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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Black President, White Sport & Americans Seeing Red

When you look at Obama's failed Presidency there is one thing he has accomplished which no one can ever deny..

He has probably played more golf than any black man alive, even fellow mulatto Tiger Woods..

Golf Digest proudly reported on August 8th, the President participated in his 300th round of the white man's sport

Of course that does not count all the golf outings since then as the people of Louisiana suffer from devastating which have left a couple dozen dead and currently affect hundreds of thousands of people
Nope.. gotta pretend he's Caucasian and drive his little cart around a large open space that used to be full of lush foliage once upon a time so he can hit a fucking white ball into a cup

Its always nice to hear people who are or were in leadership positions honestly and openly criticize Obama as the piece of crap that he is (of course they do it much more professional and polished than admittedly we here do)

Even more refreshing when its another black person

Former Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory who is black accurately accused Obama of turning a “blind eye” to the flooding in the state, saying he does not seem to care about the plight of poor black people and questioned why President Obama could not cut short his golfing vacation to help out in the flood-hit state.

“It’s difficult to understand why he could not break from his vacation and his golfing and come to Louisiana..."
When the interviewer quoted Kanye West, who said in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that former president George W. Bush’s response showed he did not care about Black people, former Senator Guillory said the same could be said of President Obama.

“Under [Obama’s] administration he bailed out the banks, he bailed out Wall Street, but Black unemployment is the highest it has been since the Great Depression...  More than 60% of our students, sometimes as many as 90 in urban areas, cannot read and write at grade level.”

Senator Guillory who became a Republican in 2013, then condemned his former party for keeping poor Black “enslaved” through government handouts.
So golfing is really only one of three things this President does anymore, with the other two being getting involved in the 2016 campaign as if the egotist was the candidate and doing all he can to get his unpopular policies through such as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) which even Hillary does not support

The TPP is a trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim nations and the US.

When we look back on the Obama Presidency, its failings and its historical legacy, All of the fault and blame will go toward every individual who is not a left-leaning liberal Democrat who still voted him into office especially in 2008 out of white guilt.

The need to placate blacks and right invisible wrongs which none of us alive are responsible for.
Blacks play the race guilt card quite well and most whites always seem to fold in the name of being politically correct, tolerant, wanting to simply 'get along' or coexist peaceably, or out of sheer fear of the damage blacks and white liberals can do to one's reputation and career

And they successfully got an incompetent half-black man into office with no real governing experience who never in his life ran so much as a lemonade stand back in 2008 while still being able to keep hold of the victimization card as if we're all living in 1961

It's really an amazing thing we've all allowed.

Black President.. Black Attorney General.. Black former Secretaries of Defense, State and Supreme Court Justices..  and yet Affirmative Action continues because its argued its necessary??
And don't think other groups haven't learned the lessons i,e, political zealot gays successfully getting gay marriage legalized while still claiming discrimination vis a vis connecting their interests with transgender bathroom cause..

Nothing is accidental.. Political movements are well thought out and are there for the long haul

If one really studies and understands history you can see parallels between these various social Progressive movements and how the vile Viet Cong dealt with America during the Vietnam War; there is a singular focus to never stop until they win while the US political leaders then and everyday folk today are so easily distracted by how others will think of us

That really was the downfall of the US in that war..
Every strategy..  Every policy was based on how the world would look at us.. 'How would we be perceived if we walked away from an ally (South Vietnam)? '..  'How would we look if we blew up dams and starved the people even though strategically it was what was required?'..etc..

Many today, most whites think the same about blacks..

How would we appear if we say rap music is Shit, that black actors do not deserve to be nominated for awards based on skin color and that a large percentage of blacks especially in the inner cities milk the system while are responsible for a large percentage of violent crime and drugs?

We know the truth but can't ever say it much less do anything to fix it especially nowadays perception can be deadly if becoming reality

And from that, we elected and suffering through a really bad Presidency with an Oreo cookie obsessed equally with playing golf and trying to convey to other blacks he's really one of them..
The highlight of Obama's Presidency for him was probably this year's White House Press Correspondents' Dinner where the black comedian called him 'My Nigga!'

Nigger is right..  to Wall Street, banks and corporations..

Obama was quite a good boy.. and oh so loyal.. And he will get rewarded one day with a gigantic Presidential Library, his pick of prestigious well playing private sector jobs and 6-7 figure speeches from those just happy to hear him wax nostalgic on his golfing

Five months to go..

Monday, August 22, 2016

Yay!! - Another Meaningless Olympics Games Are Over

~ Rio's poor slum-dwellers watching the Oympics spectacle from afar

It's a Monday in mid-August and happily those rotten, awful Summer Olympics are over

We've always hated the Olympics - All the nations of the world gathering together and pretending to like one another as 5 nations gobble up 90% of all the medals and the event usually economically destroys the home nation who hosts it

Summer.. Winter.. does not matter
NBC will always find a way to shit up the coverage by making the sports entertainment as non-sports focused as possible.  Targeted demographics show women need back-stories and 'feel good' moments in order to watch

Real sports programming advertise beer and trucks; the Olympics advertise family SUVs, cosmetics and fabric softener

Hard to ever take this bullshit event seriously when the Lebanese Olympic team can get away with denying Israeli athletes board their bus without repercussion or some other Muslim piece of shit from Egypt yells 'allah akbar' before a match with an Israeli in judo which is what terrorists exclaim before they murder
There's a quote from the Oscar winning film Gladiator we always think of during sports spectacles like Olympics, World Cup and Super Bowl meant to entertain and distract the masses from all things of importance.

The Senator speaking to another refers to the Roman Emperor staging 150 days of games and all the money diverted to the purpose instead of helping his people in need --

"I think he knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. He will conjure magic for them and they will be distracted. He will take away their freedom, and still they will roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble floor of the Senate, it is the sand of the Colosseum. He will give them death, and they will love him for it."

You don't think amateur and professional sports are condoned and promoted across the globe by accident or mere will of the people do you?
In 1912, twenty eight nations met in Stockholm, Sweden to participate in the Summer Olympics.   All those  participants oblivious to the social, economic and political tensions of the countries of their allegiance toward one another as they pretended they were above it all..

The 1916 "Olympics" were held in the muddy, bloody trenches at the Somme, among other Western and Eastern front locales.

It is not just America that is very bad economic shape..

In western Canada, the economies of (Calgary & Edmonton) Alberta and Vancouver (British Columbia) is plunging thanks to continually low oil prices which popped their real estate bubble, effecting the rest of the nation that somehow escaped the economic pain of the 2008 global crash.
In Germany the continued simmering tensions from the people being forced to taken in these inferior Muslims from Syria and other nations as they work to destroy the social and economic fabric of the nation is slowly reaching a real breaking point..

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government is publicly telling its citizens to stockpile food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe (Muslim, no doubt) and the German Federal Bank (Bundesbank) said in its monthly report on Monday that by 2060 Germany should increase the retirement age to 69 from the current 65.

The rest of Europe is still a complete mess...
As we wrote earlier, Brazil is in its worst economic recession in 80 years and will continue to suffer thanks to the billions Wasted by hosting these Games along with the 2014 World Cup.

Brazil's national debt is $709.5 Billion when converted into US dollars which seems low in comparison to our nearly $20 Trillion but 28% of their GDP is debt and their yearly interest alone is over $71 billion..  Understand, that's annual Interest on debt!

Over in Asia, Japan's economy is still in a 2 decade-plus rut and are in the process of wasting billions more dollars (or trillions more Yen) as they prepare to host the 2020 Summer Games.  $7.3 Billion is already earmarked and historically, ALL games cost more than expected

China which hosted the Summer Games in 2012 will be hosting the Winter games in 2018 as they continue to devalue their currency

Who said Asians are always smart?
Did you know Boston had made a serious attempt to host the 2024 Summer Games here in the US?

However, US Olympic Committee killed Boston's 2024 Summer Olympics bid barely six months after backing it when public support for the bid dissipated over concerns about cost overruns and new construction.

The final straw came when Boston's correctly refused to immediately sign the standard host-city contract that puts taxpayers on the hook for any cost overruns.

Had Boston been chosen, taxpayers would have been on the hook for at least $5 billion and that's simply estimated totals.
So many problems around the world that could politically, economically or militarily blow up into something global and so many oblivious.

Just want our fun and games and summer vacation

Which normally is nice and good but after nearly 8 years of that mulatto parasite in the White House, the nation and world is in a really bad mess

The rich keep getting richer, the corporations keep getting stronger and those in the middle classes keep getting screwed..
As long as there's American football and global football (soccer) and baseball and basketball and hockey and NASCAR and golf and MMA (mixed martial arts) and Olympics and every other sport under the sun, people will gravitate attention to that

Sports is the great Distraction; it allows people easy escape from reality while being a conduit to sell everything from product to ideas; from soft drinks and sneakers to concepts like imaginary globalist Utopian concepts like tolerance, coexistence, cooperation and peace

Which is nice..

If it wasn't so incredibly untrue.
~ The children of Rio playing while its nation spent its money elsewhere

Friday, August 19, 2016

How Blacks Have Suffered Under Obama

We were very pleased to read a poll taken by the LA Times that show currently black voter support for Trump was at 14.6%

That number may not seem very high but compared to the 0.001% that Republicans John 'cadaver' McCain and Mitt 'Mormon' Romney received, it is quite substantial

And really that is how it should be in an election..

People as individuals making up their mind to vote left or right rather than some racial, ethnic or sex orientation or gender based 90% to 99% bloc for one candidate or party
It is so easy to forget when this happens, the side that has that much over-riding support will Always take that group for granted and do little to nothing for them once in office because the group shows no matter what they won't ever stray

And for the Party that wins office in spite of only getting 1-3% of that group's support, what is the incentive to put policy into place to improve their lives when as a President and Party, they'll never get credit or benefit in future elections

We honestly do not know what groups are steadfast Republican (super-wealthy people also vote Democrat i.e. Buffett, Zuckerberg, Gates, etc..) but we do know what groups Stupidly lockstep vote Democrat..

Blacks, Jews and Gays..
In the case of Jews, its been that way since FDR and so many of them forget in the early 1930's he sent back boat-loads of Jewish 'illegals' trying to escape Nazi Germany..

FDR personally had the power to let them into the nation, to save their lives and the Democrat President declined, sending men, women and children to their ultimate deaths.

And the Party is continually rewarded for that action with Jewish money and support

As for gays, everything they've earned in terms of equality and legal protection by Democrats as come piece-meal; rather begrudging
Bill Clinton acted like he was champion of the gay community and in office, instead of barring discrimination in the military based on sexual preference, like the corrupt political weasel he was/is, implements 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

In 2008 and 2012, Obama stated marriage is between a man and a woman.  The Only reason he changed positions was his VP Biden publicly humiliated him on the issue, forcing the abrupt change.

As for gay marriage, whether you support it or not, Obama did Nothing to make it reality yet took credit like the Scum that he is after 5 Supreme Court Justices voted for it, making it so..

But lets get back to blacks and specifically the Horrible job this worthless President has done while in office
Back in January on Huffington Post, black talk show host Tavis Smiley admitted though it pained him to say, that under Obama, blacks have fallen behind in just about every economic category..

"On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories. So in the last ten years it hasn’t been good for black folk. This is the president’s most loyal constituency that didn’t gain any ground in that period."

Of course they didn't.. Obama had their vote; why bother taking the time to help them.. What are blacks going to do -- vote Republican??

Larry Elder, a radio talk show host who is also black but 'Gasp!!' Conservative spoke very honestly about blacks under Obama during an interview a while back on Fox News..
"What about poverty? In 2009, when Obama took office, the black poverty rate was 25.8 percent. As of 2014, according to Pew Research Center, the black poverty rate was 27.2 percent.

What about income? CNNMoney says, “Minority households’ median income fell 9 percent between 2010 and 2013, compared to a drop of only 1 percent for whites.” 

The Financial Times wrote last October: “Since 2009, median non-white household income has dropped by almost a 10th to $33,000 a year, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s survey of consumer finances....
What about net worth and the black-white “wealth gap”? The Financial Times said: “The median non-white family today has a net worth of just $18,100 — almost a fifth lower than it was when Mr. Obama took office. White median wealth, on the other hand, has inched up by 1 percent to $142,000.

 In 2009, white households were seven times richer than their black counterparts. That gap is now eightfold. Both in relative and absolute terms, blacks are doing worse under Mr. Obama.” ...

When looking only at “black net worth” — which is lower compared to non-whites as a whole — white households are actually 13 times wealthier than black households. 
From 2010 to 2013, according to the Federal Reserve, white household median wealth increased a modest 2.4 percent, while Hispanic families’ wealth declined 14 percent, to $13,700. But blacks’ net worth fell from $16,600 to $11,000. 

This is an astonishing three-year drop of 34 percent. Investors Business Daily put it this way, “That’s a steeper decline than occurred from 2007 to 2010, when blacks’ net worth fell 13.5 percent.” The black/white “wealth-gap” has reached a 25-year high.

What about unemployment? In 2009, black unemployment was 12.7 percent, and by 2014, it had fallen to 10.1 percent. This sounds like good news until one examines the black labor force participation rate — the percentage of blacks working or seeking work. It’s the lowest since these numbers have been recorded."
And for a vast number of blacks, this drek President is still beloved

All it took was a pathetic speech about 'If I had a son, he'd be like Trayvon"  (Fucking asshole President!) and the 'D' affiliation

No white Republican President could get away with making the lives of so many black people worse over the course of the last 8 years as he has.. all because he himself is mulatto.

We had to specify the Party because when thinking about it, Bill Clinton made lives extremely difficult for most blacks and many are to this day clueless
It was Bill Clinton who pushed for and signed into law very tough Welfare reform that most effected the black community and it was he who pushed for and signed into law very tough policies on drugs, increasing incarceration time (and mandatory sentencing) for lower quantities of drug possession than before..

The arrest and drug-related imprison rate dramatically increased for blacks more than whites as a result..

Did we forget to mention Hillary then referring to black teens who sell drugs as 'super-predators'?

And 86% of them are Still voting God-Damn Democrat!

Baa Baa.. Black Sheep...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

America Economically After 7+ Years of Obama

One point we've made consistently in the near 7 years we've been in existence (Yep, Seven!) is Obama is a genuinely Terrible President who Lied and Lied and Lied on the campaign trail back in 2008 and never fulfilled any of his economic promises to make life better for everyday people.

We've written often enough how he really is an incompetent who never should have gotten elected if not for his chocolate colored skin and the massive amount of PC white guilt that permeates society

We've also written extensively in the past how the moment he got elected and we literally mean the next day after beating McCain in 2008, Obama fired his entire economic advisory team and replaced with Bill Clinton cronies and executives at CitiBank

They then orchestrated a massive bailout for their bank during the transition from election to inauguration when no one was paying attention

Obama is such a piece of garbage President but we'll do our best to keep today's posting to statistics rather than ideology and detrimental public policy.

And before we begin, NO - after 7yrs, 7 months in office no Obama lover can get away with saying it is all Bush's fault and do so with any credibility

The Bureau of Labor Statistics say unemployment is at 4.9% which in a nation of 320 million comes to only 15.6 million people out of work

YET, on their very own website, it states that unemployment for youth has risen by 1.9 million to a total of 20.5 million

Now how can 15.6 million Americans in total be unemployed yet over 20 million young people can't find work?  Are teenagers not considered American?
So everyone believes the 4.9% bullshit, especially the liberal zealots and that keeps getting pushed as 'See, Obama put people to work.. Isn't he wonderful?'

We all know the BLS' dirty tricks of accounting by now, a formula started by rotten-rat Bill Clinton to make his Administration look like he tackled job loss by simply playing with the numbers so people out of work a certain length of time just don't count... they're ignored

There are over 92 million Americans currently out of work according to the WSJ and other sources..

And that is Obama's fault.
Then we have the repulsive statistic that currently there are over 60 million Americans that live in multi-generational households which is a nice way of saying young adults still living with parents and/or middle-aged adults forced to have their elderly parents live with them

This is due to Obama not sincerely giving a damn about the state of the economy for non-wealthy, the large unemployment figures we just stated and being racked with massive amounts of student loan debt, as parents keep pushing their kids to that complete 4-year waste of time and money called College.

According to CNN, approximately 70% of all college graduates will have student loan debt to pay off once they leave school, and the average loan balance for those graduates is about $28,950.

Sure you hear people in power figure ways to lower the interest rate or extend payments so you are paying back into your 60s instead of 40s but the debt Never goes away, even in bankruptcy
Many dum-dums run up $50,000 or $100,000 in debt at high end 'name' schools as society encourages young people to apply to the “best schools” that they possibly can.

We tell them that they shouldn’t worry about how much it will cost.  We assure them that they will be able to easily pay back any debts once they leave college because of the “good jobs” that they will get upon graduation.

And ultimately, millions upon millions have discovered by learning too late that the good jobs that they were promised simply do not exist.

Then there's credit card debt which is also in some ways Obama's fault because most of the time, people do not use the cards for trips to Hawaii and high-end electronics, but rather to buy food, gas and pay monthly bills that used to be paid by check but can't because there's no immediate funds
Overall, since the 2008 crash, Americans’ use of credit cards recently been creeping up again which of course banks, Wall Street and the financial media treat as a good thing

A good thing for them perhaps..

Household debt in the United States increased by $35 billion, to $12.29 trillion, during the second quarter of 2016, a 0.3 percent rise from the previous quarter according to a report released on Tuesday by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

It will never be paid back and no one in the finance industry wants it to be, since according to the basic tenets of Capitalism, the creation and flow of money occurs via debt since money only has value as promissory notes for future repayment
And of course we're living through the 2nd generation of the entitlement society created by the hippie generation as well as Generation X; a generation of personality-less people who are heavily gadget-dependent and can't survive 5 minutes without their phones.

They are taught everything in due time with come to them, to 'coexist' and be overly-tolerant and how to cry 'racism' at the slightest offense..

And what about housing?  Where's that magic recovery that the black bastard Obama promised?

The US housing slowdown is actually accelerating and the media doesn't talk about it out of lack of investigative due diligence and bad economic figures right now might hurt their candidate Hillary
The red flags include:

1)  A report by real-estate advisory RealtyTrac, cited by Bloomberg, said that "almost nine years after the housing-market bust helped trigger the most recent recession, RealtyTrac senior vice president Daren Blomquist sees the industry waving a red flag."

He was referring to house flipping by third party investors at auction which was back with a vengeance, and what's worse, the share of foreclosures snapped up by inexperienced mom-and-pop buyers at auction had hit a record 31% in June. As he said, "this a redux of the same fervent speculation that pushed the housing bubble."
2)  The latest sharp decline in spending on furniture and home goods stores, which according to Bank of America credit and debit card spending data, showed that the year over year drop had reached the lowest since the recession period. A rep for Bank of America said, "this shows that consumers have delayed spending on housing-related items, which could be a sign of weakness for the housing market."

3) A Credit Suisse survey of real estate agents: "Our Buyer Traffic Index took a sizable step back in June, slipping to 41 from 52 in May, indicating traffic levels decidedly below agents’ expectations.... Prospective buyers also continue to be deterred by a persistent shortage of affordable inventory across markets, with agents frequently highlighting buyer pushback to rising home prices."

Rising home prices, sellers who won't sell under the 25% profit margin they've been promised was due to them (entitlement) and sellers in bad jobs with stagnant wages unable to afford the home cost and/or mortgage payments.
Because of Obama's economic Failures, it is extremely difficult to buy a home (only thing keeping it from Impossible is those fraudulent eternally low interest rates will kill savers).  43% of Americans now rent

So when people vote Hillary, besides wanting to protect their right to kill babies, pretend gay marriage is legitimate (remember 5 Justices in support decided the fate of 320 million -- gotta love democracy), continue pushing globalism and social progressivism, etc,  people will continue financially suffering as she continues his policies.

The country is in very bad shape and when you vote, you need to grow up and not approach this election like a child, supporting the candidate who's personality to like more or hate less

That is OK in a high school student government election...  Not in deciding a President.  

Case in point.. This piece of crap currently in office

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Possible Reasons for Hillary's Health Maladies

We read an interesting article that would if accurate would explain Hillary's deteriorating health condition and why she should not ever be elected (among a thousand other reasons)

Of course Democrats would vote in Bugs Bunny or a styrofoam cup if it shared the 'D' affiliation and guaranteed a Dem was in power to ruin this nation another 4-8 years, especially when it comes to packing the Supreme Court with social progressive leftists..

Remember, liberals are not supporting Hillary out of love or with any real joy..

She is nothing more than a conduit; a means to an end..
She matters only for the power she will possess (or her VP choice if he becomes President) to push their secularist, globalist, multi-cultural one-world policies

Anyways, here's portions of the article from the InfoWars site and you judge or decide for yourself its validity..

"Hillary Clinton apparently suffers from Parkinson’s or a similar disease and experiences seizures from flashing lights, such as camera flashes at press conferences,...

Additionally, the federal government has reportedly spent nearly a quarter-million dollars to add handicap steps on government vehicles because Hillary struggles with balance, a fact already established by a Reuters photo showing two men helping Hillary up stairs.
The revelations explain her odd, epileptic behavior on camera and why she avoids press conferences in general.

Her health is deteriorating badly; over the past several months Hillary has suffered several seizures and near-comatose freeze-ups during speeches which, combined with her previous blood clot, concussions and severe coughing fits, reveal she’s hiding serious medical issues that jeopardize her ability to hold public office.

Sources inside the Secret Service initially contacted Infowars reporter Joe Biggs at the Republican National Convention and followed up with details about Hillary’s health out of respect for the public’s interest and national security.
Similarly, a law enforcement official told Breitbart that Hillary was late returning to a debate with Bernie Sanders due to a “flare up of problems from a brain injury.”

“These long-lasting symptoms stemming from a concussion and blood clot, according to a neurologist, suggest Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which can severely impact her cognitive abilities,” Breitbart reported in January.

Additionally, one of the men who helps Hillary up stairs is said to be her personal physician and was also photographed holding what appeared to be a Diazepam auto-injector pen used to treat reoccurring seizures...
Medical expert and former State Dept. official Dr. Steve Pieczenik (stated) at this point Hillary “is not qualified, physically, mentally or emotionally to be President of the United States.  I would say that she has a brain tumor, neuroblastoma, or that she has possibly an onset of Alzheimer’s disease which begins as what we would call Subcortical Vascular Dementia,”

Diazepam is used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or muscle spasms. It is also sometimes used with other medications to treat seizures.

Neuroblastoma is one of the most common of pediatric cancers (90% of all cases) but have on rare occasions to be found in adults.
Liberals and Clinton loyalists will quickly dismiss this and die-hard Hillary haters will seize upon the info as 'A-Ha!!'

We prefer to wait for other reliable sources to confirm or deny before we make quick judgments on something serious like one's heath

If true, it would explain a lot..

But whether it be Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Cancer or anything else, those with the most to lose politically will support and back Hillary to the very end, voting for a dying or deceased person before they ever cede all the power perks they've enjoyed to a Republican.

Just another reason Trump has got to get his act together and win

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pics: Hillary's Recent Health

The liberals say there is nothing physically wrong with Hillary's health

They say she's just fine..

Healthy as a horse..

Just Republican operatives spreading mistruth to the public...

See, all is well...

No problems whatsoever...

Now don't you feel silly for thinking something was wrong,.

Besides, there's plenty to help prop her up if/when she falls again