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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trump-Hate Texts Between FBI Lovers Investigating Him

~ FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page -- Friends.. Lovers.. Liberal pieces of feces

Yesterday the deputy Attorney General was grilled by a Senate committee to inquire if he felt Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller should remain on the investigation regarding Trump-Russia ties

The deputy AG didn't express any reason why he should be removed

Hmm.. Really?
On Tuesday, over 10,000 text messages sent between two top FBI investigators hand picked by Mueller to work on his team- one of whom led both the Clinton email investigation and the early Trump-Russia probe, had been turned over to Congress

And of course they were promptly leaked to the press which in this case was a good thing

The profanity-laced messages reveal a deep hatred for Trump between veteran agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page, who were having an extramarital affair while working together on the Clinton email investigation when the texts were exchanged.
Strzok and Page were fired from Robert Mueller's special counsel in mid-August over the messages, yet the reason was not revealed until last month.

Strzok notably changed the wording of then-FBI Director James Comey's statement on Clinton's mishandling of classified information from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless."

The leaked texts leave no doubt to anyone not seeped in liberal Trump-hate bias that Muller's probe has been tainted from the beginning.
In one exchange on March 4th, 2016 right around the time Trump emerged as a serious threat in the GOP primary race, Page texted Strzok "God, Trump is a loathsome human," to which Strzok responded "Yet he many[win]" Strzok responded, adding "Good for Hillary." 

Later that day, Strzok texted Page, "OMG [Trump's] an idiot" to which Page replied "He's awful."

Strzok then texted Page "America will get what the voting public deserves," to which Page responded "That's what I'm afraid of." 
At another point, Page wrote to Strzok "I just saw my first Bernie Sander [sic] bumper sticker. Made me want to key the car," to which Strzok replied "He's an idiot like Trump. Figure they cancel each other out."

On election night, Strzok called the glowing red map showing Mr. Trump winning "Fucking terrifying." 

A week later when Jeff Sessions was the top contender for Attorney General, Strzok texted Page "Sesions for AG," to which Page replied "Good god."
Page and Strzok also disparaged Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, with Page telling Strzok she hopes Ryan "fails and crashes in a blaze of glory."

During one text exchange between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, she texts him, "Jesus. You should read this... ..Trump should go f himself."

He responds, "God that’s a great article. Thanks for sharing. And F TRUMP."
In another tweet, Strzok says "I am riled up. Trump is a fucking idiot, is unable to provide a coherrent answer," and "I CAN'T PULL AWAY, WHAY THE FUCK HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY??!?!"

Page responds "I don't know, But we'll get it back. ..."

Page then texts Strzok, saying "And maybe you're meant to stay where you are because you're meant to protect the country from that menace" to which Strzok replied "I can protect our country at many levels." 

And these liberal fucks were among those liberal Democrat Mueller who was appointed as head of FBI at one point by Bill Clinton, chose on his investigative team
The messages between Strzok and Page make it abundantly clear that the agents investigating both candidates for President were extremely biased against then-candidate Trump, while going extremely easy on Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information.

This is an example of how deep-state the desire to destroy Trump is

So you have the fake Trump-Russia, the complete bullshit hysteria created by the left that Putin assisted Trump in some way in the election and worked together through back channels and now this..
The "dossier" for those who forgot or didn't understand, was a compendium of salacious and largely unverified allegations about then-candidate Trump and others around him that was compiled by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS.

The firm's bank records, obtained by House investigators, revealed that the project was funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee

Weeks before the 2016 election, Peter Strzok's FBI team agreed to pay former MI6 agent and Fusion GPS operative Christopher Steele $50,000 if he could verify the claims contained within the dossier
Steele met his F.B.I. contact in Rome in early October, bringing a stack of new intelligence reports, one, dated Sept. 14, saying that Mr. Putin was facing “fallout” over his apparent involvement in the D.N.C. hack and was receiving “conflicting advice” on what to do.

The FBI agent said that, if Steele could get solid corroboration of his reports, he would be paid $50,000 for his efforts, according to two people familiar with the offer.

Ultimately, Steele was not paid by the FBI when he was unable to verify the claims in the dossier but was ultimately paid $168,000 by Fusion GPS to assemble the dossier.
And despite the fact that Steele was not paid by the FBI for the dossier, Peter Strzok used it to launch a counterintelligence investigation into President Trump's team.

By the way, Strzok and Page were not the only two members of Mueller's team to text hateful anti-Trump texts to others..  It's just it hasn't been made public as of yet

In summary, the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are highly compromising, and prove that both FBI investigations into Clinton and Trump were headed by a man, aided by his mistress, who did not want to see Trump win the White House.

Why Trump doesn't just fire Mueller and disband his whole team of Hillary-loving rats right now is beyond us..

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama Elections: Roy Moore Lost & it's the Ala. GOP Voters' Fault

Short post today since the last two were long..

So unless something dramatically changes regarding the Alabama Senate election held last night (12/13/17) it looks like the Republican candidate Roy Moore lost and now the balance in the Senate will be 51 Rep to 49 Dem

The evil liberals will treat it as a loss for Trump but really the biggest losers were the people of Alabama, especially the Republican voters in the state
They had an opportunity during the primaries to vote for someone of quality who Trump endorsed who had been filling the Senate seat on an interim basis after Jeff Sessions left his post to become Atty Gen

Instead they voted for this very tarnished man who was so toxic that pretty much every mainstream Republican especially in the Senate was saying horrible things about him

We don't pretend to know all that much about Alabama state politics but we have a feeling Moore lost not because the people were all that excited to elect a piece of shit Stepford Democrat who will vote 100% as Chuck Schumer tells him to

Rather we think a lot of people who normally would have supported Moore had he not had so much slime in his past, just chose to stay home

Can't say we blame them in that regard - Well we Do blame them but, you know..

It is hard if one is a moral person to vote for someone who appears morally bankrupt just because he/she shares the same political affiliation

For Republicans, situations like what happened in Alabama are not easy decisions.
Democrats never have a problem with this conundrum since by and large they possess no ethics or morality; they would vote for Hitler or Bin Laden if either promised to protect pro-choice, rights of homosexuals to pretend-marry and treat transsexual people as normal

But Dems should not be celebrating too much.. Unless they plan on running every Congressional election against opponents accused of sexual assault and pedophilia that is..

In spite of everything Moore was accused of, he still only lost by 1.4%
And as said before, it is the Alabama Republican voters' fault because they had an opportunity to vote for a better man in the primaries but didn't

They may have kept their self-respect by staying home instead of voting but lost their political representation..

We'll see over time if they collectively regret their decision.  All depends if they start to wake up and see the bigger picture as explained in yesterday's posting..

Obviously by last night's vote, their collective Alabama GOP heads are in their collective Alabama GOP asses
But the one lesson we all can take from this is when it comes time for Congressional midterms in 2018, rain or shine, you better get your asses out and vote..

God knows the most dangerous threat to America will be.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Liberals hate Trump like Nazis hated Democracy

Today's topic might seem a little repetitious but since we're living in this 'Groundhog's Day' like universe (the Bill Murray movie, not the actual Feb 2nd event), we're forced to continually talk about it

And that topic is the zealous single-mindedness of the political left to destroy Trump with the ultimate goal of removing him from office as soon as possible with yesterday being preferable...

Usually this kind of thing happens during Presidential election season or if there's a true scandal involving possible illegality on the part of the chief executive

But what you are seeing on a near daily basis in the US is what happens often in worthless 3rd world countries and banana republics
First it was all this Russia collusion bullshit, as if they would want Trump in office vs the rancid closet lesbian who as Secretary of State for the lil brown monkey President, negotiated the extra-sweet uranium deal with Putin

Then it shifted recently to Trump seeking to interfere with ongoing investigations and other straw grabbing

Then it was arguing Trump was mentally unstable based on his tweets and figuring if they could use the 25th Amendment to remove him for being unfit
Now these liberal fucks are trying to go after Trump with the sexual harassment and assault angle to make the President seem like at one time he was some morally base sex predator going after all those innocent women

Whatever they can do to destroy his dignity and humanity..

This is why we Hate and Despise anyone who votes Democrat; the losers who still keep their Obama/Biden or 'I'm with Her' bumper stickers on their cars and hypocritical 'Hate has no home here' signs on their lawns (as if these suburban fuckers would ever invite someone different than them into their homes)
We didn't use to feel this strongly and make such a blanket assumption but since last year's election we just see them All as absolute throat bile and anal defecation which is a long winded way of saying liberals are spit & shit

The question that has to always be asked is 'Why?' and to do that you have to get beyond the basic answers of they not liking his personality or policies or because he's an outsider

That is just too simplistic and doesn't even scratch the surface
To really understand why this is all going on, you must genuinely see liberals in 2017 for what they are - the American equivalent of fascist Nazis except instead of Jewish people being the scapegoat, it is people with conservative values

If this seems like exaggeration hyperbole to you, then you really haven't understood a single thing we have written over the last 7+ years, and/or been an ostrich with head in the sand over how much this nation has changed in the couple decades

Most people think 'Nazi' and equate to two things - military conquest and the Holocaust

You have to move beyond that to understand what Hitler's Nazi Germany was about as a political party and philosophy long before it reached taking over territory, war and killing of innocents
You have to understand what fascism is and then make the connections to what liberal Democrats are

Fascists believe the government controls everything and the individual is nothing - It was under Hitler that the world was introduced to welfare for the unemployed and social security for the elderly

When one is financially dependent on the State for its survival, no matter the circumstances of how this came to be, the State is then in control and all the government needs to do is dangle the threat of monthly checks being decreased or stopped to get people in line to vote a certain way

This is what Democrats do time and time again
Fascists are also very big on censorship..  Any ideas or symbols that go against them - books, music, art, etc was to be tossed into the bonfire or blocked to prevent others from having access

Fascists control the conversation.. the topic and both sides of the argument..

Now think about liberals in 2017 America -- how determined the blacks and white guilt liberals were to take down Confederate statues and markers that had been around nearly 150 years and rename anything that paid honor to anyone in history from George Washington to even Lincoln for not possessing a 21st cent worldview on blacks and homosexuals
If it offends someone somewhere, its to be removed..   Well unless it offends someone conservative or who believe in Judeo-Christian belief.. Then the offensive words or images are to be protected under 'free speech'

Douse urine or feces on Jesus or Moses or draw mocking caricatures of them.. ehh..   Same thing to Mohammad..   "Oh My God.. How Dare You!"

Fascists believed in re-writing history in order to create a revisionist narrative that suits their agenda and used education to brainwash the young to embrace their evil worldviews on race and society..

So do liberals with its insistence on forced multi-culturalism, the incessant push for diversity in all aspects of life and demands that everyone tolerate each other whether they like it or not.. 

You do not have a choice-- you just Do it!
Hitler saw Nazi Germany as a 1000 year reich..  The liberal Democrats starting with Obama saw themselves as such as well..

They fully expected after 8 years of that black bastard, there would be 8 years of Hillary followed by 8 years of a Hispanic, Muslim, homosexual or some other group they look at as historical downtrodden and in the process wipe out the Republican party making US politics basically a one party system..  like the Nazis did

You see if you destroy a political party, a new one does not magically spring up as united and strong as before..  It takes years.. sometimes decades because of all the deep divisions in the old party splintering into new mini parties that are never strong enough by themselves to combat the unified party
The election of 1860 as good an example as any.. 

The Republicans won even though Lincoln was not on the ballot in any of the southern states because during the Democrat convention that summer, they splintered off into three factions based on their views of slavery..

So you basically had Lincoln v 3 Democrat candidates..

That is part of the ultimate goal of Democrats..  Weaken the GOP to such a state that conservatives never gain any voice or possess any real power again.
Once achieved, no one can stop their goals of a continually socially progressive one-world globalist new world order where America is simply another cog in the wheel and completely unexceptional  (really no different than how white guilters see themselves in the presence of blacks)

Nazis did not tolerate dissent or difference of opinion or belief..  If you spoke out of turn, at best you'd be labeled and they'd make sure you were financally destroyed -- at worst killed.

Liberals will not tolerate anyone saying anything negative about them or their belief system or doing anything that do not accept..
Say something negative about blacks - Racist!  Criticize the gay lifestyle - Homophobe!  Say or do something that offends a woman Years or Decades after the fact - Sexual Predator!!

And your life is pretty much over, especially if famous or successful

Think how many times someone says or does something and then has to beg and grovel for forgiveness and publicly humiliate themselves in the process

Who knows if one day in the future it will be an actual crime - a misdemeanor to say something negative about another where one is in a protected minority class..  We know its already present in terms of physical confrontation
So Trump is getting in the way of their dream

He is a populist and stirs the passions and emotions of the everyday person, something that pieces of elitist garbage like McCain, Romney and the 2 bastard Bushes could never do

Trump has the guts to vocally criticize political correctness and social progressivism. 

Who else would be brave enough to say the violence earlier in the year in Charlottesville was as much due to those militant black fucks (our words, not his) as the white racists
Who else would have called out the NFL for tolerating all those monkeys to kneel and middle finger the US flag so to ultimately extort nearly $100 million in donations from the league to colored causes (we always thought charity was supposed to be voluntary)

We do Hate the President's racial pandering but we addressed it yesterday

And who else would correctly call Sen. Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' because she lied about her ethnic background pretending she had American Indian blood in her lineage in order to try to get scholarships for college
So you best understand why Democrats hate Trump so much and want him gone in the worst way

If he is successful as President, it will change the GOP forever - move them away from the aristocratic blue blood perception they've had for generations and make the party more accessible to common working folk

This along with prevent of illegals from entering as they wish via open borders and voting in elections, would cripple the Democrat party
So they Must destroy Trump and even if they can't impeach, they must do everything humanly possible to prevent him from winning in 2020

That is why somewhere somehow our side needs to understand things for what they really are and get involved to fight the left in any/all ways legally possible

To organize.. galvanize..  Make a sincere effort to financially go after all advertisers that support this fake news media and the rot on TV especially late night talk shows

We must do Something because otherwise, we are all going to be the Jewish people of 1930's/40's Germany - the politically/culturally excluded class

Monday, December 11, 2017

Race Pandering is Wrong, Especially when Trump Does It

This weekend, Trump gave a speech in Mississippi celebrating the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's and the anniversary of Rosa Parks being recalcitrant which is a 25-cent word for uppity


No really..  Why?
In the last election, Trump only received 12% of the black vote which while a marked improvement from the 5% that Romney earned in 2012, is still paltry

So why this continual pandering to a group that by and large do not like him?

Maybe its the mindset of 'every vote counts' or just something Presidents have to do..

To keep kissing their rear ends about something that for the most part they themselves did not accomplish on their own
People don't think about the Civil Rights struggle in those terms because its not politically correct but blacks could not have accomplished anything then (same holds today) without whites either assisting, taking the lead, or allowing an event to occur

For instance MLK Jr gets all the credit for the Montgomery, Ala. bus boycott and forcing integration in public transportation

But what skin color was Kennedy?   And what if he had a mindset toward blacks more akin to George Wallace and used the power of the Federal government to keep the buses financially operational so that the lack of black riders did not cripple their public transportation?

Then what?
And all those marches like at Selma..  People forget lots n lots of whites were part of the march.. 

Same thing with the black children forcing their way onto the Alabama campus to start college...  A white President used his power to assist the blacks so they got their way

How about the Civil Rights Act of 1964?  -- White President LBJ pushed for it..  White people in Congress voted for it..  White officers of the law and white judges enforced it..

How much credit do whites get for its passage today?  Zero

The narrative is that its all King's credit.
People forget or are unaware of how important whites were to the success of blacks because blacks along with white guilter pieces of shit in the media choose to not point it out to today's generation

Ever wonder why the Civil Rights movement flamed out and dissolved into violence and extremism by 1968?

The blacks kicked out the whites including many who were Jewish because they didn't want them taking any credit for their achievements,

So once the Caucasians were removed, the victories in the movement for equality ended for a generation until Bill Clinton came into office, pandered to them and treated the black community like children in exchange for their votes
Whites are the ones responsible for integrating public schools, the military and baseball

How many whites in the Union had to die or be permanently disfigured during the Civil War to free such a rotten, backwards, unappreciative group of people?

How many blacks ever bother to go to a statue of a Union soldier and say 'Thank you'?    Lincoln didn't do it by himself you know..

It's funny how history works and how it is continually distorted by the living
We always wondered..  Let's say a disabled white person had boarded that bus where Parks was sitting at the front and needed that seat, and she kept defiantly saying 'No' when asked to get up.. 

Or maybe a young Caucasian mother with her small baby in her arms.. 

Or a very elderly person who just was unable to stand for long duration..

Would Parks' defiance still been seen as admirable?  Would she still have been some kind of BS 'hero' and have statues, plagues, schools and streets named after her?
Then again, its like the pro-abortion movement using any trailer trash they could find to call her 'Roe' since they just needed a warm body to exist so they could fight for the right to remove their unwanted fetuses beyond the hanger method

The rebellious colored people needed something or someone to galvanize them to fight the system so if it wasn't Rosa Parks, it would have been some other stubborn uneducated black

But back to Trump..

We continually scratch our heads why the hell he keeps pandering to those people
Their rottenness toward him and this country really know no bounds

What color were the vast majority of 63 Democrats in the House last week who voted and failed to impeach Trump with one of the reasons being that he was a 'bigot'?   

What color are the vast majority of NFL players continually taking knees during the national anthem over the last 16 months including every player who raised their fists in pathetic defiance of the government and law enforcement?

What color was the former President who was probably aside from Nixon the most corrupt, evil, putrid bastard to ever sit in the Oval Office?
What color are those that still demand Affirmative Action in college entrance, acquiring loans and getting hired in the workplace when they have never been more free, more successful and had more wealth and political/social power in their history?

What color are the people that must have separate award shows, beauty pageants, scholarship funds, colleges and just about everything else exclusive to them while forcing full integration in other aspects of society?

Doesn't matter that he has made a big deal over MLK's birthday and Black History month and signed executive orders specific to benefiting black colleges and helping black entrepreneurs at the exclusion of whites

And This is who Trump keeps pandering to?!!
But that's how blacks are..  If they are not in power or calling the shots, nothing else means shit

As individuals, blacks are like everyone else..  some good and decent.. some intelligent..  some of real quality inside and out

As a political group, they're just truly awful and bluntly put have too much power in our society for those who pretend they only want equal footing with whites
Now if Trump is sincerely in admiration and awe of blacks and genuinely wants to kiss their big rumps at every opportunity, it is pretty pathetic

If Trump thinks it will help in midterms and the next election, the pandering needs to stop

Whatever it is, it really is a complete waste of time
Trump could give them full slave reparations and officially make every day of the year 'Black Superiority' day and guess what?   

Whoever is running on the Democrat ticket in 2020 is getting their votes

Really wish the President would understand this because speeches like this past weekend are just embarrassing!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Trying to Analytically Understand Why Liberals Are So Rotten

~ An actual headline after the 2016 election

Yours truly sat down with some friends over lunch the other day and we were trying to brainstorm why people with liberal beliefs are so absolutely despicable and truly unlikable in this current climate

One person suggested it was because they were generally very elitist people, constantly looking down and thumbing their noses on Red state America which really is 'Real' America and they just can't or are unwilling to hide their disdain

Another suggested its because they're deeply ignorant people..  Not so much in terms of degrees but many especially among the Hollywood set refuse or are complete unable to censor themselves and make the most outlandish, putrid comments about Trump and by extension his loyal supporters
A third friend just saw them as pathetic; easily swayed conformists who always follow the latest trends, do not really think for themselves and base their political and social views more on how others believe then a serious attempt to look inward

As for myself, well all three were right on the mark.

Here's some examples within the last few days to prove all their points correct
1)  While on Drudge last night (Thursday), I see a headline where the Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, an attractive woman who only seems to date black men (ugh!) said she is not representing the President when she goes over to South Korea in a couple months to compete

The hell she isn't!

Somehow the stupid twat thinks that she is an independent contractor going over to compete on her own..  She represents the US and the current US President is Trump!
Also the black loving whore doesn't quite seem to understand that Trump as President has the power to prevent the entire US team from competing if he so desired.     Jimmy Carter did it for the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow

It wouldn't be because of an ignorant liberal blonde who parts her legs for negro men, but if world events get out of hand and warranted such a move, it could be done.

But this rotten bitch Vonn hates Trump so much that she felt the need to voice her disdain and disrespect for him and the office he holds, and then Democrat trash like her wonder out loud why America is so divisive
2)  Today Senator Al Franken announced his resignation from the Senate after pressure mounted from his own party to do so

Of course had Franken represented a state with a Republican governor who would have appointed a conservative interim until new elections were held, you better bet all those sanctimonious women in the Senate would have done what they did on their wedding nights -- kept their mouths tightly shut

So Franken has his one last press conference and of course he has to attack Trump and Roy Moore who's running for Senate in Alabama as if they did worse and are terrible people

Sorry Al..  Nope.  You are the scum, not they
It was Franken, not Trump or Moore that groped a woman's breasts while she was fast asleep and felt so brazen about it he encouraged another to take a photo of it while he smiled

If was Franken, not Trump or Moore who repeatedly grabbed other women's butts and gave pinches, including constituents who only wanted to have a photo taken with the fucker

But rather than be contrite and humbled, Franken did what most Democrats do..  Deflect, Distract and Attack..
3)  Yesterday a couple genuinely idiotic Democrat congresspeople wasted everyone's time by demanding the House of Representatives vote on whether to start impeachment charges against Trump

The House voted overwhelmingly to table the motion but somehow 63 deeply bitter (mostly black) bitches and bastards voted for it

And what was their rationale.. That he committed high crimes/misdemeanors or treason which is the legal standard for such a procedure to occur?

Nope.. Trump was a 'bigot' according to one black Congressman from Texas..  He was also unfit because of all his Twitter texts..
How does such a black bumpkin get elected to the House?   Of course.. He represents an all-black district full of bumpkins even less educated than he

These parasite Democrats are the kind of people who have such irrational hate for Trump that if the President won the Nobel Peace Prize, they'd seek to impeach him for what they'd deem an illegal receiving of a gift

So the question is..   Are we living in a very volatile, toxic political and social climate that is permeating down to our most basic relationships. friendships and civil interactions with others?

Who is to blame? 

Obvious answer time -- liberals

Those power hungry ethically bankrupt deviants who ran the Clinton campaign during the election along with the media apparatuses who worked in collusion, did an excellent job portraying Trump as a complete total monster; a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, woman-hating Hitler-like bastard

And this narrative while a complete lie gave all the parasites who align with the Democrat party a sense of comfort and smug superiority that by voting for Hillary, this corrupt, morally bankrupt closet lesbian cunt, they were voting good vs evil and saving the US and the world from calamity
When their gal lost, and all the snowflakes were shellshocked - hysterical and crying much like how the French reacted in 1940 when Hitler visited Paris, all they could do to get their mental bearings back was double up on embracing the lie

So now you see for the last 12+ months people full of deep hatred for Trump keeping yard signs up that hypocritically say 'Hate has no home here'

Its why you see so many pieces of shit refer to Trump as 'Not my President' or referring to the lil' brown poop monkey Obama as 'Always my President' while actually believing it is Trump and not them which is causing deep division and hostility among people

It is why you see so many liberal scum celebs smugly try to out-top one another for the most mean spirited, vicious Trump-hate tweets or comments during interviews and on award shows then see them engulfed in sex scandals far worse than anything Trump was ever accused of

Notice in the last 2-3 months where it seems every person in Hollywood with a penis who isn't a vile transgender, who has been accused by a woman or homosexual man years or decades after the fact, is a card carrying liberal Democrat who proudly supported Hillary.. 

Every single one..
It is just sad that over 12 months since the election and still so many instances daily of these rotten people in the entertainment industry and pop culture still mouthing off idiocy while the media treats it as worthy of 500 to 1000 word articles

We'll end with this example which is 100% true

A few weeks ago the white rapper Eminem released a new single for his new album with lyrics and a video that viciously attacked Trump (would you expect anything less from a wigger?)

Then he followed it up with an appearance on Saturday Night Live mocking Trump even more
But Eminem was very mad afterward..  Why?

He was pissed off that the President who is the most powerful, most important and probably busiest man on the planet didn't take the time to respond to all the attacks

Eminem thought that much of himself that his little child-like rap rhymes and dressing up in a wig would provoke Trump to give a shit

That's how these people think.. So much more important than they really are.