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Thursday, February 23, 2017

'Hacksaw Ridge'.. More like Hackjob..

Even though we have no intention of watching this Sunday night's Oscars telecast (mostly because we're not going to sit through 3.5 hours of Trump-hate by privileged, wealthy people pretending they are everyday folk) we still decided last night to rent a film that is nominated..

So we sat through 'Hacksaw Ridge' which is supposed to be a true story about a conscious objector who still decided to enlist and serve during WWII as a medic while refusing to kill the enemy..

The person in the film did exist but we have seen enough movies to know that 'true' and 'accurate' are not one and the same..  Often for entertainment purposes, characters are composites of many people and events are condensed for time, because the flow of a film matters more than honesty.
But that aside..

We know it got many positive reviews and a lot of people liked it but really it was a brutal sit-through and not because of violence and gore which one sees often during the battle scenes..

It really felt more like movie of week material and why is over 95% of the cast Australian if its a film about American soldiers?

Guess director and professional Jew-hater Mel Gibson was going for um.. realism, yes?  Well that or trying to save a couple bucks by shooting the film about US heroism Down Under..
The film just lacked polish and without giving away anything to someone who plans on seeing the film later, he main character objects to killing (fine) but he can't even touch a rifle during basic training???

The guy bases his belief on not killing on Bible scripture which is alright but where does it read in either Old or New Testament "Thall shalt not shoot at paper targets?"

So it ends up being just another anti-war film which frankly we're sick of.

That is not to say we want to see a pro-killing film made by Hollywood but we're genuinely sick and tired of anti-war messages being injected during good or necessary wars
You hear people all the time wish for peace and no more violence and killing, especially during Christmas..

Well here's how you get that end-result..

When another nation invades yours, you simply do nothing..  No Army.. No Navy.. No Marines or Air Force...

Just let it happen like Czechoslovakia did prior to WWII..  Just let the enemy peacefully in so they can take over and dominate without a shot fired
And if on the battlefield someone points a gun at you, well just do nothing --  take the bullet..

When enough troops on your side fall to the ground with open eyes to match the open bullet wounds, then the killing will cease because there will be no one left to kill..

So that's how you get peace on earth and no war..

Just let the aggressor do as they wish and take it peaceably with the hope that God will intervene like he did back in the days of Moses
Is war terrible?  Absolutely..  But is it also necessary?   Yes it is...

It should be the last resort but a justified pursuit nonetheless..

Imagine if the US military of the 1940s were as passive as the objector treated like some G-D hero in this film..

Not a doubt in our minds that if America did not do what we did back in WWII the entire world would be suffocated by an Axis of true Evil as the globe would be subjugated by either the Nazis, Fascist Italians or the Japs..  
Imagine if US soldiers during the Civil War took a pacifist view of war and refused to fight.. We'd have two nations today..  Personally it would be fine by us but we know a lot of people would be sickened by the thought..

Imagine if those who went up against the British during the Revolutionary War were cowards?

We'd all be eating fish n' chips using our bad teeth to chomp upon as we watch endless non-NFL 'football'

Talk about depressing!
So we spit on people like the guy in that film..

Yes he saved others' lives and won medals for it, but you don't take such rigid principles like that into war just like if you believe strongly in waiting until marriage to have sex, you don't actively seek to work in a brothel or a porn shoot.

Just absolutely sick n' tired of these bullshit anti-war films..

The utter preachiness!  Gawd..
And its not just war films.

The entire entertainment community seems to look down upon the rest of America (even the smug liberals) as nothing more than fucking morons & imbeciles with heads full of bread dough to be shaped and molded to their worldview

It is Hollywood's job to entertain.. That's it..

Tell their little stories.. Make us laugh or cry or gasp and leave the thinking and postulating about how we each see the world to our own devices..

But they can't..  Especially at Oscar time..
The films that get the awards are the ones no one wishes to see and the films everyone watches again n' again are ignored as idiocy for the masses

Meanwhile the mantra of Hollywood now into Sunday and beyond which all are to blindly accept is as follows:

'War is Bad.. Globalism is Good.. Islam is Peace.. Blacks are Victims..  Conservative whites are the Devil.. Trump is Shit'

OK Hollywood..  Got it..    Now shoo dirty fly, shoo..

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Day in History: Honoring Washington's Birthday

We were looking at historical events which occurred today, February 22nd and a couple things struck us..

First, that this has not been a kind day to Jewish people..

On February 22nd, 1349, they were expelled from Zurich, Switzerland, in 1775 they were expelled from Warsaw, Poland and in 1941 the evil Nazis started rounding them up in Amsterdam, Holland.

Add to that a bomb attack in Jerusalem by Muslim Arabs in 1948 that killed 50 (Arab Muslims.. Terrorists?  Noo...!) and it would be understandable if any Jewish person did not wish to celebrate today..
Secondly, today is the official birthday of the Republican Party - its first ever National meeting was in Pittsburgh in 1856.  The party was formally called the Whigs but continual political defeat along with fractures in that party over slavery caused it to dissolve in 1852.

Over the last 161 years, there have been 19 Republican Presidents counting Trump..  In the same span, there have been 12 Democrats though to be fair, FDR did serve for 4 terms with of course Truman becoming President in 1945 to finish the 4th term when FDR died..

But of course the most important event that Americans should care about is today is Washington's birthday..
He used to have a official 'day' to himself but because political correctness felt the need to put Martin Luther King Jr on the same level of respect as someone Actually great and who did Far more for the nation than that other..

Well, the guy with dreams who provoked violence and confrontation in the South to get his way got his 'day' to be a government holiday while Washington, one of if not The most Important Americans ever, was shoved in with a bunch of others ranked from good to garbage in what we call 'Presidents' Day'
Wonder what Washington would think of the nation today beyond amazement at the technological advancements and the physical size and scope of the country..

Honestly we can't see Washington being all that happy..

Maybe its a 1700's thing but we just see him being more sickened then pleased..

Washington always believed America should worry about itself and not concern itself with the affairs of other nations when it did not directly pertain to us..

So we don't think he'd be all that keen seeing that the President is now regarded as the most powerful man in the free world and worrying about the rots of the peoples of the globe..
Obviously the black situation would make him disgusted and we can bet the moment he found out gay pretend-marriage was valid in the eyes of the law, Washington would probably instantly throw up..

Not sure what Washington's feelings were on illegal immigration but we can't imagine he would be happy to welcome violent, hate filled people from backwards civilizations that believe in a cult-faith that is 800 years behind the times

And we can't imagine he being too pleased that his beloved home Mt Vernon was now a tourist attraction where tour guides distort and alter its history in their presentations as to be politically correct and sensitive to descendants of slaves
Also wonder how Washington would feel knowing the nation that caused the deaths of thousands of troops that served under him was now our closest political ally

Maybe he'd take some comfort that the US is the Superior in the 'Special' relationship

Bet he'd also be amazed that France, once among the greatest nations in the world is now pretty much 2nd tier, at least militarily
Life, perceptions and attitudes sure change over time don't they..

Popular views of the day that the vast majority believed suddenly becomes 'incorrect' or 'racist' later in time..  Allies become enemies..  Enemies become friends..

Just think.. A couple hundred years from now, people could look at the period we live in today and think 'Amazing how much of complete Worthless Idiots those Democrats were - no wonder the Party collapsed and dissolved!' as Trump is possibly looked upon in the future as among the greatest Presidents ever

Maybe in two centuries blacks will officially take over the world and subjugate 'whitey' just like the Caucasian race-guilters and the militant BLM garbage dream..

Or maybe 2217 will be like it was in 1807..  Who knows..
It's all a pendulum really..  That's what history is..

The technology, clothing and hairstyles change but not much else..

We would like to think that even though Washington would look at 2017 America and the modern political/social mindsets of at least 50% of the nation with complete revulsion (psst, they're called liberals), that he still would not regret the sacrifices he made as General then President to ensure we had a nation which would flourish and grow...
So we honor George Washington on his birthday..

He was a man far Superior and Important to this nation Dr King or any other Black History figure shoved down our throats during this month ever was or could be..

A man deserving once more of his own special government observed holiday

Hopefully in the future, the situation among the two will be properly rectified.

Monday, February 20, 2017

FDR in 1930s Political Cartoons

~ Political cartoon of man yelling FDR while sitting on his knee:  "T' Heck with Packin' the Supreme Court! I Think you're All Wet! And as for Economy, how about economizing on some of Your Pet Projects!!"

Yesterday (Monday) we showed through political cartoons of the day how Lincoln was truly viewed by the media vs this complete phony fabrication created after his death and still continuing to this day as some elegant, honorable statesman

We also wanted to use those cartoons to show how ultimately when all is said and done, political pundits are ignorant bastards that are quite often on the wrong side of history..
The people in power that they mock often turn out to be great leaders ultimately beloved for generations, and those they treat with kid gloves and fawning idolatry turn out to be pieces of shit forgotten by time i.e. garbage like Obama.

So today (Tuesday) here is another example of a President that most including us see as a truly great President who was vilified and times severely mocked in his day through political cartoons was FDR..

Here are some examples from the 1930s ans early 40's..

 ~ This cartoon depicts FDR as a sort of Johnny Appleseed tossing away billions here n' there in the hopes it would bear fruit.   Back then most Americans were not aware FDR was confined to a wheelchair so he being perceived as standing and walking by the stretch would have not stood out in any way to people..

 ~  Not sure the date of this cartoon but we're guessing WWII era..  The caption "I'm glad you dug up your Constitution, Joe; I can't find ours" refers in general to many policies FDR put in place that expanded his power and might have even been a veiled swipe at him serving a 3rd term (possibly 4th term if drawn in 1944)

The next following batch of cartoons deals mostly with opposition to what many felt was FDR trying to pack the Supreme Court with Justices that would do as he wanted so he could get his New Deal through without any obstructions or checks n' balance

~ Here the cartoon called 'The Ngenious Quarterback' has FDR saying to a referee representing Congress, "I want six substitutes at once (Supreme Court). Those fellows don't know it but they're through but I don't want to take them off the field"

~ This cartoon depicts once again a walking FDR as he climbs the steps toward ultimate dictatorship

~ Another cartoon referring to FDR as a dictator seeking to destroy the Constitution

~ Another cartoon about Supreme Court packing where FDR wants a bunch of yes-men who put his needs before the country

~  Another Supreme Court cartoon.. . FDR wants more power

~  Another reference to FDR as dictator or King as he 'cancels' the Constitution with the stroke of a pen

~ And another cartoon of similar theme..  FDR trying to control 'dummy' Democrat Senators to agreeing to his plan to pack the Court and the 'dummy' standing up and defying him with 'No!'

~ This cartoon depicts FDR as a car salesman trying to 'sell' more Federal control over a beleaguered Uncle Sam by convincing him and 'wife' representing democracy that his 'car' is much better than that ol' broken down horse, the Constitution

So you see just like how the god-awful media today tries to depict Trump as power-hungry and dictatorial, the worthless garbage back in FDR's day did the same to him.

And of course these despicable vermin alter FDR's image into something to contrast against Trump

And this..

Liberals are such cocksuckers aren't they?  More evil than ISIS..

Just amazing how deeply Ignorant to political history these liberal biased drenched political propagandists are

So in a truly screwed up way, if you want to know if Trump is doing a great job and destined for a head bust joining the others upon Mt Rushmore, just observe the political cartoons by all the Trump hating trash..

The more disgusting and god-awful they are, the more successful you know he is

Lincoln in 1860s Political Cartoons

~ An 1860s political cartoon..  'The Democratic Platform is for the white man; the Republican Platform is for the negro'.. Imagine a 1860s Democrat teleporting to the present to see his party and platform devolve

Since today is President's Day, we might as well talk about some..  In particular Presidents Trump and Lincoln..

As you all know, Trump as been attacked constantly by a pathetic cabal of emotionally immature, politically ignorant spiritually impotent liberal media filth..

One thing they have loved going after Trump on is that he is undignified and uncooth; an embarrassment to the party of Lincoln as demonstrated by the cartoon examples below

Of course whoever drew the cartoons were grade-A smug asshole liberal pieces of shit (like so many) thus making them among the bottom rung of our society deserving of a good spitting on..

They also are either Deeply ignorant on history, intentionally deceptive or both..

But the truth is this dignified view of Lincoln as elder statesman worthy of immense respect and idolatry was a post-assassination creation; a myth.

The Lincoln who was alive and presiding over the nation during Civil War was quite often vilified and degraded in looks and words at nearly every turn by a media just as Putrid then as it is today

Here are some examples:
 ~  Here is a cartoon from Lincoln's inaugural in March, 1861 where he's depicted in a woman's dress and as an angry, bloodthirsty warrior
~ This cartoon depicts Lincoln has a violent rapist about to swarm in on an innocent young woman

 ~ Here the caption reads "King Abraham before and after issuing the Emancipation Proclamation' and in the sketch, Lincoln is really Satan behind the mask

 ~  Here is another cartoon reacting to the Emancipation Proclamation with Lincoln depicted as a deviant monkey

 ~ The title of this 1864 cartoon is called 'The National Joker' and the President as you can see is wearing a jester outfit while smiling an evil grin

~ Here Columbia (the woman) is demanding 'Mr Lincoln, give me back my 500,000 sons! (the ones needlessly killed to stop the South from seceding)  Lincoln's reply is "Well the fact is -- By the way, it reminds me of a STORY!!!"

~ This caption from Harper's Ferry - April 15, 1864 reads 'From Our Special War Correspondent' and follows with "'All Seems Well with us' - A. Lincoln"..  It is a reference to 'honest Abe' using Martial Law to censor the press and basically writing his own positive spin news articles on the war effort

~ This cartoon depicts Lincoln as a beaten-up imbecile with his left foot trampling upon the US Constitution

~ Here Lincoln is depicted as a sneaky coon hiding up in a tree

~ This 1860s cartoon depicts Lincoln's America... one where free blacks and whites dance together and ultimately have sex and children diluting the blood line forever..  Unfortunately whoever drew this sketch was prophetic..   This may seem harmless in 2017 but back then it was meant as a major slam..

Then on April 15, 1865, Lincoln is killed..

And the media at the time portrays him like this:

And in modern times, like this..
 Honestly, Lincoln would have vomited his guts out at the thought of that lil cocoa krispie monkey Obama being President but myths, fables and tall tales never die especially when there's political points to be made by keeping the illusion alive

But back to Trump..

It just shows how completely worthless and meaningless all the political cartoons, venomous hate spewed on liberal news or the evil tweets by the paranoid..
Most people think Lincoln's the greatest President ever and look how he was mocked..

Guess that's a good omen that Trump could be possibly adored for countless generations as well..  

Wouldn't the rotten-to-the-core fuck-liberals just love that one..
We've said it before.. Will say it often..  The real enemy to this nation is not ISIS or Iran..

The true enemy to this nation lives among us, hates America and wishes Trump serious harm  while placing 'Hate has no home here' signs on their lawn like hypocritical hyenas

They are disingenuous..  They are dangerous.. They are Democrats.