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Monday, April 23, 2018

A Former First Lady is Gone & We All Must Pretend to Care

~ A woman with a large rump, a worthless frump and Melania Trump

For most of this year, we've felt very disappointed in the President..

The constant pandering.. the tax cuts that were supposed to stimulate job creation.. the refusal to treat DACA class like the rest of the illegals..  Did we mention the insistent pandering?

But it made us feel very good and reassured that he did not morph into a complete establishment phony when he refused to attend Barbara Bush' funeral
Melania went instead and that was nice of her we guess

But in all candor, Barbara Bush was a true bitch to Trump during the Republican primaries and while one can excuse it to a degree because Trump was accurately attacking Jeb and former President W, just everything about her was phony and repugnant

Same for the entire Bush clan really..
They pretended they were a conservative Republican family as George H W Bush rode Reagan's coattails to the Presidency in 1988 but he did it by deceiving the base, especially Evangelicals since they're really a pro-choice and secular family.

 W Bush supposedly found God after wife Laura forced him to give up the bottle or lose his family but really who knows what's in one's soul.

And we'll always hate and despise Jeb Bush for voluntarily taking down the Confederate flag while governor of Florida even though there was no need or reason to do so..
We just know the Bushes got us into two wars that combined cost nearly $10 Trillion in US taxpayer dollars, cost thousands of lives and we as a nation got very little back in return for all the trouble

Meanwhile Barbara who was younger than her husband but looked like his mother, just read children's books

Funny how politics work in loss v victory; death v life
For instance everyone paying respect to Mrs Bush as if she accomplished anything important and by extension giving respect to Bush 41  - laughable

Yet if these people were so worthy of respect and admiration, why did a perpetual philanderer and his closet dyke cunt of a wife (Bill & Hillary) defeat Bush 41?

Same thing with all the love people expressed for Hillary two years ago..

If you Democrats all loved the man hater so much, why did you vote for that black bastard Obama in the 2008 primaries over her?
Personally, yours truly could never be President simply because the phony formality element would just be too difficult to pull off

Offering condolences and attending funerals of people we hate...

Pretending inconsequential events like MLK Jr Day and Black History month mean something...
Having to sit across the table during negotiations and look at people from the opposition party I'd more desire slapping across the face, man and woman..

Giving interviews and/or taking questions from parasitic members of the press I'd prefer throwing into Guantanamo...

Just too difficult a task
So we're happy at least in this instance Trump declined to go to the funeral

In the history of this nation, there's really only been a small handful of First Ladies of actual importance and significance to this nation

Barbara Bush was not one of those.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Just Another Reason Why Democrats are Evil to their Core

Ever since the election, you hear the term 'fake news' thrown around a lot by pretty much everyone..

We don't really know who coined the phrase but we can say often that the term 'fake' is inaccurate and oversimplistic

The proper term is 'non-news'
So much non-news relating to Trump and every hate filled media outlet reporting anything that can make him look like an idiot, jerk or that he is breaking the law in some way

It all works to build a narrative much in the same way back in the 1950s and 60s the media worked pretty much in collusion to paint that despicable radical communist bastard MLK Jr into the 2nd coming of Christ so that 50 years later... 5000 years later, its all people will think of him

And their goal is 50 years later.. 5000 years later that people look at Trump as a piece of shit.

Of course the primary goal of having him gone as quick as possible via impeachment, removal or 2020 election loss
So much non-news out there that when there's something news worthy and by that we mean interesting for a moment occurs, it can seem to appear fake

Speaking of which, did you hear the Democratic Party is suing Trump?

Yep.. They're suing him, Russia and Wikileaks for conspiring to hurt that rancid, bitter closet dyke Hillary during the 2016 Election
The Washingtoin Post reports that The Democratic National Committee filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Friday against the Russian government, the Trump campaign and the WikiLeaks organization alleging a far-reaching conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 campaign and tilt the election to Donald Trump.

The lawsuit also includes the Russian Federation, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Wikileaks, Guccifer 2.0, top Trump campaign officials, including Donald Trump Jr, Roger Stone, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and pretty much everyone else who has been mentioned in the same paragraph as Trump....

You can see the list below including the various complaints the Democrat Party parasites are charging:

DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement...

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Russia launched an all-out assault on our democracy, and it found a willing and active partner in Donald Trump’s campaign,”

“This constituted an act of unprecedented treachery: the campaign of a nominee for President of the United States in league with a hostile foreign power to bolster its own chance to win the presidency,”

Uh huh..
The lawsuit asserts that the Russian hacking campaign - combined with Trump associates’ contacts with Russia and the campaign’s public cheerleading of the hacks - amounted to an illegal conspiracy to interfere in the election that caused serious damage to the Democratic Party.

For the Democrat Party, why not do it..  Like most other civil lawsuits, it is a chance to make some money and try to punish someone they failed to destroy criminally

This is not the first time they've done this..
In 1972, the DNC filed suit against then President Richard Nixon’s reelection committee seeking $1 million in damages for the break-in at Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building.

The suit was denounced at the time by Nixon’s attorney general, John Mitchell, who called it a case of “sheer demagoguery” by the DNC.

However,  the civil action brought by former DNC chair Lawrence F. O’Brien was ultimately successful, yielding a $750,000 settlement from the Nixon campaign that was reached on the day in 1974 that Nixon left office.

God knows why they settled!
The suit filed today seeks millions of dollars in compensation to offset damage it claims the party suffered from the hacks.

The DNC argues that the cyberattack undermined its ability to communicate with voters, collect donations and operate effectively as its employees faced personal harassment and, in some cases, death threats.

To understand how the liberal media look at Trump, here's a tweet from a Washington Post reporter about the lawsuit:

"18 months after their crushing defeat at the hands of a game show host, the Democrats have still published no public autopsy about why they lost or have collapsed at all levels. They did, though, just file a lawsuit blaming Russia & WL for their loss"
To these fuckers, the President is nothing more than a lowly 'game show host' who had no business running against their women empowerment/men are dogs candidate

Its an all out coordinated effort to go after Trump on all fronts; A non stop blitzkreig

Wonder if Trump had any idea or foresight into the heart and mind of Democrats denied their 1000 year Reich of power
It was supposed to be simple..

Eight years of that nigger Obama then eight years of that man-hating butch bitch, then follow it up with eight years of a Hispanic or Muslim or homosexual or tranny or whatever immoral group of people one can think..

And the Democrats would win every election because they have the academically stunted colored vote, bitter feminist-Nazi women and the Jewish guilt vote even though they Dems betray Israel at every turn

Then add the homosexuals & transsexuals and other sexual confused, those with a 'gimme' attititude where government is concerned and all the millions of illegals who have no business being here but of course Dems would allow to have a say in who runs the country
And then before one blinks you have an America forever changed; a globalist whore former-superpower who is no more significant in world decisions as Brazil or Bolivia

Its bad enough they've done a very successful job transforming our society into a white guilt/shame self loathing society where men are emasculated, Judeo-Christian values are to be shit on while backwards Muslim traditions and customs are to be protected, and where Caucasian men are not worthy to be spit on (unless on college campuses.. then they can be spit upon)
Funny though..  They create in coordination this view that they are this super-majority and only fringe support Trump and yet it was reported recently there is a huge fundraising gap between the DNC and the Republicans

Any guesses what the motivation of this lawsuit is yet?

We say it often.. Might as well say it again..
The biggest threat to this nation; its most clear and present danger is not from ISIS or Iran or the North Koreans or anyone else abroad

They live among us.. we interact with them day to day and they are as evil and dangerous to wanting to destroy and rebuild society into their warped image as can be..

They are Democrats

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

TV and the Constant Push of Embracing the Bi-Racial Family

~ This black girl is playing the role of Judy Robinson in the new 'Lost in Space' remake and everyone is supposed to just smile and be cool about it.

Last night after a hiatus of a few months, yours truly re-joined Netflix

I tend to subscribe for a month or two, then cancel so there's a space of time where enough new movies and shows accumulated then re-join

Admittedly I always seem to forget how absolutely disgustingly liberal social progressive their shows are but it seems in this day of post bastard Obama, one is saturated by it no matter where one turns
Seems every program hard-pushes interracial love and/or bi-racial family as if its normal and beautiful (which it is not) and there's a determination from some entity amid the Matrix to make future generations of people amount to 50 shades of caramel

The worst shows; the ones that do it the most incessant are aimed at children and teens.. They're the easiest group to sway..  Everyone else pretty much knows they're being manipulated

It's bad enough when its done constantly in original films and TV shows and even worse when there's a re-make like Roseanne where for absolutely no valid reason a colored girl is added to the cast as part of the family along with a homosexual child of about 9yrs old for laughs

But when its injected into a remake the way Netflix' original series remake of Lost in Space was (ironic a remake is called 'original), its just too much
I didn't grow up in the 1960s so the show is not special or nostalgic to me, but I do know from the few re-runs I've caught on TV over the years that the Robinsons were a 100% white family - father, mother, two daughters and a son

Someone decided when re-making the show that this was unacceptable so they made the oldest daughter Judy a black girl

It idea was that the mother's first husband was black, he squirted his seed inside her.. that colored child came out and it was 'beautiful' and now she's remarried, had two white children and the black girl Judy is as loved and part of the family as the others

Feel like vomiting just typing all that
Absolutely no need to do this..  Amazing that so many people out there who watch TV do not care what is happening because these decisions are now made about every TV show

Also the reality of bi-racial families is that is NOT special or beautiful or normal..  It's actually Deeply Deeply selfish on the part of the white parent(s)

If we're all indoctrinated to believe in the importance of black history, black culture and black identity, how can a black child have that if raised by Caucasians?!
Because if the black experience is based on things felt rather than learned in books then no white parent can compensate and the unselfish, responsible thing would really to have blacks date/marry other blacks and let them raise their children with a complete identity

But nope.. people are selfish.. they buy into the bullshit that love conquers all and white guilt society is more than happy to push the normalcy fantasy of a bi-racial family

We can see other classic TV shows of the past getting similar treatments in the remake..  For instance:

Happy Days:  In the remake Joanie, the sister of Richie Cunningham would be black and part of the family via adoption..   No one on the show would ever make any reference or mention to it so to keep up the ruse this was 'normal' especially in 1950s Milwaukee where the show was supposed to be set
All in the Family:  Pretty obvious one - Archie has to deal with a 'meathead' married to his daughter who is colored and Archie feel sick to his stomach every time he sees them affectionate while the audience at home laughs as if its he who's in the wrong

Cheers:  The main character Sam Malone is black.. This way it adds extra 'sizzle' when white-bread Diane and Sam constantly flirt then ultimately have sex.. 

Dukes of Hazzard:  One of the Duke boys (Bo or Luke) is changed to black.. they're still cousins so no one needs to bother to explain how one is a negro. The 'General Lee' is changed to the 'General Grant' with a big US flag on the roof.. Daisy Duke only will flirt and date blacks..  All the incompetent and stupid characters remain white.
Family Ties:  Simply change the oldest daughter Mallory to black via adoption or whatever..  Because she's now black, her character is made smarter and everyone loves her..  Of course she only dates whites

Or think of your favorite TV shows and imagine them tinkered with via remake so to push racial-social ideologies without any respect to the characters they're manipulating

As stated before, it is hard to know what is more maddening - the absolute determination of those in the entertainment industry to hard-push this concept and treat the permanent contamination of millions of years of genetic bloodlines (for blacks as well as whites) as something 'cool'

Or that so many out there do not give a damn

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

So Much Syria Non-News, So Little Patience for It

~ Photo showing a US missile launched headed for Syria

We really haven't written much if anything on the chemical attack in Syria though its been in the news for a while and there's a reason for it..

It is non-news.

We can see your eyes wide and mouth open - 'How can you say that?'
More people lost their lives a couple weeks back in a place called Humbolt, Saskatchewan when pretty much their entire high school hockey team and others on the bus died tragically and yet few to none in the US really heard of it or gives a shit..

Why on a news media scale, should we give a fig if Syrians die?   Or Nepalese?   Or South Floridian?

What makes loss of life newsworthy?

Well there's an equation that the news media look at which basically goes like this..
American lives lost always matter more than lives lost elsewhere with the following exceptions:

1) If that loss of life impacts foreign policy in any immediate way or provokes any kind of military response

2)  If loss of life due to a particular event is large..  a handful of people dead just doesn't cut it

3) If ratings show Americans are interested in watching/reading on it - then coverage will be expanded
Now obviously what happened in Syria triggered a military response by Trump

The 'Was it really necessary?' and 'Was it sufficient?' questions can be asked/answered elsewhere..

The question again becomes, 'Was the chemical attack and US response news worthy'?

Once again, we say it was not..
This has been our foreign policy since the Cold War began when we shifted our foreign policy when it came to military action

Before if someone attacked us or did something against US interests, we'd go after the enemy with everything we had after obtaining Congressional approval for a President to get the country into war

Notice that for all the times our military has been used for operations, conflicts and missions since WWII, the President just does targeted responses and then allows the situation to ratchet up so it can escalate without need of Congress except where allocation of money is concerned
So now military policy is where an enemy does something to us, our allies or we feel some situation needs to be resolved so we lob a few missiles, drop a couple bombs or send a couple thousand troops in, target 1-2 buildings and say 'Mission Accomplished'

For all the analysis and debate on Vietnam, the reason we lost was because we got involved in slow steady increments..  A few hundred advisers here.. a few thousand troops there..  A couple targeted bridge bombings here.. A few incidents of not attacking the enemy so to avoid hurting civilians there..

And everyone knows the rest..
If Assad is such a terrible monster and all the same adjectives used on Saddam, well take him out - get Congress to declare war, send half a million or more troops in one coordinated movement and topple him!

Or stop meddling in the affairs of other nations and how countries are run!

But President after President.. Democrat and Republican... They all are such cowards..  They care too much about legacy and everything is just too incremental and precise

If there's genocide or brutality by a world leader and we want to end it, then stop the negotiations and sanctions and dropping of a couple bombs or shooting missiles and fully immerse in taking care of the problem

That would be news worthy..  What happened recently was not

And really.. when have a couple airstrikes or dropping of a couple bombs ever accomplished anything?  It's just theater and often provides temporary distraction
Also, ever notice that when we do targeted strikes, its always on a Friday evening so that most aren't paying attention to news on the weekend?

Think its coincidence?

So when something of genuine newsworthiness occurs, we'll cover it..  Until then, things like the complete over-saturation of black representation (only 14% of population folks) into every aspect of this society and the cultural shift of Caucasian as secondary, is of far greater and legitimate importance to cover then Syria

Monday, April 16, 2018

All Boxes Are Always Checked But One..

~ Absolutely Disgusting photo from Old Navy ad campaign this past X-Mas

Last week in the mail, yours truly received my latest BJ's coupon booklet..

For those who have not heard of the store, they are a discount bulk outlet store like Costco's and Sam's Club

So let me open it up and check out what's inside..
There's some pages of coupons for perishable foods and then here's a photo of a young Indian looking woman in the kitchen working the blender

Turning the page.. Here's a photo of a happy black couple with their two black children having a picnic..  That's very nice..

A few more pages of coupons of non perishable foods and then a photo of a black employee
I turn that page and its an Asian mother holding up her child in the air and smiling

Hmm.. OK..

Some pages of coupons for paper products and such and then a photo of two women jogging.. One old, white and menopausal.. The other black, young and in the prime of her life..
Turn the page..  A woman doctor..  A black woman doctor

I never saw one in real life EVER but I guess they exist

Turn that page and it is a smiling Hispanic infant boy crawling - the opposite page, a Hispanic infant girl sitting on the floor
Moving toward the back of the coupon book now.. 

A woman who could look like she's part Hispanic modeling clothing and a smiling mulatto boy playing with a toy lawnmower the store is selling

More coupon pages and then 2nd to last page, a bi-racial girl in a swimming pool
Looks like all boxes checked except one..  Guess white males aren't worth a shit to BJ's

Surprised we didn't see a woman with a Muslim headscarf denoting subservience and 2nd class status being represented  or two gay men kissing while holding their child's hand

Maybe two Muslim women with butterscotch skin and covered heads giving each other a lip lock next to the BJ's brand laundry detergent..

We're sure one day it will come.
White heterosexual men sure don't seem to be worth a shit as far as Madison Avenue and whoever comes up with advertising booklets are concerned

Commercial after commercial..  Catalog after catalog where blacks Have to have some representation and often now they are 100% of the actors that appear

Its not that seeing whites makes those horrible ads easier to stomach..  

It's just you would think these pieces of feces that work to create these TV and print ads and coupon booklets would stop creating 100% fantasy
When you watch TV tonight, notice how many ads are 100% Caucasian?   How many are 100% black?   

How many times do you see white males depicted outside of beer ads and of course they all look sloppy, grimy and as if they live in parents' basement.. 

Notice if a young black male is in the ad, he's clean, shaven and well dressed

It's important ads show the complete total opposite of truth.. Makes everyone feel better
If white males are the ones that directly or indirectly buy these fucking products, shouldn't they be given some respect by advertisers for it?

Well at least there's one product advertised where white men can always count on being represented on TV and print ad without any competition from any other gender, race or ethnicity...

The part of the 'burglar' in home security ads

Friday, April 13, 2018

Giving Money to the World, or 'Why Why Why!'

~ "I hate America but..  Give me money and perhaps I will hate a little less"

The other day we wrote how the US government basically gives away billions of dollars annually; your tax dollars to over 200 nations around the world to help their people while we get absolutely no benefit from the money we pay in income tax

It's so outrageous we want to take a couple moments to expand upon it

Once again, here is the link to see how much we give to each country - just move your cursor over the map of the globe
So rather than rant on and on, we're just going to ask some pretty straight-forward questions and let you the reader think the answer, assuming there is an actual answer to come up with

During the Vietnam War, over 60,000 Americans lost their lives for nothing and caused innumerable psychological damage both to those who fought there and the nation as a whole..

Why the hell are we giving that evil Communist nation $157.6 million dollars annually?
Why do we pour billions of dollars into that cesspool called Africa to help backwards black and brown people when we have plenty of backward black and brown people here at home along with yellow and white people who need help?

Why do we give over $274m to that sewer called Somalia and $257m to Chad and $114m to Niger and $718m to Nigeria and over $137m to the Sudan..

Why do we give $453m to the Congo and $261m to Zimbabwe and $514m to Mozambique and and $724m to Ghana and $1.1 Billion to Ethiopia, etc..etc. ?
Why is our tax dollars used to help such pathetic, backward countries?  Over 14 Billion dollars goes into a black pit

Why not just colonize them?

Really.. why not?  They obviously can't rule themselves without us continually helping them out

All these nations ruled by blacks.. Name one that is Not an economic Failure?
We give South Africa nearly $600 million.. Why?

God Damn Mandela -- all those years he controlled the country to benefit only his people.. Couldn't he have done Something to make South Africa as prosperous as it was pre-Apartheid?

Not politically correct to admit that truth but we say it nonetheless.

When whites ruled, South Africa was among the top 15 wealthiest nations in the world and didn't receive a penny of American charity..

In 2010, it ranked near 40th
All these African nations that broke free of white rule and everyone treats as such a good thing.. well is it?

Can a single black-controlled nation run its economic affairs without being so desperately dependent upon us for their survival?

No continent is our money Wasted more than in fucking Africa - why must it continue to be white man's burden to help them?
Know how much we give Scandinavia?    Just under $140k and that's Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland combined.. 

Do you know there only 3 African nations that receive less than $10m from the US?

If the North Koreans are so horrible, why do we give them over $2.1 million?

Why do we give Iran over $3.3 million?
Did you know the average American pays $10k in taxes?  That means the taxes of 21 Americans went to the North Korean regime and another 33 Americans' taxes went into the pockets of one of the most evil Muslim nations on this earth to help their religiously backward people

We know..  All this gets the response of a shrug and 'What can we do?' but that's not the point

We are fully aware there's nothing one can do since this Bullshit can not be altered through elections
We want to present reality to you..  Simple.  Few other sources of information out there do so..

What you do with that information and whether you wish to accept is completely up to you..

Just so much about how things work that no one talks about.. Maddening really.

We love America.. Always will.. But its is a deeply rotten and corrupt globalist Matrix-like apparatus that controls it and by extension, controls us
Too many in power care too much about non-Americans and too quick to give our money to help them at the detriment of those American born and naturalized citizens who are in genuine need.

We've always felt globalism is a scourge and nothing we've ever seen or read including the link provided at the top of this posting alters that view