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Friday, May 25, 2018

Enjoying the NFL Victory over the Uppities

The recent decision by the NFL to finally stop those uneducated black bastard players along with their white guilt/shame cohorts from kneeling and other expressions of 'look at me' during the national anthem was of course correct and long overdue

But what is most interesting from our perspective other than it was a much needed Swatt! to those dogs' snouts as expressed yesterday was public reaction and how deeply Ignorant most liberals are

To naively think the 1st Amendment protects everyone's words and expression at all times in all situations and those offended or bothered must always accept and tolerate it
Some of what we will be discussing here is repeat from yesterday so bear with us..

The 1st Amendment was established in response to how colonists were treated prior to the Revolution who spoke out against King George III and/or the government itself..

Those who criticized or mocked in any way were thrown in jail, in some cases their possessions taken and in the case of some newspaper publishers of the day, their business seized or burnt to the ground
So the purpose of the 1st Amendment was to protect an individual from government punishment for expressing oneself in a way authority did not like

Even that is not absolute..  For instance try to curse at a judge when appearing before him in court and see how tolerant government is..

Or disrupt a political speech with shouts and heckles or stage a sit-in demonstration at a government building and count in seconds how long it takes for you to be forcibly removed then arrested
Now among individuals, if we express here that Obama is rancid, despicable bastard with a soul blacker than his skin, he can not sue us as individuals or an entity or make any attempt to punish for our words.. 

He couldn't do it as President and can't do it as a private citizen because he is a public figure and they are not afforded the same protections..  If you remember the film 'The People v Larry Flynt', you'll understand why..

Now if the above sentiment was directed at a specific person who are private individuals not seeking or thrust into the public eye, then what was expressed could be deemed slanderous or libelous.

Law has nuance and is not meant to be cut n' dry

So no, free speech is not 100% free
Those who are bitching and complaining about the rights of those poor multimillionaire players  being trampled on are disingenuous hypocrites

If players knelt in protest to gay marriage or did it prior to 2016 to show Obama wasn't their President, you think these same liberal fucks would be complaining when the NFL shut those athletes up?!

It's all selective..
Attack Trump.. Attack Conservatives.. Attack the institutions of this country and what its citizens deem sacred and its 'free speech'..  Attack the warped values and beliefs of the left and its 'hate speech'

Incredible how many people are so deeply ignorant that they do not see the NFL for what it is - a private business and the players as mere employees

The NFL has a Commissioner..  Who elects him - the players?  Coaches?  Fans?

The individual team owners vote for the Commissioner whose job is to work for them collectively.. 
How any fool can not understand the league is run the same way as any business is beyond us

The NFL like any employer controls just about all aspects of their employees public presentation

This is why the league can fine someone for DUI or slapping a wife/girlfriend or doing drugs even when behaviors are off-field..  They reflect poorly on the league and tarnish the brand
And that is exactly what those liberal black fucks along with their white guilt/shame ridden teammates have been doing for 2 full NFL seasons

The fact that millions upon millions of Real Americans, black and white were disgusted only emboldened them

All this talk about 'free speech' stifled..  such bullshit..
What happens to a player if during an interview he criticizes a teammate, coach, owner, Commissioner or sponsors?

A fine.. maybe a suspension depending..   

What happens if a player wears a cap or T-shirt advertising a brand not NFL approved?

You know..
But But.. What about free speech and self expression?

A couple years ago when it looked like the NFL would have its first openly homosexual player, the Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a directive that any critical expression by anyone of this would be dealt with swift and harsh..

Where were the free-speech complainers?     How is being told you can not express disgust at one man fucking another man's anus acceptable yet preventing players from middle fingering the American flag every Sunday a denial of one's rights?

Everything by the left including the wretched media is about going after Trump and attacking those who support him..
When choosing who you socialize with, you better understand this truth..

If someone in your presence says something anti-Trump and knows you support him, you better understand its not innocent venting; its personal against you

because its not like Trump himself is sitting at the dinner table or standing by the water cooler as the venom is being spewed

He doesn't hear it.. He isn't bothered..  You are
Same thing with most things you see and hear in the media, entertainment, sports and other public outlets.. 

The President is pretty much insulated.. He's busy running the country and keeping his word

The constant barrage of attacks and puerile nonsense in all directions is meant to bother You (and us).. not Trump
Everyone who boycotted the NFL or did something to hurt them in some way should be commended for a job well done because it worked.

So enjoy this Memorial Day weekend... Take comfort that Trump is your President and celebrate your NFL victory

Thursday, May 24, 2018

NFL, Kneeling & National Anthem or "Our Side Won"

Yesterday the NFL finally stood up to their black liberal garbage & white guilt/shame players by preventing them from individual displays such as kneeling during the national anthem

Our thoughts?   About time!

Yesterday was very important because it was first time since Obama was President and all those black social-justice "warriors" and their white guilt/shame compatriots basically got a good hard Swatt! to their collective snouts like you would your dog after he/she poops once too often on your rug
Even Trump himself could not have ever done anything on this issue or really any other that could put those black n' white liberal bastards in their place and show the players that barnyard animals do not run the NFL farm

For those who don't know what happened yesterday, the NFL owners ruled unanimous (one owner absented)  that all players who are on field must stand and show respect for the national anthem or if so choosing stay in the locker room, and when players do not comply, the team itself will be fined

Oddly, the owner of the Jets voted in favor of the new rule but said afterward, he'd pay the fines rather than punish or dissuade players from disrespecting the flag..   Absolutely makes no sense but whatever.. that's a side note
The owners passed the rule in a way that circumvents the collective bargaining agreement and thus those liberal fuck players and their union representation had no say in the decision

Really this should have been done last offseason but guess the owners thought it would stop on its own.. of course it didn't and when Trump bravely went after the NFL, real Americans decided to stop watching and buying merchandise and so financially the league was hit hard

OK.. So now the bigger picture -- For those who do not know or understand, the 1st Amendment  guarantees that, for the most part, the government can’t punish or limit speech. 
The 1st Amendment does Not impact the ability of private citizens and organizations (places of business) to punish or limit speech. 

This is why it’s permissible for a private employer to fire an employee for engaging in speech the employer disapproves of; private employers have the right to manage their employees as they see fit.

The ignorant mindless animals who knelt, raised their black 'power' fists and other acts of idiocy to protest something during football games that NFL itself did not cause (police brutality) got spoiled because their acts of immaturity were tolerated far too long by successful white men scared of their black players.
These backward people with the collective intellect of a squirrel wanted to hijack the multi-billion dollar industries of the NFL and the various TV networks showing the games as a vehicle to push their dangerous social-progressive ideologies and Trump-hate in everyone's faces

Remember..  Give and inch.. Take a mile

Now those black fucks along with the white-shame losers who attach to them like barnacles and parasites on a shark, will try to figure other ways to get their voices of protest and hatred for America's institutions out during the game..  most likely after TD celebrations

The mindset of a simple slave is always to try to defy.. 150+ years since emancipation and most of them still have not evolved
But for millions upon millions of us who actually spend money on going to games, buying merchandise, etc it means unless something dramatically changes, we can start watching again this season, knowing we Won this battle

One last point on this confusion over free speech and expression..

There are so many outlets a famous person with money has to get a specific point of view across..
He/she can grant 'exclusive' interviews with sports or news outlets the condition that he/she is allowed to express certain social or political views without interruption

He/she can write an op-ed (assuming that player has the ability to write) and post it on a website with a link to it through social media devices

He/she can pay for advertising in newspapers or local billboards to get a thought or idea into the public
He/she can attend rallies, protests and other peaceful demonstrations of a particular idea and/or donate money to that cause

But nope.. That would mean these wealthy, academically-inferior fucks would have to spend some of their multi-millions or put actual thought into how to persuade others to think as they do

Much easier for athletes to kneel like a mindless nigger field hand picking cotton or house-servant wiping the master's kitchen floor to show you despise America and its institutions in spite of the massive wealth and incredible freedoms/opportunities this nation gives..

Much easier to raise the black 'power' fist in the air like a copycat of pieces of trash Black Panthers of the 1960s who accomplished nothing but the violent self-destruction of the civil rights movement
It must be so hard to be black and make in one season playing a child's game what the average person would need a lifetime to earn and still pretend you relate to your 'brothers' and 'sisters' making due with much less.

The average NFL salary in 2017 was $1.9 million..    If you make $40,000 a year, it will take you 47.5 years to earn that amount of money before taxes. 

That means if you start at 21 years old, you will not see $1.9 million in total earnings until you are 68.5 years old.. 
Think about that every time you hear these over-privileged bastards speak on anything not related to football

Anyways, take comfort that we won. they lost and Trump is a lot to thank for this..

Just another reason we thank God he won the last election..

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Technology Always Dumbs Down the User

~ "Isn't this fun Billy.. In my day we had to hold paper in order to read."

Everyone seems to love technology; expresses how wonderful it is when new things are created then expanded in to everyday society and our daily lives

But it also has made us much dumber as individuals and in certain cases very emotionally and psychologically stunted

Why bother to write a person a hand written letter when email will do..  Or better yet a quickie phone call
Why bother calling someone or emailing when a brief text or tweet will do..

Why bother texting or tweeting words when you can just click 'thumbs up' or a smiley face emoji and send it..

Why bother reading books in your hand when you can read through a tablet or other device

Why bother reading at all when you can just listen to someone else reading the book for you
Why bother even listening to a book being written when you can go on Wikipedia, keyword the title and get the synopsis

Why bother to socialize with people 2 feet in front of you when there's people living 2,000 miles away you can chat with through Skype or other chat outlets

Why listen to the sounds of the life and world around you at this very moment when you can put earphones on and block it out as you go shopping for food or walk through the mall or sit on a beach watching the ocean
Why even bother going outside when you can order your groceries as well as everything else under the sun to be delivered to your door and can easily watch a YouTube video of someone else recording a beach scene from the comfort of your home

Like in the movie 'Her' with Joaquin Phoenix, we can see the day where 'sex robots' or some other artificial intelligence substitutes humans in relationships.

Non humans will accept any selfish career driven Id feminism or male emasculation and weakness the human possesses..  A real person wouldn't..  Or at least shouldn't..
Why write anything with a pen or pencil when it can be typed

Why type anything when you can speak your thoughts and certain devices will transcribe it into words for you

One day we predict something will be invented where people simply communicate telepathically to one another and no one even has to bother to speak
It makes us really long for a time machine and go back to say 1900 when things were technologically simpler, there was still a social order of some kind and the priority of both partners in a marriage were to each other & family instead of career and advancement

Would be very nice to walk the streets and see people overall dressed 100x more elegant and refined than they do at present and no one's head buried down in a cellphone or other texting & video playing device
Other than vehicles, electricity, air conditioning and central heat, we think we could ultimately be happy and content with pretty much all other technological norms of today disappearing once having a little time to get adjusted

Maybe we'd have a less anti-social and isolated society today

Certainty it would be a more family and faith based oriented society

Just something to think about..

Monday, May 21, 2018

Thoughts on a Wedding Celebrating Black Exceptionalism

~  Mulatto Meghan married this and the world celebrated..

So over the weekend, Prince Harry who is 3rd or 4th in line to a British crown that in the 21st century means Absolutely NOTHING married a classless half colored American who is zealously liberal

Why anyone should have give a shit, especially here where we fought a bloody revolution over two centuries ago to rid ourselves of the stench of monarchy, is baffling..

For weeks we had to be bombarded with hype over the wedding of two deeply meaningless people whose lives do not affect any of us
~ Is Harry also a bi-sexual?  Nothing about this scumbag surprises us
Guess that mulatto Meghan was so determined to be a princess, that she who is also half Jewish didn't mind that at one time in Harry's past he dressed up as a Nazi officer for a costume party including red armband with black swastika because he thought it was funny or 'cool'

Half-Jewish Meghan also must not know or care about history since she's embracing a nation that expelled her people for nearly 700 years..  Only in the early 19th century were they allowed to return.. in small numbers mind you..

A Jew falling for a man who once did that is like a black woman falling in love with a guy who once dressed in blackface..  Maybe Harry has.. who knows..
~ Harry having fun at the party
We do know she possesses no character or soul.

She planned the wedding including colored choir and colored reverend - guess she's not so "Jewish" after all..

A big extravagant celebration of black dominance in Britain which those absolute idiots who live there embrace as joyfully as so many do here
So this needless extravagance came and went this past Saturday and this cunt is now a 'princess' whatever that means in a world where monarchs possess absolutely no power or authority over anything; mere symbolic heads meant as tourism tools.

The farce cost the British taxpayers the equivalent of $45 million US dollars, most if it in security to protect Harry and his nigger

It absolutely should not matter to us but it just is so sickening.. Every aspect of this
The world really wasn't celebrating these two people..

They were celebrating social progressivism..  Celebrating interracial love, bi-racial family and multiculturalism..  That is why so many cared.. Those who openly expressed caring we mean

Of course bi-racial relationships are sickening enough when its average Joes and Jungle Bunnies..
But when it forever taints a monarchy that in one form or another has been in existence for nearly 1,000 years it is bile inducing and the UK equivalent of the permanent taint of that black fuck Obama in the White House

We doubt Trump did this when inaugurated, but if yours truly won the 2016 election, the entire building from Oval Office to bedrooms and bathrooms would have been fumigated to remove the Obama family contamination..

So the Brits pissed away $45 million dollars on these two classless fucks; money that could have been used to help their citizens in so many ways

Most of that money spent on security as if anyone would think either piece of shit worthy of attacking

This is the same rotten country that is working with their EU buddies to salvage the Iran nuclear deal

But that's how governments do things..  They demand total loyalty from its citizenry, tax them to death and then use that money for a myriad of wasteful ventures and celebrations instead of it actually benefiting the people in sincere ways
If we had to give any kind of wedding 'wishes' for the newlyweds, its this:

We wish them a very tumultuous and unhappy marriage that leads to divorce and hopefully no children

What else could we who pride ourselves on 100% blunt honesty express?

Friday, May 18, 2018

Media, Death & Tragedy: Everything is Weighted

Earlier today there was a school shooting at at place called Santa Fe High School where some sadly students were killed

And we know based on what happened a few months ago in South Florida, the media and anti-gun zealots will have a field day using the tragedy for their own nefarious social-political ends while making 'stars' out of the students who survived assuming they become vocal anti-gun proponents too..

So for today's posting we're going to cut through the crap and express how the news media really thinks when it comes to tragedies involving loss of life and why most events get little to no coverage and why they salivate over mass killings like a school shooting...
We're going to pretend the corporate liberal fuck media has one representative whom one can speak to and we will basically interview him/her..

The answers may be fictitious but clearly represent how news media thinks..

OK, so a month ago 15 teenagers who played for a youth hockey team in Saskatchewan, Canada tragically died when a tractor trailer slammed into their bus..  Many there are still in mourning over it..

'Well 15 youth deaths are sad but they're not American teenagers so.. ~shrug..   Plus no gun was involved so we can not turn that into something to advance social progressivism like we exploited in Parkland, Fl..   Not interested..'
What about the recent event yesterday that a student and teacher were killed in a bus crash in New Jersey ..  Why does that not get the same kind of news coverage?

'Well see that's only 2 people dead and what national news reporting apparatus is going to bother covering That?!   Two measly deaths?  Yawn..  Anyone famous?  No?  Move on..'

Well how about the recent story of an anti-Trump nut who was "ranting about the president" and actively firing gunshots at the Trump National Doral golf and spa resort in northwest Miami-Dade last night and who was shot multiple times by police

That should be newsworthy just like a school shooting right?
'Ehh.. No one wounded.. No one died and since we the media hate Trump and secretly wish a fate upon him that we in the press don't have the guts to say publicly, this is a minor story at best...'

How about a student in Washington DC who was shot yesterday while walking home from school?

'OK we like that it was a minor that died and it involved a handgun.. good.. good..  But it happened off campus and both the victim and the killer were both black and we're just not going to shine a light on that..  Had the killer been white, Oh Boy Oh Boy..  Otherwise.  Pass..'
So Mr/Ms Media, death and tragedy only matter when its in certain circumstances that will attract the viewers' morbid or salacious interests and/or can advance extreme liberal social political policies?

'To quote your Sarah Palin..  "You Betcha!"'

One last question to you, the corporate liberal fuck media..  Can you name any of the victims of the Parkland, Fl school shootings?   Just one teenager who died that day...

'What does that matter?!!'

So that is why no matter how many people die today or everyday by events not considered natural causes, their fatalities will be trivial and inconsequential in comparison to something the media deems 'juicy'

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Most Recent Example of How F*ck Media Purposely Makes Trump Look Bad

We often refer to the mainstream liberal media as the 'fuck media' because basically they're all by and large disgusting parasitic ideologues and liars who will do or say anything to make President Trump look bad

They only get away with it on a daily basis because they all work in collusion (except Fox News and a couple other more moderate or Conservative news outlets)

We don't mean they work together or share information.. We mean if there's say 20 major media outlets across the country that 90% of people get information from and 19 of them have liberal agendas, where can anyone go to find balance or question what they read/heard?
Here's as good an example as any as to how Evil the fuck media is..

Yesterday, Trump held a meeting on illegal immigration  at the White House on Wednesday and among other topics, it was discussed how California's policy of sanctuary cities is a complete failure

A Fresno County Sheriff Margaret expressed her frustrations with the federal government to the President regarding the handling of criminal illegal immigrants and cited MS-13 gang members as an example.
Responding directly to that, Trump said the following:

“You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.”

However, dozens of media outlets have only shared the response to the Sheriff, not including the question posed and comments that were directly about MS-13, in the process purposefully mischaracterizing Trump's remarks to accuse him of referring to immigrants as “animals.”
CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and C-SPAN shared the clip on Twitter leaving out the crucial context of Trump’s response.

 Here's how the outlets tweeted it:


 "We're taking people out of the country. You wouldn't believe how bad these people are. These aren't people — these are animals." During a meeting with public officials who oppose California’s sanctuary policies, Pres. Trump criticized US immigration laws 

ABC News

 Pres. Trump refers to some who cross the border illegally as 'animals,' not people. "You wouldn't believe how bad these people are."

The president was holding a roundtable discussion with California elected officials who oppose the state's sanctuary law. 

CBS News

 "These aren't people. These are animals." President Trump used the harsh rhetoric to describe some undocumented immigrants during a California "sanctuary state" roundtable. 
NBC News

 "We're taking people out of the country — you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. These aren't people. These are animals."

President Trump says the U.S. has "the dumbest laws on immigration in the world" during a roundtable on sanctuary cities.


 President Trump during California #SanctuaryCities Roundtable: "These aren't people. These are animals."
NY Times

"Trump lashed out at undocumented immigrants during a White House meeting, calling those trying to breach the country’s borders “animals” 

NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and liberal cunt Andrea Mitchell, the deeply ugly old woman who is married to Alan Greenspan who ran the Federal Reserve for 2 decades, tweeted that Trump’s “animal” jab was in reference to “people trying to get into the country.”

"A tough take down by the California governor after @realDonaldTrump calls people trying to get into the country "animals" not people.
Washington Post reporter Robert Costa noted that the president had used the term “animal” before on the campaign trail in 2015, but what he neglected to mention was that Trump specifically used the word in reference to the illegal immigrant who shot and killed Kate Steinle.

"President Trump has used the "animal" phrase going back, at least, to 2015.

Listening to Donald Trump swear and talk politics on his private plane
The real estate mogul says, 'I'll keep doing my thing.'
The New York Daily News, probably among the most vile and sensationalist newspapers in the country accused Trump of “hurling hate at immigrants” with its Thursday cover.

 "Cómo se dice racist?"

PLUS: Trump calls immigrants "animals" 
Everyone with half a brain knows illegal immigrants on the whole are not 'animals'..

They're criminals who break US law by entering non-legally and ALL should be deported back to the filth from which they came from..

But liberals are warped people..  They want 'social justice' and where there's nothing legitimate to fight for, they will create causes to rally their base and continually siphon donations
They also know illegal immigrants are among least educated people on the planet (you don't see too many people with Masters and Doctorate degrees trying to sneak into the US from the back of a van or riding a donkey..

So its easy for liberal elitist fucks to fight for the rights of illegals to swarm into the US because they know 99.999% of them lack the intelligence or education to ever take their jobs at the TV networks, newspapers and academic institutions

It's only the common people of 'fly over country' that feel the pain
Uneducated and stupid people by and large vote Democrat and you can't have a thousand year liberal "Reich" like the Nazis fantasized if you don't have the votes to get into power.

And of course the Trump hate based on the ballsy move by Trump to tell them all to their faces continually what pieces of shit they are but in G-rated language.

So liberals especially in the media will always take the side of illegal gang members and anyone else who shouldn't be here who hurt/kills US civilians

No different then how liberals continually take the side of black people when they commit violence toward whites and yet always silent when they kill each other

It's done elsewhere.. Remember all the stories of Muslim scum (any other kind?) who were on a spree of raping and violence toward German women and the response from their liberal government was for women to stop dressing so um 'provocatively' and enticing the men of that fake religion to rape them
People really have no clue how horrible this world is becoming..

Part of it is due to the limited or distorted information you are provided and part is a lack of desire or fear to confront the scourge

Well they don't stop..  Bullies never do and must be confronted at every opportunity if you want the world and society you cherish to still exist