone think the end result of these policies will be different

OK, so now the argument becomes what else can we do then?

Talking is a waste of time we admit, and carrot/stick to get the nation to 'comply' really never works long term..  It's just another way of compromising to keep peace..  It only allows political can kicking to occur
Bomb them?    Well once you start, you better be prepared to keep bombing and understand this is not Iraq or Libya..  And even one "mother of all bombs" is not enough if your enemy feels they have nothing left to lose in their fight

NK may not have the same number of nuclear missiles as we but they have enough, and what they lack in size and scope, their buddies in China make up for it

Ignore NK.. is that an option?

Honestly-- yes.   That is the only option and really the only policy this country should have taken over the last few decades
We had an opportunity to bomb and/or invade before the world allowed them to get nuclear capabilities but either through fear or cowardice over China, we instead passed resolutions in that pathetic body called the United Nations

So now the policy needs to be to just ignore them until they actually cross a line that justifies the risks associated with military confrontation

But its always about economics and global finance isn't it..
Why do we hate NK so much..  We are speaking generationally, not just what's happened over the last couple years?

We hate NK for the same reason we hate Cuba and no, its has little to do with freedom, liberty and fighting oppression

Neither country will allow our corporations to get a foothold in

And as long as we can not sell our Big Macs and Coca Cola and show our poisonous leftist-propaganda Hollywood films in NK theaters, the policy of this nation no matter who is President is to look at NK as a enemy state
We accept China's socialist communist rule and state controlled crackdown on free speech among other things because after Nixon met with them, China opened their doors to our businesses which opened the doors to over a billion new customers for US products and services

This is why hypocrite bullshit Silicon Valley corporations like Google and Apple dare to continually attack Trump at every turn as if he seeks to crush freedom while doing everything possible in China to assist in the censoring of web based content for those people as per the government's directives

Former enemy Vietnam is now our ally and friend for the same reason..  They let us sell our automobiles, potato chips and fried chicken
So honestly the US would tolerate Jong Il and leave him alone if he did like China and allowed US companies to profit off his people

Can you imagine how much the US would love NK if they allowed American companies to come in tax free and hire NK workers at pennies a day to make all the clothes we wear with the polo playing ponies and swooshes?
But he doesn't so we must destroy them one way or another..

That's just the truth of it.

The lobbying of missiles by NK is just a pretext to intervene

So all in all, unless Trump is sincerely willing and ready to invade NK and displace Jong Il (or do it covertly with China's secret blessing), there is very little to nothing the US or anyone else can do to control NK

Only China has that power and its not in their interest to weaken a strategic and political buffer to South Korea and Japan so anything done will be very token and symbolic
Would be so nice if Trump worried more about the True enemies to this nation; the ones who want to tear it down and destroy the fabric of this society forever and those evil people are not located in NK or the deserts of the Middle East

The evil within this nation are located on college campuses, both in academia and its student body, its TV and print news media apparatuses and in all sectors of entertainment and pop culture including movies, sports and advertising

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of using potential military force to combat a nuclear power, he used it instead on rabble like Black Lives (do not ever) Matter and Code Pink?

How to properly deal with that Real danger to our freedom and security is a blog post for another time..

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump Wasting His Time At the UN

Trump spoke at the United Nations earlier today and honestly it was the first time we we were turned off listening to what he had to say

We only listened a couple minutes on YouTube before clicking off

Nothing personal against the President..  We just can't stomach the UN
Most people see the UN in positive terms, mainly through conditioning to be taught generation upon generation to see it that way

For us, the creation of the UN was the origin point and ultimate gateway to a globalist one-world where national sovereignty ultimately holds the same significance of US states within the construct of our Federal government.

And by globalist, we do not only mean politically and socially, but of course economically
Most people really can not see the forest from the trees because there will be a time and it will be sooner than we all realize, when a global currency is implemented linking all the nations of the world

In a way, one could argue we already possess this - they're called credit cards and accepted all over the world but that is just a precursor

If you have one global currency with one centralized global Treasury in control, then when there's ever another global market crash, there is no safe zone anywhere in the world to hide from the devastation
The goal originally conceived was if you tie up everyone's finances through a centralized body, this would dramatically minimize the chance of war because it would bring upon mutually assured financial destruction in the same way it is believed nuclear war would do militarily

Every nation borrows money from centralized global creditors, and when one doesn't pay back, everyone else arm twists to make sure the deadbeat nation complies because if one gets away with it, everyone is adversely affected

Creating a global currency enslaves people on a micro level and allows implementation of global taxes while ultimately forcing a more level global playing field when it comes to wages, benefits and productivity.
US wages would be forced down so people in Zaire and Vietnam go up.

US produced coal, lumber, steel, beef, etc would be scaled back with price controls or tariffs so 3rd world countries would be able to compete and ultimately play catch up

Right now the only thing protecting US workers is US law such as minimum wage..

Who cares about US interests and the survival of American citizens in a UN dominated globalized society where we only counts for one vote?
In addition once a global currency is implemented and gains a foothold in people's normal daily habits, the national currencies - dollar, peso, pound, franc, etc are taken out of circulation and it becomes permanent

Now if you have one global currency, that means global open borders because the UN makes the political and economic decisions..

Here's an example..  Recently a European Union judge threatened fines on several eastern European countries such as Poland for refusing to take in their expected quota of refugees

Poland may think of itself as a sovereign nation but the fact a judge can impose sanctions based on disagreement over their national public policy means really they're just a satellite state as so often in their history
Is that what you desire of America?  For the UN Special Council or some tribunal to determine the US needs to comply with some directive or be punished by others?

In simple plain talk, the United Nations is complete bullshit

You have 5 nations with veto power (US, Russia, China, UK and France) meaning the rest of the world is secondary status and the President is never American even though the UN is based on American soil and we financially contribute more to its existence than any other nation with some being quite derelict in their responsibilities
Their resolutions mean absolutely nothing and often when pushed, they back off

For instance a year ago, the UN was going to release some kind of finding that Saudi Arabia was among those on a list of nations most responsible for human rights abuses

Saudi Arabia threatened to leave the UN if such a report was published and the global body acquiesced and caved into the threat
What has the UN actually accomplished in the last 70 years other than to allow dozens upon dozens of secondary military and economically inconsequential countries to feel more important than they really are and have a voice of some sort that otherwise they wouldn't possess?!

The vast majority of nations in the world are still nothing more than colonies and minions to the US, Russia or China and every nation pretty much including the big 3 are slaves to corporations

So its all psychological ruse
It is really no different than a slave owner dressing up one of his property in very refined clothes to serve as his butler to give the appearance he stands out from the field hand.  This illusion makes the butler feel better about himself but still possesses the same individual freedom as the guy picking the cotton -  none.

The creation of the UN took away political and economic autonomy from every nation in the world including the US and did this under the guise this would bring about world peace

They even call their military apparatus 'peacekeepers'.. Too funny.
So when we hear Trump speak at the UN, we want to vomit

Not because Trump is speaking but because of where he's speaking and the absolute garbage he's reading off teleprompters to make most of his audience happy

We don't know if he sincerely believes all the nonsense he's been saying or just one of those things a President has to do to keep up appearances, but lordy...

Lordy.. Lordy..

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Nice Hit Piece on Washington Post's CEO by One of their Own

The Washington Post (WaPo) among other hypocritical liberal newspaper media outlets loves when its writers through editor directives shits on conservatives, especially the President.

WaPo will print one vicious hit-piece and complete lie after another in the hopes they can destroy Trump and get him impeached or at the very least make him a one-termer

Their motto which they conveniently adapted after Trump's victory and put under their paper's header is "democracy dies in darkness"

But to liberals, everything including democracy and fair reporting is a one-way street
One of the golden rules of working for a media outlet is if you're a writer or reporter and want to keep your job, you better write with the same ideological agenda as your boss

Another golden rule is that if one has intentions of joining in on the recent wave of tech titan bashing, you may want to first make sure your paper isn't owned by the same tech titan who has wandered into your cross-hairs

Fredrick Kunkle who writes for WaPo didn't heed that advice when he published a scathing and quote accurate op-ed about Amazon and WaPo CEO Jeff Bezos in the Huffington Post.
Here's a taste of what he had to say:

"One of the wealthiest men in the world is thinking of ways to give back. But he’s still taking from the very people who helped him build his fortune.

But as Bezos, whose worth now exceeds $80 billion, loosens his pockets, it’s important to put his charitable giving — and the philanthropy of the super-rich — into perspective: Many people worked hard for Bezos to help make him so rich, and he has a record of treating them poorly.

Amazon’s history of dodging taxes, its mistreatment of workers, and its ruthlessness toward even the smallest competitors have been well documented. 
It put ambulances outside distribution centers rather than install adequate air conditioning. It broke up a union organizing effort by closing the call center and dismissing everyone who worked there. 

The New York Times documented its punishing work environment in a front-page exposé. The company’s actions, as Forbes put it, hark back to an earlier time when workers were treated as “replaceable cogs in the machine.”

Everyone at the Post wants it to succeed and prosper. But we want our employees to succeed and prosper, too.

Two years ago, however, Bezos slashed retirement benefits. For reasons that remain unclear, he froze a pension plan that was awash in so much money that neither he nor the company would possibly have faced additional liabilities..."

Not surprisingly, Kunkle's efforts earned him this sternly-worded warning from WaPo's Director of Labor Relations for his "willful and intentional violation of The Washington Post’s standards and ethics policy."

Of course, we wouldn't be surprised if this letter turns out to be just a prelude to Kunkle's eventual dismissal..

Their excuse was that he published his writing in a competitor news outlet - Huffington Post
We'd bet a million-billion dollars Kunkle either tried to get it published in WaPo and was flat out rejected then threatened or he knew it would be a waste of time to try

That's just how liberal media operates..

Shit on Trump, his family, the GOP or any social, moral or religious value that goes against secular-progressivism and you are a good boy/girl..  

Shit on another liberal or your boss no matter how truthful, and expect to be reprimanded then canned
It is absolutely frightening that the most wealthy and powerful people in media, commerce and technology are all so distorted over-tolerant liberal and continually push for a globalist, open borders one-world political correct white-guilt society

And yet at the end of the day these bastards are no different than the power-players of generations past..  devising new ways to maximize profits by working their employees more, paying them less and controlling every aspect of their existence

Friday, September 15, 2017

Can't Keep Fighting Evil with Current As-Is Policies

~ photo of a victim of today's terror attack in UK being treated by medics

We could spend a lot of time writing in detail about what the terror attack in London earlier today or about the continual missile testing in North Korea but really what's the point?

These are not defining moments..

They're not even lines in the sand that have been crossed

They're just continuations of old, tired patterns which the US and the rest of the world tolerate because it just doesn't want to confront evil
When yours truly was young, probably around 12yrs old and sitting in the classroom while being taught the basic history of World War II, it confused me at the time why the world stood back and allowed Hitler and Nazi Germany to rebuild its military far beyond what was allowed by terms of the Treaty of Versailles

I also didn't understand why the world quietly allowed Hitler to take Austria and the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia without firing a shot prior to the war officially beginning with his invasion of Poland

And even that event in itself didn't provoke war..  British PM at the time Neville Chamberlain gave Hitler an ultimatum of a couple days to leave Poland or else..   Right...  or else..
I also never understood why the world back in the 1930s tolerated Hitler's policies toward Jewish people - excluding them from all aspects of society and punishing any German non-Jew who was married to or did business with them

And of course back then I didn't understand why the Jews didn't just stand up for themselves and allow the Holocaust to happen

None of it made sense.

When you're 12 years old and learning all this for the first time, you're allowed a bit of naivety as to how the world really works
In modern times, the world treated Saddam Hussein the same..

We didn't mind that he used poison gas on enemies (and his own people) during the Iran-Iraq War of the early 1980s because he represented the side of the free Western world while Iran got its support from the Soviets

Then he invaded Kuwait back in August, 1989 and even though we had Desert Storm to rescue our super-wealthy oil-rich friends, Bush Sr decided to keep him in power
From that, we had another 12 years or so of him as a nuisance doing everything from ignoring the fly-over ban to gassing the Kurds to financially rewarding the families of terrorists who attacked the west

Eventually Bush Jr., whatever his reasons/motivations being valid or faulty, decided in 2003 to remove him and even then most nations really don't want to get involved

Whatever mistakes have been made since Saddam's toppling, his removal was not
So now we have more terror attacks in London and more North Korea missile tests lobbied near South Korea and Japan

Does anyone expect policy to really change from this?

Nearly 3,000 civilians needlessly died during 9/11 with every single murderer being a believer in Islam from Saudi Arabia and yet we as a nation still have an open-arms policy towards people of that backward cult-faith
Britain is even worse than the US..

Their Mayor of London is a Muslim which is really sickening and shameful when you think about nearly 1,000 of English history since William the Conqueror and they allow someone of that belief system to have any power

Then again, we shamed our forefathers and generations of our ancestors by electing Obama so...
Now what normally should happen after repeated terror attacks where in every case its always Muslims, that if you do not outright expel them all out of your country, you at least do intense racial profiling and make a concerted effort to document their movements

And if a piece of shit blows people up and you can identify as a perpetrator, even if he/she is dead from the attack or aftermath, the government then goes hard on the family and expels them

Instead, when Muslims murder, its a Goebbels-like propaganda PR campaign to say 'Islam is Love' which is such a George Orwell '1984' type contradictory statement and amazingly people really believe it
When all those simple minded idiots in your neighborhood have their 'Hate has no home here' signs on their lawn 10 months after the election, it is not targeted toward Muslims who hate and want to kill everyone who does not think or dress or pray like them..

Its the people on the other side trying to fight them and keep them out of our country so they don't turn our nation into what we see in the UK

People like Trump.
And with North Korea, that's a more tricky matter we admit because of the fact they possess nuclear weapons but really, why do they have them?

Simple.. No one wanted to invade the country and topple their leader prior, mostly out of fear of China who we keep stupidly expecting to assist the West in trying to control them at present

Still.. We really see war with them as inevitable
Diplomacy does not work.. Visits by Jong Il's buddy Dennis Rodman aren't helping and UN resolutions against NK are thinner than tissue paper

Sanctions?  Well, aren't already imposing them?  Haven't we for many years?  Besides what NK doesn't get from us, they get from their butt-buddy China

China will never abandon NK because it likes that its a geographical buffer to South Korea so this fantasy of triangular diplomacy made famous by Kissinger in Vietnam just won't work here
So what else is there?   Pull US corporations out?   They're not allowed in the nation in the first place which is a big reason we hate them so much

We won't loan them money.. Will that work?   North Korea is 1 of only 3 nations in the world that does not borrow thus not owe a penny to the US controlled International Monetary Fund or any other global bank.. The others being Cuba and Iran

Libya used to be nation #4 but Hillary and Obama destroyed the nation and assassinated Ghadafi in the process..   Coincidence?
If we went to war with NK, toppled their leader and a new government was put in, even if not a true democracy, guess what is the first thing they'd be doing?  

Yep.. Securing international loans to rebuild

So who knows..  But the willful and pompous firing of weapons to invoke fear in the rest of the world just can't be tolerated
So while we freely admit we don't have specific answers on North Korea, we know what US policy has been over the last 10-20 years simply does not work

Our strategy on fighting Muslim terrorists doesn't seem to work either because we treat the cause of their hate as something economic, political or just extremism when their motivations are based on core Islamic teachings in their holy book that we've been PC conditioned to believe as 'love' since so few to none of us have ever bothered to actually read it

And until things change on our end as to how to deal with enemy states, evil ideologies and putrid religions of hatred and intolerance, nothing is going to change on their end