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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Happy Conservative is One Who Does Not Associate With Liberals

Yours truly was on an establishment news site reading about the wildfires sweeping through Malibu, destroying homes, taking lives and causing misery for so many people in California

It made me feel sad to see so many suffer

Then I did a stupid thing - I read the comments section
One fucking liberal asshole after another injecting Trump hate and disrespectful digs wherever they could - from blaming the President for the fires to  imbecile-like statements that if California wasn't a blue state, Trump and the government would do more..

A lot of thoughts just shot into my mind at once about how worthless the left is and how many Democrats deserve a good kick to the butt and to the face for being so politically petty at a time like this

People losing everything in their world including wedding mementos and baby photos; things one can not replace and in some cases their lives and these Fucking liberals want to make it about Trump

Then I thought about Fox News personality Tucker Carlson and how these despicable leftist niggers called Antifa went to his home when he was not there and harassed & terrorized his wife and children

And how Glenn Beck expressed a similar story of he and his family attending a movie in Central Park and how leftist pieces of shit threw wine in his wife's face and bullied them mercilessly until they finally decided it got so dangerous they had to leave

And thought of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family being denied service at a restaurant while the liberal patrons cheered a few months ago

Suddenly the thought of imagining kicking in the teeth of every liberal didn't seem harsh enough
Had to take in some deep breaths so my thoughts didn't go further down the path of the dark side, to paraphrase a once popular children's movie about wars in the stars

Now to the putrid liberal media, they will ignore all this and have the audacity to say the feelings of aggression and violence in people is caused by Trump's rhetoric and take absolutely no blame for being the true instigators

So really the question is 'what to do'?
We as conservatives basically sit in complete powerless silence when a Democrat is President, working daily to destroy everything good about this nation with focused precision

And when we get someone in office who is 'our guy', it still feels like we're impotent because for whatever reason, Trump does not see or wish to publicly acknowledge the threat

Trump simply does Nothing to use law enforcement and other avenues at his legal disposal to Hurt the enemy..   For all his good, he just will not go on the attack and instead tells us lies that we need to come together as a nation
Reminds me of immediately after 9/11 - Every single person responsible for the deaths of Thousands of innocent people in NYC, Washington DC and rural Pa were Muslim; devout believers of that bullshit cult of anti-Christianity, anti Antisemitism and murder called Islam

So what did W Bush do?  Did he go after Muslims in this country or allow us to take it upon ourselves to get revenge for killings which their holy book directs toward 'Infidels'?

Nope.. Extra police were sent to protect heavily Muslim populated areas and he secretly flew the bin Laden family back to Saudi Arabia in safety
W Bush then told us this complete absolute Bullshit that to fight terrorism and to 'win', you go on with your lives as normal; keep shopping and travelling and eating Big Macs an watching porn and whatever else one does in the triviality of their daily lives

It's been over 17 years since 9/11 and terrorism still occurs globally so that wasn't a winning strategy was it?

Liberals are such a danger to this nation and few people see it or believe it because they think today's Democrat is the same as Democrats of past generations which it is not
Take the absolute worst aspects of the 1960s radical liberal, mix in the Marxist-Socialist Communist liberals of the 1930's to 1950's, add the liberal Anarchists of the turn of the 20th century and multiply by 50 and you have the 2018 liberal

And they are like the Terminator - they will not stop...   They Will Not Stop

They will harass, threaten, use violence if need be..
They will hijack and manipulate elections and destroy lives and reputations of innocent people as collateral damage to push their political agendas and because they control establishment news, entertainment and Madison Avenue, anyone who disagrees is powerless to stop them

So what can we do if anything to stop this scourge

First you have to see the enemy for who they are - they may be good friends, co-workers or be great whores in the bedroom but when it comes to politics, by and large they Hate you, think you're backward white trash (why don't people ever say 'black trash'?)
They also believe when you present your point of view, you're only regurgitating Fox News spin when of course they just vomit out what they heard on CNN or MSNBC

Second, you have to make the conscious decision not to be around them or know any liberal for one second more than you absolutely have to, unless you enjoy getting ulcers or surrounding yourself with idiots

As best you can, don't date one or hire one or socialize with one.. Treat liberals like the ideological inferiors that they are and keep them away from you and your family as best you can
Third, when there's an election - Presidential, midterm, primary or just to pick your local dog catcher, you have to get your ass out of your seat, go to your local polling place and Vote! 

No more slacking off - you saw what happened last Tuesday?!

Fourth, in social media like chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, newspaper comment sections, etc when you read someone make a statement that offends your political sensibilities, you need to fight back and attack, attack, attack

Do not let liberal minded people control social media any more than they already do..  Besides, it feels good to viciously vent
So many other things one can do at their own discretion but for now, four is plenty...

We are not one America.. united and strong;  perhaps we once were or perhaps we never were

But in this politically toxic climate started by Bill Clinton, exasperated by W Bush hate, then ignorant white-guilt/shame love for that black bastard Obama and now mentally insane hatred for Trump, we are two Americas forced to live together under the same territorial 'roof'
Will it ever be fixed? 

Doubt it..  Everyone thinks their right and liberals never admit their wrong

Best we can hope for on the side of good is that Trump understands truly who the Enemy of the State is and go after them accordingly

Monday, November 12, 2018

Nationalism Must Always Trump Globalism

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI and many leaders from around the world including Trump went to France to pay tribute to the fallen and to remember

The absolute feces-ridden liberal press, needing to come up with some hook to attack the President on this solemn occasion, decided to latch on to words that French President Macron spoke at the ceremony where he decried nationalism

The media of course took it as an attack on Trump so let's really go beyond the spoon-fed propaganda which they feed to loser liberals on a daily basis
First let's focus on the context of the word as Macron really meant

When he used the term nationalism, he wrongly was implying that was what got the world into war and caused all the death and destruction globally between 1914-1918

Yes it was Serbian nationalism which sparked WWI - the need by secondary backwards Slavic people to not accept their status in the social order which was then the Austria-Hungarian empire,

So a young warped nationalist named Gavrilo Princip, with mindset reminiscent of many Trump-hating liberals in the US today, decided violence was the solution and assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and his wife on June 28, 1914
But nationalism did not bring about war inself..  It was treaties; nations obligated to intervene at other nations' behalf instead of minding their business and letting Austria-Hungary punish Serbia appropriately.

So 40 million soldiers and civilians combined on all sides had to die because countries had to come to the aid of others instead of just embracing true nationalism where one only gets involved militarily if attacked or in their interests, not being dragged in through obligation

Second, let's focus on what those liberal media vermin mean when they support Macron's statements
They have believed for decades in globalism; a one world New Order where nationality like race, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation mean nothing..

Just a global melting pot of shit where every person in the world uses a standard global currency, pays a global tax(es), looks to the UN to solve all world's problems with the US secondary and everyone waves the powder blue and white flag of the United Nations

They want a border-less world where the 'have not' can take from the parts of the world that have (i.e. us) and no one can stop them because we're all one people and one society.

Trump wants the opposite and thank God he's our President and not someone with Macron's mindset
Nationalism is actually a very good thing..   Just think what would have happened during WWI if then President Woodrow Wilson was nationalist, had minded his business and kept his 1916 campaign promise to not involve the US in Europe's war

For one thing 115,000 Americans would not have died in only 9 months of fighting..  We entered the war in 1917 but didn't get involved militarily until early 1918 so 12,777 Americans died per month

During Vietnam which lasted 11 years, a total of 60,000 died which was about half WWI's totals
And of course not fighting in the fields of France for nothing would have meant untold hundreds of thousands of American troops would not have come back with missing limbs and/or reconstructed faces

Wilson got us into the war because bloodsucker American bankers told him they had lent France and Britain so much money that had they lost, the banks would never get paid back

THAT was why we entered WWI.. not bullshit like 'making the world safe for democracy'
So we sent our boys to fight and die and the banks then doubled down on the foreign loans while profiteering off the war back at home

Ultimately after the war, the US was in a recession for a couple years and when all was said and done, only Finland ever fully paid back their debts

The only thing we got out of WWI was the League of Nations that Republicans back in 1919 saw as so dangerous to American sovereignty and independence that we never ratified entry into it

It was a failure and the predecessor of the current waste of time and resources called the United Nations.
Now let's take things a few steps further..

No US involvement meant in all likelihood Germany would have won the war about a year before it did ultimately end sparing countless lives who died in 1918 from perishing

And because Germany of WWI was not Nazi and being the winning side, it would have had political stability, there would have been no Hitler coming into power and thus no Holocaust

England and France were not the 'good guys' in WWI - they were just as rotten and arrogant as Germany but as said before, we were very fearful we'd never get our debts repaid so we sided with them

American Nationalism always needs to Trump the needs of the world and if we are going to be the global policemen, then the nations we protect better start paying their damn fair share
We Hate liberals..  Deep, unwavering Hatred..

Every single belief, value, conviction, worldview..  Everything that makes up the thoughts of the common liberal is 100% Wrong and ultimately dangerous for the nation

Problem few have the courage to directly say as such to their faces and so many do not truly understand how warped their thinking is on social issues, the economy, and global issues
We at A&G are proud Nationalists as Trump defines it

America must come first and any policies we enact must be to the betterment of our people First

Or else its simply not worth doing.

And if Macron doesn't like it, let him sit in a bistro wearing a beret, and eat croissants, drink wine and snort Haw Haw Haw the day away

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Video: How Hillary Became So Corrupt

~ You might have to click video twice to play..

This weekender video is from Dick Morris who used to work for the Clintons as an adviser during their Presidential campaigns of 1992 and 1996 so he knows the two of them better than most

It's from before the 2016 election and he explains just how and why the Clintons, particularly Hillary turned so corrupt and evil over the years especially after the Bill Clinton presidency was over

We thought it interesting and Morris himself expresses at the end, he hoped it would go viral so here it is..

Friday, November 9, 2018

Detailed A's to Simple Q's - 25 words or less

~ Trump and Democrats -  'True Grit' vs Dog shit

Today's post title is what we're going to do..  We're going to ask a lot of relevant Q's about what's going on in America socially, economically & politically, and answer with as much detail as possible in our own uniquely blunt way

Yet for brevity sake and to challenge ourselves, each answer will be no more than 25 words..

Let's see if we can do it. 
And the first question is:

Q:  Why do so many on the left hate Trump so deep?

A:  Trump does not hide that he hates them; Refuses to be phony and simply 'take it' like is political norm

Q:  There must be more to it than that?  Why it is so personal especially with the media?

A:  Media are Democrat operatives; they work in concert.  Also press are elitist and have fragile egos; Used to attacking, not being attacked
Q:  Was Trump right to revoke press pass of CNN's Jim Acosta?

A:  Absolutely.  Put physical altercation aside, his job is to ask questions, not debate/harass President or give personal opinion

Q: With Jeff Sessions gone, what will happen if anything with Mueller probe?

A:  We believe it continues since Trump expressed he would not end it since he thinks he can benefit politically from the farce
Q:  Should Trump be worried about being impeached in 2019?

A: Unless there is new revelations, no.  Oh he will be impeached but as Bill Clinton proved, it means nothing.  Senate will never remove him

Q:  If Trump will never be removed, why bother with impeaching?

A: Democrats are spiteful, malicious little turds who feel their anointment of Hillary as Queen of America was stolen by Trump so they want blood
Q:  Do you see any positives politically in 2019?

A:  We predict an opportunity for Trump to replace Justice Ginsburg; She is weak, old and broke 3 ribs the other day so fingers crossed

Q:  As the mud colored migrant Army of possible illegals continues its march up from Mexico to our border, what do you see happening?

A:  It will be stopped - peaceably or via aggressive force, it will be stopped.
Q:  Why do Democrats support illegals and criminality to such an extent

A:  They want illegals pouring in then giving them the power to vote so it will be Democrat control of everything forever; power over public safety

Q:  What can be done to unite this nation which is so bitterly divided?

A:  Nothing.  Absolutely Nothing because it starts with Democrats apologizing for their childish reaction to Trump winning and showing him respect; Never will happen
Q:  Short of that, can anything be done?

A:  Nope - Hate on the left toward Trump is too deep and irrational, and the hate they provoke in decent Conservatives is growing by the day

Q:  Sorry to belabor the point but if the nation came together after the Civil War, certainly it can ultimately come together in 2018, yes?

A: Are we really 'united'?  Can not display Confederate flag.. Monuments and statues of heroes desecrated..  Blacks and white guilters still want South to howl
Q:  Anything that can be done to curb all the violence and fear and hate, especially what we've seen the last couple weeks?

A:  Nope because media who has the power to curb the panic rhetoric do not wish to; they fan it. Helps boost ratings

Q: What do you wish Trump would do in 2019 now that Dems control the House?

A:  Treat Democrats as the Enemy of the State which they are!  Less rhetoric and more actual governance and executive orders to Hurt them legally
Q:  Do you think Trump is aware of them as a sincere threat?

A:  Nope. Look at history -  When Socialist-Communists want to take over/control a nation, they never stop until they win.. It often gets bloody

Q: Any last words as we head into another weekend

A:  Enjoy life.. Be as Happy & Joyful as one can be and do not let any putrid liberal ruin your day

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Spineless Sessions & Petulant Press

Busy day yesterday in the nation's capital so let's get into it

The big news item was Trump basically firing his Attorney General Jeff Sessions - the only real surprise being it was done now instead of some point in next couple weeks

Our thoughts?  Good riddance to him

Can't remember an Attorney General in our lifetimes more absolutely weak, inept and impotent as Sessions
Who the hell volunteers to recuse himself from a major investigation into whether or not there was collusion between Trump and the Russians mere Days after being sworn in?!

What kind of timid piece of shit can not or will not look into all the scandals and illegalities involving Hillary Clinton and the Democrats from their Russia ties to the fake-phony 'Foundation' set up as a pay to play assuming she took power?

Sessions also did absolutely Nothing to investigate the criminality of a sitting President illegally spying on and wiretapping private citizen and candidate Trump during the election campaign using phony FISA warrants meant normally to look in on non-Americans
Just a worthless weakling and he should have been gone earlier though politically speaking we understand why the President waited until after midterms

Doesn't change the fact that as much as we support Trump, he deserves 100% of the blame for selecting Sessions in the first place..   Absolute bonehead mistake though he fixed it now

So for the next 7 months or so, there will be a temporary acting Attorney General until Trump appoints a new one and this guy will have the power to end this Mueller investigation farce or force it to curtail if desired so that's a good thing

BTW just as a general rule, the more Democrats are upset by something, the more you know it is a positive for us, the good guys n' gals
The other highlight of yesterday was Trump's press conference which he held about an hour before officially demanding Session's resignation

What a disgusting spectacle it was..  Kinda made us wish a lot of people in that room suffered the same fate as that Saudi

Absolutely horrible..  The press, feeling emboldened by the Dems taking the House decided to act like rotten Ritalin-riddled school children and Trump seemed to have to deal with them more as a school teacher then President

We absolutely do not know why this continues!
Seems the President loves to spar with these maggots and can't tell if Press Secretary Sarah Sanders does to or if she's just completely burnt out from these bitches and bastards

One thing we would have done by now is completely eliminate the Q&A sessions forever and instead the Press Secretary provides information via video posted on Facebook, Twitter and rest of social media so anyone can access it if they so wish but it prevents the press from asking questions

There is no Constitutional right or law that says there must be opportunities for the press to have back n forth with the President or his representatives..  Usually its done because the person in power thinks it benefits him

We'd simply end it
Pretty much everyone knows about that liberal fuck Jim Acosta crossing way over the line in terms of disrespect and rudeness and having his press credentials pulled for being physical with a staffer seeking to take away his microphone

But other lowlights of the conference include:

* A black bitch asking a question that essentially blamed Trump for the racial divide in this nation that was so offensively worded, Trump directly called her out for asking a racist question (being liberal scum, she ignored him and tried to shout out a follow up Q)
* Another liberal scum journalist mentioning two Muslim women won Congressional seats including the first one to wear that pathetic (our words) headscarf and wasn't that a repudiation of all Trump stood for..   Trump basically ignored the loser

* A liberal Jewish reporter (he was wearing a skullcap) asking a question mocking Trump for saying at one point he seeks guidance from God by asking smart-assed what policies and/or decisions did God do in the last two years..

* Another liberal asshole reporter asked a question about Trump's rhetoric essentially connecting the deaths of those Jewish people in Pittsburgh last week to the President as if he's at fault.. Ugh!
Pretty much one putrid, disrespectful question after another and Trump seeming to enjoy the sparring for some reason allowed these vermin to ask 86 question in total in about 90 minutes

Some people may wonder why does the press hate Trump so deeply which does beyond ideology or public policy?

It's very simple - he basically called the major players in establishment media over to Trump Tower after the 2016 for a sit-down and told them to their faces they were liars and fake and basically pieces of shit - all truthful statements but still a bit brazen
It's like a very wise person once told us - 'You can call a stupid person just about any synonym of stupid to his/her face and will have no clue what you are talking about, but do not Ever tell a stupid person directly he/she is stupid..  Then you have a mortal enemy'

Guess the President was never told that..

So today in many ways is a microcosm of the next two years up to the 2020 election - everyone particularly Democrats acting like rancid rats with pure black soul evil in their hearts toward Trump and a President who we do not believe still gets how dangerous these entities are to the stability of the nation
It's like expressed in Oliver Stone's film "Nixon":  Washington DC is like a tiger and you have to approach it as such and viciously grab it and contain it or it will scratch, bite and devour its prey

It took Nixon about his entire first term in office to realize this.. 

Hopefully Trump will sincerely get it and deal appropriately much sooner.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Midterms 2018 - A Summary

The midterms have come and gone and like the cartoon says, what have we learned if anything?

1)  Democrats take back the House of Representatives

Liberals will make a big deal of this but it really is not when the sitting President is Republican

They can't push their warped economic Marxist-Socialist agenda because even if it passes in the House, it will be defeated in the Senate and even if by a freak of nature it passes both Houses, Trump would veto and that would be that

The putrid people we as conservatives are forced to live, work and socialize among will be happy but really they achieved little
To give a historical example, back in 1982, the Democrats who back then already controlled the House, expanded their margin during the first midterms of Reagan's presidency

In 1984, Reagan completely Destroyed the Democrat challenger Walter Mondale and his token woman VP selection, winning 49 of 50 states and gained back the House seats lost two years previous

So any liberal moron who thinks this is a stepping stone to taking back the Presidency - well let the stupid people have their dreams
2)  The Senate remains Republican

This one was much more important because it is the Senate who decides Supreme Court confirmations as well as District and Circuit Judges and we believe Trump will have the opportunity to select at least one more person to the Court before the 2020 election

So this one was big

Plus though the final tallies of various states have not come in, it is possible the Republicans could expand their margin making it not such a nail biter if Trump gets to replace that old decrepit bitch Ruth Bader Ginsberg or the super old Steven Breyer (both liberal)
So let's move beyond what one could easily find out on FoxNews and answer the big question:

How is it that Trump with all his successes as President find his party losing the House?

The common answers are that it traditionally happens that the party of the President in power loses seats in the upcoming midterm and there is the anger factor among the Loser liberal population who were determined to middle finger Trump last night

Remember, people vote based on fear and/or anger and most Trump supporters felt neither since he's doing overall a great job
But here's something few to no one talks about..

The reason Trump beat that rancid dyke Hillary was he was able to motivate millions of people who normally do not bother to vote or had never bothered to before, to get off their asses, register then go to the polls in 2016

This was a big reason why all the polling was so screwed up beside their pro-Hillary bias

Every election, only about 50% of all adult US citizens vote and Trump touched a nerve to get many of the ignored excited and hopeful about him and while at the polls they voted the Republican congressional candidates
When they did not bother to go last night because by and large they still do not believe their representatives and local officials care about them, so went the votes many needed to retain their House seats

We expect the Trump loyalists who didn't care about midterms to be excited and galvanized to vote for him and with it, whoever is the Republican on the congressional ballots

In other words, it could may well mean that Republicans take back the House in 2020 in addition to re-electing Trump, but this is a ways off.. 

Gotta live in the present because life is too short to rush 24 months
So one last question on many people's minds - Does this mean Trump will now be impeached?

Um, Yep

We absolutely definitely believe at some point the despicable Democrats will try - people like black tar Maxine Waters and the ignorant Hispanic Communist idiot who got elected in NYC will scream for it

Maybe it will be successful.. Maybe it won't..

It probably will because liberals hate Trump so much, they'd impeach him for his hair if they could
But as we learned with scumbag Bill Clinton, impeachment means absolutely Nothing to anyone without Senate voting to remove which is just another reason why it was so important the GOP keep control

So it will happen we're sure and it will be 100% political and an endless distraction

Ultimately it will mean absolutely nothing because those who hate Trump, will always do so as long he breathes and those loyal to the President will defend him as passionately as the Democrat parasites defended and rallied behind Clinton in the late 1990s
So after months n' months of campaigning and billions upon billions of dollars Wasted on ads which collectively speaking could have been used to feed and shelter the poor, this is what you got

Ain't democracy grand?