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Monday, September 24, 2018

Deeper the Kavanaugh Accuser Rabbit Hole Goes

A lot of things are being reported about Judge Kavanaugh and his main accuser Christine Ford with as to be expected, the liberal media taking her side and presenting accusations as provable fact

A handful of media sources, of course on the political right, are reporting more accurate renderings

We're not going to regurgitate it here.. Go to CNN if you want the lie and FoxNews if you want truth
So what is there to talk about regarding this topic?

We're going to focus on what most do not know..

Such as Kavanaugh's accuser is not just a die hard liberal and political operative, but her family i.e. Dad has CIA ties
Christine’s father, Ralph G Blasey Jr. was a proven CIA operative who, from June-1962 to January-1974, was the Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C.

This was a CIA black budget bank best known for being 100 paces from the White House, and whom, in 1998, was taken over by SunTrust Bank—whose majority share owner is the CIA-linked investment fund BlackRock.

Blasey Jr. today, is the Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.—whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security for “Deep State” elites in Washington D.C.

This is overseen by Red Coats, Inc. co-founder and Vice Chairman William F. Peel III—and whose Datawatch Systems, he also controls, has US government contracts extending till 23 June 2023
And guess which current President the CIA along with FBI hate deeply

You didn't think this liberal bitch just popped out of nowhere did you?

Maybe ultimately this will be reported - maybe not

But even so, most people will not pay attention or it will be quickly forgotten as this farce plays on
Everyone knows it is such.. even despicable liberals but of course there are bigger concerns for them, like re-taking power and re-installing their secular social-progressive 1000 year Reich which has now been interrupted twice - first by W Bush and now Trump

So let's get beyond the politics and the specific characters of this little drama

Instead let's look at where we are as a society right now based on #MeToo and any woman making any accusation about any man at point in time based on any moment in history as instantly treated as 'valid'
What has been the collateral damage?

For one thing, men should be scared to shit of interacting with women which is exactly what many of the feminist man-hating cunts who have pushed this mindset over the last few decades have sought

And if you are male and not scared of women, you should be - deeply

Because we are seeing a society where any female piece of trash can come out of nowhere accuse a man of anything from 10..20..30+ years ago with not a shred of proof that would hold up in any court of law (not that they could go to court since there's statute of limitations) and the mere accusal along with one's party affiliation brings about knee-jerk support from half the population

Any woman can say 'He raped me back in the 1990s..'  or 'He exposed his penis back when we were 18..' and it is supposed to matter and be believed
Understand this can be done to anyone about anything.. doesn't even have to be sexual

"When we worked at X Department store 20 years ago, I saw 'John' steal money from the cash register..."

"Back when Y and I hung out in high school 40 years, she used to say 'nigger' to refer to blacks"

"I once saw Z flirt with a 13 year old girl at a party 25+ years ago... Of course he was 15 but Still!"

Etc.. Etc.. Etc.
Then the accused is instantly on the defense which is not a comfortable place to be and very quickly will find their reputation, career and relationships/friendships permanently tarnished as the accuser whistles along his/her merry way

What a horrible society we've become..  Even worse than the era of the Salem Witch Trial or McCarthyism

And who is going to step up and repeat the 'Have you no shame?!' rant during one of the Communist hearings in the 1950s?

Who is going to fight back?   Who can?
Everyone wants to speak political correct on this topic but we will not

Male.. Female.. Tranny.. If you are sexually harassed, inappropriately touched, sexually assaulted, blackmailed into sex or full-on rape, it is Your responsibility to report it to authorities in an appropriate and timely manner


If you are a child and/or genuinely scared for your life, that's probably the only exceptions we can understand why one remains quiet
And if you do not come forward within a reasonable time, don't come forward at all!

You snooze.. You lose

You are not brave to say something decades later or after someone has passed away, the fault is yours for keeping quiet, and we the society should not be forced to give a shit

Will political correctness ever Die?!

Or has it Contaminated the minds and souls of so many people that like a tumor, its deeply embedded into our social psyches and we don't know anymore how to remove it without destroying ourselves even more in the process
Basically one of two outcomes will come about by this Democrat operative strategy to destroy Kavanaugh:  He will become a Supreme Court justice or he won't

Everything else we honestly don't care about specific to this matter

What matters more is how much we've devolved as a nation and our belief always is that nothing that happens in any aspect of society is natural or organic
Barely anything we think, feel, believe, buy, want, wish or how we interact with others is based on our independent choice..  It is all manipulated in some way by forces we can not see and barely understand

And this society wants to destroy conservatives, despises any man who is not emasculated and weak, wants every group of people other than white males to rule, and will Destroy anyone who objects or gets in the way of this goal

Other than that, all is just peachy.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Video: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali's Warn of White Liberals & Multiculturalism

~ You might have to click the video two times to get it to play

Today is a rare weekend edition posting to be short, sweet and succinct

Overall we hate group identity politics because it forces individuals who may think different than the masses to conform and shoves the good with the rotten into the same racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation cattle cars.

Really no group we hate more however than white liberals who are the cause of most of the social ills we deal with today
We found an interesting video (above) where the late Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, two people overall we deeply dislike, actually express points of view we pretty much fully agree with

They both express the evil of the white liberal with X expressing their deep insincerity and patronizing in dealing with black issues of the day (and in the present) and Ali on a British talk show in the 1970s where a truly silly-stupid white man named Parkinson refuses to accept Ali's correct belief that blacks should not be intermarrying whites and having mixed raced children that lose their cultural identity.
More interesting to us than the points of view expressed is:

1) How in X's case, he uses the word 'Negro' to describe himself and his people with pride and respect.. Doesn't say 'black'.. Doesn't create some silly hyphenated term to feel good about himself.. The self-confidence comes from within

2) How liberal media portray these people as they wish and not present the complete person in all his ideological views and complexity.

Watch the video above and have a good weekend..

Friday, September 21, 2018

A Time-Travelling Fantasy Back to 1787

This past Monday was Constitution Day - Sept 17, 1787 being when it was completed minus the original Bill of Rights

Ultimately each state's legislature had to decide whether to ratify it and the first 10 Amendments were added in 1791.

Most look upon the Constitution as a wonderful success judged by it creating the first democratic government in the history of the world and for the most part, this is true
It is also very faulty and we're not speaking in a liberal revisionist mindset that great men in 1787 who created it, should have based it on 2018 worldviews and beliefs

The Constitution is very interpretative which is both its strength and greatest weakness

Occasionally as an interesting mental exercise, yours truly has imagined it was possible to transport back in time to the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia as a member the delegation who ultimately worked to create the Constitution and have some power to mold/shape it different
The first and primary issue I would have addressed was slavery, specifically that the new nation was to fully rid itself of it or fully embrace it but no middle ground

No tolerating it in some states and not others, no 3/5ths compromise.. No compromises of any kind

The nation starts fresh and clean with everyone free or it accepts that blacks are not equal to whites, are slaves unless deemed individually emancipated and thus the Federal government is not empowered to make decisions on the issue

Personally I'd rather have seen 2 nations created in 1787 living side by side in peace instead of 1 where ultimately 600,000 lives needlessly die in the Civil War and 150+ years later still dealing with the bitterness, resentment and unappreciative attitudes one race toward another
This connects with the second point I would have argued at the Constitutional Convention - what exactly is the 10th Amendment?

It says basically all rights not held by the Federal government belong to the individual states but what I'd be most concerned with is the right of secession

One reason the Civil War began was because southern states felt the 10th Amendment implicitly stated they had the legal right to break free if they felt tyrannized and the northern states said that right was non-existent
So in this fantasy exercise, I would have demanded that it be as clear and specific as possible - does a state have the right to leave the Union or once it ratifies, it is there forever?   And if one can leave, what are the parameters for doing so?

It would have made things a lot clearer later on when the south seceded in 1861 (SC seceded in Dec, 1860)  because if it was allowed, Lincoln would have no legal grounds to start war and if it was not allowed, the south would have deserved all they suffered as a result

Another issue I would have brought up is regarding the Supreme Court -- What is their role - is it to make law or interpret it
The Court has a history of making law as they see fit and as long as the vocal minority is happy i.e. the ones who control the media of the time, no one sees anything wrong with it

This is why you have abominations like forced integration of the schools, legal abortion, the right of sexual deviants (gays) to "marry", etc..  All decisions the Court made on its own based on how they felt and not the law

I also would have wanted to establish what powers would the Court hold when their views, when correct were being purposely ignored
For instance, during the Civil War, that bastard  Lincoln completely ignored the Supreme Court when it declared his war was unconstitutional and that the southern states did have a legal right under the 10th to secede

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney directly challenged President Abraham Lincoln's wartime suspension of the great writ of habeas corpus, in a national constitutional showdown

The President who everyone today looks upon as some kind of American Jesus, responded by ignoring the court by saying only Congress had the power to rescind it, and then continued to do as he pleased
Of course I'd also work to make the 2nd Amendment as clear cut as possible so the modern bastards on the left have no legal ground to stand on when they keep trying to put curbs and restrictions on gun access and ownership and establish that marriage is Only between a man and woman

But figure only so much one can focus on in a Friday blog..

There's no such thing as a perfect world but it just makes us wonder how much better this nation would be if this black situation had been dealt with at the very onset of our nation's formation in a clear, decisive manner that left no ambiguities

Instead leadership always took the cowardly way out i.e. compromise
The creators of the Constitution allowed the slave trade to go on for 20 additional years - why?

Why not either end it immediately or let it go on forever?

They decided for taxation purposes a black slave was valued at 3/5th of a person

Once again, why the compromise?
If slaves are people (speaking in a 1787 point of view), you tax their slave owners as whole people.. If they are chattel much like a horse, cow or other barnyard animal, you don't tax them at all

I'll never know why southern states agreed to join the Union back then - the deck was stacked so much against them

And all this of course was followed by endless compromises and can-kicking for another 75 years until everyone involved in the creation of the new nation was dead and left to others to interpret framers' intent

Imagine that mindset when creating a will...
Ah fantasy.. 

The worst part of a fantasy like this is no matter how long or intense one thinks on such matters, it is complete fiction and nothing ultimately will get changed, especially since there is no such thing as time travel

We live in a world that has gotten more n' more rotten thanks to liberal beliefs and social-progressive ideologies

All based on an inter connective timeline of events over our history which should never had occurred if the founders of our nation had made the Constitution more specific and far less opaque

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Why the Passive Society Exists & Why One Needs to Break

Do you ever wonder why sometimes you feel so burnt out from the news and completely powerless to do anything to change anything or affect the outcomes of what you see and read that's reported?

Well, sorry to say but it is intentional

No one in any position of power or influence want you or we to have any control over anything in our lives outside of basic mundane things like what laundry detergent to buy or where to go to lunch
Maybe the only exception to this is when it is related to natural disasters like hurricanes to which we're glutted with non-stop active participation information

'Get This and buy 'That' and Don't forget to do A, B, C, D...

Only then are you and we given information how to prepare for something or deal with a situation after the fact

Whether its government or the media, we're all supposed to just be passive viewers who sponge up all the negativity and given no outlet to try to remedy the problems
For instance Trump complains a lot in his tweets about how unfairly he's treated by the media (which is true)..    He (rightly) bitches constantly

Now what are we supposed to do about it other than hear someone bemoan and vent?

Does Trump direct others to boycott certain media outlets or tell us which advertisers or such media to target our aggression upon?

Does he give us names of specific reporters to harass with emails, tweets or if need be, face to face confrontation if we're ever in the DC or NY area?

Nope..  Just vents.. Just complains
Trump also is pissed off at his Attorney General and the whole fake Russia meddling investigation of Robert Mueller - expresses incessantly how he is a victim as if he wants us to help him

Let's put aside the fact that Trump is fully capable of dealing with these idiots on his own and has legal authority to do so

Well, what the hell does he want from us?!
Not like you or we have the power to fire a Cabinet member or end an investigation

Are we supposed to march on the Justice Department with pitchforks and demand Sessions' ouster?

Are we supposed to find out where Mueller lives and picket his home and stage sit-ins blocking his ability to get to his car in the morning?

What the hell are we as individuals supposed to do?
Of course the news is the same way, especially local news

'Two gunmen entered a fast food restaurant, stealing $1000 and shooting two employees..'

OK.. now what?

What do these criminals look like so we can try to find them and hunt them down and shoot them?

What if anything should we as citizens do about it?

Nothing..  Nothing.. Nothing
So much crap in the world on a daily basis - abroad and locally and we're just not directed to do anything to be active participants in the control and destiny of our lives and futures

The news reports sensationalism and the President uses Twitter to say 'woe is me' and we're just all there for their benefit

The worst kind of news overall is financial
Dow goes up 200 pts? 

Hooray!  Keep buying..

No context given to how this benefits anyone who does not own stocks

No context expressed that 200 pts rise in a day will benefit professional Investors and corporations greatly but your 401k will go up $1
And when Dow drops 200 pts?

No worries..  Keep buying

And when it Drops 1500 pts?

Keep calm and keep buying.. great bargains available
There isn't a form of news that lies more incessantly and purposely deceives its viewers than financial news

All during the 2008 crash and subsequent recession did any of those bitches and bastards ever say 'This would be a good time to sell...  This would be a smart time to liquidate your investments so you have as much cash handy to ride out this massive financial storm.."

And if/when the next major crash occurs that makes 2008 look like a blip, do not ever expect anyone in financial news to tell you to sell your stocks or withdraw your money from the bank or stock up on canned goods and get a gun or anything even remotely useful

Nope, just keep buying.
The 21st century human being thinks it is free - perhaps when it comes to consumption but that's really about it and even that is based on careful molding of our perceptions of product and the multi-ethnic anti-Caucasian push to sell it

Everywhere you go you are tracked through your credit card purchases or on video cameras hundreds of times each day in stores or driving about..

Every website and keystroke is tracked; information stored somewhere
And as said before, with the exception of over-information (weather emergencies) or mis-information (financial news) no one wants to motivate or guide anyone to do anything constructive and pro-active to problem solve

And if you try to on your own, the System as a way of deterring and/or eventually crushing you.

But that's not to say to give up or quit feeling passionate and angry

We hope you feel either or both emotions because too many conservatives are just dead do-dos inside who allow every aspect of their life and the nation they love to be altered and taken from them
This operant conditioning of 'well what can I do?' goes back to the foundation of our country

It's called representative democracy..

We could have been a direct democracy where we all voted on major issues that impact our lives but the founders were scared of the common person and wanted them to have as little influence on the country as possible
So now you elect someone every so often then basically sit back while supposedly he/she represents your needs and concerns and then a few years later you check back vis a vis another election to see how they're doing

No direct involvement in anything.. No taking upon oneself to fix something..

Nope, just call or write or text or tweet your representative, a staffer will see it then ignore it and you can go back to whatever it is you do

You can vent, complain or just try to block it all out but ultimately if you care about something, whatever it is, you have to get pro-active and aggressive
The target(s) of your ire and how you go about it..  That is completely up to you but whether its to galvanize like-minded others or think outside the box to address concerns, you Must get into the fight, whatever that 'fight' may be to you

For us, its A&G, where for 8 years now, we express a truth about the world and where its devolving that few to no other wishes to and actively seek to motivate our readers to think even if they disagree

If something bothers you strongly, then mobilize..  Be pro-active

Those who are causing the irritation sure are

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How #MeToo is Actually Quite Selective

~ Singer Katy Perry giving a non-adult boy an inapproprate kiss which he did not seek or desire at a music awards show..  No one cared

The last couple days we've addressed the farce involving the desperate Democrats seeking to do everything possible to derail the Kavanaugh hearings, once again going to the bottom of the barrel (where all liberals spiritually reside)

Today we're going to address something else that is completely bullshit and few to none have the courage to express it openly:

The #MeToo movement
Understand this is different from a woman or even a man being sincerely sexually assaulted by another person and coming forward in a timely manner, notifying authorities and correctly pursuing criminal charges against one's assailant(s)

 As well, someone underage sexually assaulted by an adult, especially in a position of power where the victim is scared to tell another and represses the experience for a long time is also not what we are talking about

#MeToo is about two things:  feminist power and male emasculation
Notice no one ever speaks of a woman being sexually assaulted by another woman which happens more frequently than you think in the lesbian community

The liberal scum who started this hashtag movement certainly never concern themselves with men being sexually assaulted by women whether it be a physical assault of a man's orifice or the power dynamic where a woman forces a man to have sex with her to keep a job or get a promotion then hides behind their gender to pretend it never happened.
People like snickering at that concept as if 'how can a man be sexually a victim of a woman when she wants him to have sex' but remember there's all kinds of men out there - not just the common trash Hollywood depicts

Some men, especially those married are honorable, virtuous and loyal to their spouses.

In addition, don't assume the woman is attractive - if you're male and some 300lb hairy wildebeest demands you sleep with her to get that big raise and the sight of the person makes you want to vomit...
Also interesting how #MeToo hates going after black men who hurt white women because most of these involved in the 'movement' are privileged white guilt/shame filth

We know.. You are thinking 'what about Bill Cosby?'

To liberals, Cosby is no longer 'black'; no longer part of their community since he correctly spoke out so much about how the problems the black community they are facing are of their own doing, and not the fault of whites

That's the ultimate pariah to liberals; a race traitor.. OK to destroy him

The #MeToo movement sure as shit never went after Morgan Freeman even after the accusations - he just said 'sorry' and all was well.
Anyways, this is a big reason why the #MeToo movement is complete liberal shit - it assumes all victims are female, all perpetrators of rape are male and its baked deep into the framework of the American patriarchal society

#MeToo also embraces the political double standard that there really is no such thing as a liberal sexual assaulter or rapist

Everyone knows how all these parasitic women rushed quickly to Bill Clinton's defense every time a victim told her side of the story
They also tried to defend former Senator Al Franken after photos came out showing him squeezing the breasts of a woman while she was sleeping

Ultimately they decided because he represented a liberal state so he'd be replaced by another, they basically cut ties..

Wonder how things would have unfolded had Franken represented a state with a Republican governor who would appointed a Republican to replace him?
Also remember the whole brouhaha last year over Kevin Spacey?  Why were liberals in the #MeToo movement so angry with him?

Was it that Spacey being a queer man pretended all these years to be straight?

No.. Being gay is 'wonderful' and ejaculating semen in another male's anus or mouth is considered 'beautiful'
Was it that Spacey hungered to put his penis inside the anuses of underage males?

No.. Not really..

Was it that Spacey dared to explain the reason he is the way he is was because of his homosexuality?


Everything is a double standard
Back when everyone in Hollywood jumped in with their own phony #MeToo story about Harvey Weinstein, a 2nd rate actress most never heard of named Asia Argento said she was 'forced' to allow him to give her oral sex

Think on that a moment.. A woman being 'forced' to part one's legs so a man can place his tongue inside a vagina'

When it was revealed a month or two ago that she recently had sex with an underage male, no one in that movement really cared

Attractive woman + 17yr old male = 'Lucky Bastard'
Wonder if these people who make up this movement really seek to do something positive or is it just a 'look at me' fad like that time when a dozen or so super-wealthy white actresses adopted little brown babies within a 9 month period of each other like these African children were Fendi bags

If someone is sexually assaulted or even threatened, it is their responsibility not just to themselves and those they love (and love them) but to society at large to come forward and tell authorities as soon as possible

Because every day one remains silent, that other is out there potentially doing the same thing to others
We think on the whole Harvey Weinstein nonsense once more and those pieces of shit Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie come to mind

Both claimed many years later that Harvey did things of a sexual nature to make both very uncomfortable and yet they didn't feel all that disturbed by his presence that they happily accepted one film role after another, earning them awards and riches and fame

Neither had a problem smiling and posing for publicity photos with Harvey or giving him hugs and kisses on the cheek at different parties and public ceremonies

Yet both had sob stories and did the #MeToo spin and eventually got Weinstein destroyed; a man the Clintons had dinner with as one of their loyal friends just a few weeks prior to all the allegations coming forward
Now #MeToo wants to destroy Judge Kavanaugh and any other man who is conservative and in any position of power to curtail their social-progressive women dominate men dreams

The only reason this has gotten any credence much less traction is the same vermin who push this mindset also own the media and run Hollywood so all the avenues to constantly promote this are at their 24/7 disposal

Maybe there's some in the 'movement' who are sincere and have good hearts and intentions but they are a small minority

To deal with an enemy, you must fully understand what you're dealing with and #MeToo is simply another tentacle of the radical left seeking to destroy every aspect of the America they deeply hate and not care who they hurt and destroy in the process.