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Monday, March 19, 2018

In Admiration of the Autistic-Savant

Last night yours truly re-watched one of my favorite all-time films; a 1979 comedy called 'Being There' starring Peter Sellers

It is wonderful and restrained performance as a sheltered autistic man who is forced by circumstances to leave the only world he's known and actually experience life, along the way experiencing one fortuitous turn after another
Without giving away any plot to anyone who may be curious to watch, Sellers' character Chance the Gardener who can not read or write, and can only understand the world through watching television, ends up being referred to as Chauncey Gardener, looked upon as intelligent and profound, and at one point gives the President advice on the economy.

The film is a precursor to 'Forrest Gump' without the syrupy soundtrack
At one point when Chauncey is on a TV show explaining how gardens grow which others take as financial metaphors, an old black lady who at one time took care of him, looks at the TV and bitterly yells to other blacks in the room that its a white man's world

Don't know if it really was then but unfortunately its not today..

It's not even a black person's world in 2018
It is and has always been an autistic-savant's world because the only way one can really survive and take genuine pleasure from living, is to completely turn the brain off from everything artificial around you and completely focus inward on oneself

Let's take TV watching for instance

A person of intelligence can not watch anything on TV without feeling incredibly irritated very quickly

News is horrifically biased and agenda driven, sitcoms are insipid, dramas are the same just repackaged tripe from previous decades with different settings, hairstyles and colors of the actors, and let's not even start with daytime TV..
Now to an autistic-savant, TV is extremely pleasurable -  its colors and sounds and moving pictures..  Even commercials are stimulating and enjoyable

A TV turned on is instant contentment because he/she is not really paying any detailed attention to what is being watched and the information is processed in the brain at a child-like level

So in many ways, someone like that is to be envied.
They can watch CNN or MSNBC all day/night and never really recall anything they've seen - nothing to get angry or vent at, no political opinions or biases formed on anything shown.. 

You & I would want to kick in the TV after watching 15 minutes of their constant liberal propaganda lies and deep Trump hatred

For savants, it's just color and sound and motion like watching clowns in a circus or animals in a zoo

No wonder people are so much happier at 5yrs old than they are at 25, 45 or 65 years old
The autistic-savant's life overall is a very positive, contented one as long as he/she has a schedule or regimen and it isn't being altered

There's no worry or concern about sports other than the basic question of whether the favorite sports team won or lost, and even on that there's no deep happiness or despair

There's no concern about elections or economy; markets or minority agitator movements

It's a very lovely existence actually to genuinely not care.. 
So many say 'I don't care' and try to focus inward but its done selfishly, egotistically and/or heartlessly 

Savants don't block everything out in a mean spirited or theatrical way and that's what makes them so pure and in this day & age so mentally strong.

And when one speaks, its because they want to.. not because they have to.. not because they want to use you or sell something to you or borrow money from you..

They're very pure minded people.
There's no inner-battle in the mind of an autistic-savant or the need to detox from the constant bombardment of social control words and images

Savants genuinely do not care and none of the poison gets in.. 

They're deeply absorbed in other things - math, computers, puzzles, TV and movies just like a small child before he/she gets contaminated by life as we all seem to
If one can truly tune off and tune out all the garbage and noise that is out there.. the triviality and irrelevance of the modern life we are experiencing and just be very happy sitting and eating a sandwich or staring at a tree or garden or doing a crossword puzzle, how at peace one would be

They do this effortlessly.

So I find I respect and admire people who are savants - they are very much in the 'now' and there's no complexity to their lives or reasons for doing one thing or another

Autistic people are actually rather Buddhist in how they approach life and don't even realize it; all the 'intelligent' people work hard to get to that place of inner peace - buy books and go to lectures and spend hours chanting mantras 

Savants are just always in Zen
At the end of 'Being There', the last words are a quote - 'Life is a state of mind'

Whether its fair or not, right or wrong, it seems the best way to live the life one has is to just simplify everything.. Let everything in and let it leave you just as quick and effortless as taking a breath

Those who can turn off the brain and just Be will ultimately be the happiest as the powers that be who run the global 'show' devise more and more ways to alter how one thinks and approaches life

And now admittedly yours truly needs to learn how to practice what is preached.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Why Would Anyone Want to Be President?

The more we study politics and what the office of the Presidency has become over the last few decades, the more we realize there is no way we could stand having the job

Of course reality is this would never ever happen to 99.99999% of us but it is fun on occasion to daydream we suppose

Only one occupant at a time per 4-year duration and in the last 38 years, only 6 men have sat in the Oval Office and worn the big-boy pants so if anyone is hoping/aspiring to one day do so as well...

Well, perhaps lower your life goals just a tad.
But that said, there are times we like to imagine what it would be like to be President at this moment in time; to deal with the same national and global issues and a very base-animal media

How would we handle the constant day to day continual triviality and nonsense..

Personally, if my some twist of sadistic magic, yours truly was President I would approach the office completely different than any predecessor or the current occupant
As expressed before, in order to get anything done in that cesspool called Washington, you have to not think on re-election or legacy.. 

You go in.. make a mess.. fix as much as possible in 4 years.. get out

The reason that mindset has to be taken is because everyone from beltway insiders to the everyday person is conditioned to expect those things to be an additional checks n balances on a President
Don't want to stray too far in one direction.. Might lose votes..  Might have difficulty funding your Presidential library..  Might not have schools named after you or your face on a stamp after you die

So that would be one change I'd impliment from the status quo

Another would be yours truly would be 100x time aggressive and vicious in attacking the media and my enemies in office than Trump is
He tweets a lot but it really is not mean or at least not by my standards

Calling Democrats 'obstructionists'..  Calling the media 'fake'.. Yes, that sure hurt their feelings - can see them sobbing in their pillows at night over it

I'd mock and taunt them incessantly; personalize it if need be..

Some would say that's being 'Presidential' but in reality whoever holds that office can mold that position into anything he wants and whatever changes in personality brought into the office becomes the new norm
The worst part of being President really is the daily minutia 

You have to pretend every time there is some loss of life, you actually care - have to give condolences and sometimes even write letters to families of complete strangers

Back in 2014, the last year data was kept on this topic, the CDC stated that 2,616,418 Americans died

That's everything from homicide to traffic accidents to natural deaths, which comes out to 7,168 Americans who die each day - a number we assume is the same or a little more in 2018
And yet a President has to pretend that it matters that 4 people died because of a falling bridge or 17 die because of a gunman entering a school when really another 7,000 people daily lose their lives in a myriad of ways

Every loss of life leaves loved ones and dependents behind in just as grieving state and in equal misery as some news event

Just couldn't personally do it..   Too phony
Then there's all the meet n' greets with heads of states that quite honestly are not significant or worthy of such a time waste

The meetings.. the luncheons.. the state dinners..  the summits..

The President met with the head of Ireland the other day.. 2nd time they've met actually with both visits occurring around St Patrick's Day..    Of course
What political or economic significance or importance could it possibly be for our President to meet with such a meaningless island country?

But there's lots of Irish-Americans and they vote so like any other group a politician has to pander to, a far bigger deal is made of Ireland and that Shamrock Shake holiday than any President not named JFK should really bother

By extension, as President there would be absolutely no official patronizing of one group over another; no celebrating of any group's culture or history over the greater nation as a whole and all monthly 'holidays' would be ignored
No hyphenated names would be used and no special considerations given

We'd all be Americans and treated Equal under God & the law if I was President; any minority or white guilter who bitched about ignoring MLK Jr Day or angry I didn't push for laws that only benefit one race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation over others while I was in office would be ignored

So much tedium a President has to endure.. So much inconsequentiality

And when you make lives better, you're really not appreciated for it
When he is not doing these mundane tasks, ultimately the role of a President isn't to keep Americans safe or promote our values to the world..

He acts really as President to corporations and financial/banking interests - this is All Presidents, nothing to do with party affiliations

A President works to ensure that US companies and US banks are invested globally and their interests are protected and he is to make policy to assist in the expansion and further profit of those entities
The trickle-down hope is the little people get to enjoy some breadcrumbs but the loaves stay at the top of the food chain - or at least think they're benefiting so they'll vote the incumbent for another term

Of course as President knowing from the beginning I'd only serve one term would free me from those contraints

I'd do the complete opposite starting with the dismantling of the evil Federal Reserve and had I been President in 2008, those who caused the market crash would have been made to howl
Reality is one with any sincerity toward that goal will ever get elected

So while obviously being President is never ever going to happen to me or most anyone else, one should really feel relieved that he/she does not have to do that job

It is a thankless, tiring experience.

And if you are a parent and you fill your little child with dreams of breaking 'ceilings' by being the 'first' President of some group..

Well you're not really having your child shoot for the stars.. Only aim down at the gutter

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Non-News keeps On Churnin' & We Keep On Analyzin'

Today we'll play some news catch up and give thoughts on some topics being discussed at the moment

First is the media making a big deal about Secretary of State (or rather now, 'former') Rex Tillerson being replaced by Trump

Don't know about you but any employee who called yours truly a 'moron' to others in private as Tillerson did regarding the President would be disposed of at the first opportunity at my convenience

Add the fact that the two did not see eye to eye on many policy decisions and Trump is in charge, and guess who wins out?
Overall it is not uncommon for Presidents to constantly go through Cabinet members whether they be fired or resign, thus replacing one with another as need be even within a term of office

Reagan ultimately got rid of Secretary of State Alexander Haig soon after his 'I'm in charge' comment during the assassination attempt in 1981..  Bill Clinton dumped his first Secretary of State Warren Christopher mid-first term

I'm sure Obama would have loved to dump Hillary back in his first term after Benghazi but the closet lesbian knows everyone's skeletons and politically-speaking where the bodies are buried so she had job security
The interesting aspect that has been purposely minimized by the fuck media is that with current CIA head Mike Pompeo now becoming the new Secretary of State, the CIA will be run by a woman for the first time in its history

This along with the First woman to run Homeland Security and the First woman Press Secretary to add to a woman Secretary of Transportation and other positions of importance in his administration

Had Hillary been President and made such moves, the left, especially the man-hating female element of this society, would be cheering the continual breaking of the glass ceiling

The fuck media gives no importance or validation to it because it's Trump
Next story seems to be growing tensions between Russia and the West, particularly Britain

Seems Russia either at Putin's hand or not, committed 2 killings of anti Putin activists in the UK via some kind of advanced poison gas and Britain is furious

So furious they will not send a delegation or Royal Family members to Russia this summer to watch the World Cup Soccer tournament..  They'll still send their national team though

If that's not a tough response, we don't know what is
Of course Trump could have decided not to send the US national team but we were so bad during preliminary stages, we didn't even get into the World Cup, so there's no team to dis-invite

What else can the UK do though?   

So they expelled some diplomats and are debating more economic sanctions that don't help anyone anywhere but they know not to fuck with a super-power

Expect outwardly or in private that PM Theresa May will ask and beg Trump to help her go after Russia since really the UK is too weak to do it alone
Trump will probably agree but not to the point that US-Russia relations are permanently tattered

Honestly, we do not know if Russia did it or not

The last time a country was accused of harming others through poison gas it was Iraq back in 2002 and you remember how accurate that accusation turned out and well the response went

We just know there's an element in society that desperately wants Russia to be our enemy again and rekindle the flames of the Cold War; admittedly we are unclear why
The left constantly accused Trump of being in alliance with Putin (or his puppet) in supposedly rigging the election.. 

Every accusation has proven 100% false

So then they focused on meddling which gives ominous implications of voter fraud - it never happened in the last election
The left accused Russia of hacking into the DNC of course conveniently ignoring all the damning information which was retrieved of media collusion among other things

In reality it was a disgruntled Democrat who worked in the DNC at the time who provided Wikilinks with all the information but they liked the Russia link better so their allies in the media kept pushing that

At worst, Russia created some Facebook pages and tried some propaganda to sway undecided voters to not support Hillary - big deal, especially compared to what we've done to other nations' political sovereignty at election time
Lastly we'll talk brief on a story that should not even be a story anymore

About a month ago, some students were gunned down by an attacker who was apprehended, arrested and will ultimately be convicted

Nationally, this should have been at most a two day story since  it wasn't the first school in US history to be attacked and in spite of any gun laws passed, it won't be the last
But this non-story keeps going on n' on thanks to social media (there's even apps so asshole teens can follow the latest protest developments) and the incessant need by the left to go after Trump at all turns

It is a perfect example of what happens when you give little idiot teenagers a taste of power and attention.. 

Wonder how much attention the fuck media would give if teens protested in support of the 2nd Amendment --  how about zero?
Scary how easy young people are at being manipulated..

Just shows how truly dumbed down a multicultural society we've become when we are forced to listen to teens give then opinions on anything of importance

Maybe instead of raising the age to buy a gun to 21, we should repeal the 26th Amendment and raise the voting age back to 21
All three so-called stories have one thing in common:

A deeply putrid, vengeful and irresponsible media that is not content to just do its job i.e. report what's going on in the country and the world

It wants desperately to create and  push public policy..  secular progressive political correct public policy, and in the process do everything they can to portray Trump as mentally unfit or criminal so he can be impeached

Just so much non-news out there, it makes the head just ache

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hollywood.. No One Makes Garbage Better

There are times we feel sorry for Hollywood

Not in a genuine way of course but more a 'take pity' kind of sorry

They have to keep creating content to draw people to their movies and are so completely devoid of fresh or new ideas
But the movies have to keep being churned out to to make more n' more money while fewer n' fewer Americans want to go see the garbage they make

Thank heaven for kids, right..    Well, that and the Chinese & third world market

That's why villains today are Caucasian and usually with British accents - can't have terrorists be Arabic or killers be Cantonese..  Wouldn't play well in those markets

Plus most movie funding today is coming from Beijing and Dubai so that'd be like urinating on the hand that feeds you
Right now the vast majority of films made are one of the following:

Prequels, sequels, remakes, or re-dos

The main movie theme popular today being comic book films that any person over 16 should be deeply embarrassed in themselves to get very excited over

Few studios want to green-light something new where audiences do not have a built in familiarity so they'll make the Peanuts movie and Woody Woodpecker for children and X-Men and Wonder Woman
or all the adults who are still children between the ears
Then there's the question for these liberal social-progressive pieces of poo - how to make films to advance their political views and push their world order upon the viewer?

At one time, hey did it subtle..  Now they don't care if they have to hit audiences over the head

One way is by intentionally altering the perception as to what constitutes 'normal' societal behavior
Used to be love relationships were depicted as they should be - male and female of the same race, ethnicity, and/or religion and audiences were happy

Then slowly concepts were introduced into film where the 'couple' had to be as diverse as possible and of course this was pushed as 'beautiful'

So Hollywood pushed other mix/match that in reality are just a cross between horrific and disgusting such as blacks n' whites in love...  Muslims/Christians in love..  Muslims/Jews in love.. Gays/lesbians in love..  A straight (or rather bisexual) falling for a 100% homosexual..  A man falling in love with a sheep.. A woman falling in love with her dog..

OK, they haven't depicted the last two scenarios..  Yet
Now the films just like TV and advertising, are completely saturated with multiculturalism and notice how no one ever complains or expresses how wrong it is..

We don't just mean in real life (they did a good job silencing the already silent majority) but there's never a single character in any film where interracial, homosexual or mixed-faith relationships are depicted who complains on it or expresses its wrong

A film can have the most despicable villain - evil and vile to the core but he/she never has problems with blacks, gays, Muslims or anything seen as social-progressive taboo..

Kill people and molest kids - OK..  Express something anti interracial/bi racial- Nope, no screenwriter dare
For instance we read there will be a Netflix movie coming out in the near future where Adam Sandler and Chris Rock star as parents who see their respective children marry - one being a female Jew, the other a colored male

When asked a few months ago if the issues of racial difference and adjustment to different backgrounds will be touched upon in any way, Sandler expressed naively that audiences didn't care anymore on such things

The focus was just on two nervous fathers dealing with their children getting hitched for the first time..

Um, no..  It still matters and in more ways than secular social progressives want to admit openly
Currently there's a movie out called 'Love, Simon' which is your typical piece of crap teen love triangle and during coming attractions, it is assumed that he's in love with this girl who he happens to see intimate with his black best friend and he's so hurt.. boo hoo

But nope...  That's not really the film at all

Simon is a homosexual who is secretly in love with his black friend and wants to put his penis inside or be entered by..  well you get the picture and is hurt to see his black friend kissing a girl.. 

Of course the color part absolutely does not matter and the little twat teen girl has no problems with anything because she's so 'open minded'
This is the shit Hollywood is making in abundance

Part of it is to try to titillate and stimulate audiences..  Part of it is to push very extreme views so often and constant, they become mainstream

And part of it of course is being completely devoid of ideas

How many love scenarios and triangles can one come up with
Boy meets girl or girl meets boy.. fall in love.. Happy ever after

Boy meets girl or girl meets boy.. fall in love..  break up

Boy meets girl but she (or he) is in love with X or married with kids or has a disease..

So then it becomes.. 'how can we spice this up'?
From that it's 'black boy-white girl' or 'black girl-white boy'

Or 'black boy-white boy' or 'black girl-white girl'

Or 'black boy loves white boy who's in love with another black boy who's secretly in love with a Muslim boy who's being fucked anally by a Jewish boy..'

Isn't that all so exciting and interesting?!
And all the while a generation of deeply naive, ignorant people in their teens accept the new norm indoctrination and when they become adults, they will poison their children's minds and the cycle will continue

Hollywood has done this for over 100 years..

They used to depict everyone in their films smoking and drinking as elegant and classy so for many generations, you had a society where everyone lit up and thought themselves refined by having a glass of alcohol in their hand
Then by the 1960s, they promoted drug use as a cool, funny, positive thing

The late Dennis Hopper once said he was probably responsible for the dramatic increase in cocaine use in the 1970s since his film 'Easy Rider' was the first film to depict snorting coke in a non-negative, acceptable way

So its no different for them to 'sell' interracial and interfaith families as no big deal with no negative biological or cultural consequences

What do they care? 
Every time they produce complete shit with no redeeming value like depicting the killing of other people 'entertaining', their response is 'Well don't watch', knowing full well one person turned off doesn't mean anything to their bottom line

Of course these are the same liberal parasites who pretend they care about the deaths of those kids at that school shooting last month, then keep making film after film full of shoot-ups, but that's a topic for another day..
If you're finding its harder n' harder to find anything good to watch at the movies, it is not you..

While the CGI quality has improved, the stories have not and everything now is tainted with social-political spin, all aiming left; written, directed, produced and starring people at the very bottom of the moral-ethical barrel

But that's always been Hollywood's history hasn't it...