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Thursday, January 19, 2017

T-Minus 27 Hours, 54 Minutes.. or 'Trump is Obi Kenobi'

It's a funny thing..  As we look more and more forward to Friday at noontime when Trump is officially sworn in, the more for self-preservation sake we have had to avoid all news just to preserve our sanity and avoid venting in a million directions over the bombardment of vileness from the extreme left..

Wonder if you're trying to cope the same?

Even moderate Democrats who voted Hillary that we know have expressed outward disgust at both how Trump has been treated the past 10 weeks and how intensely some genuinely low-life loser people and groups have plotted and planned to disrupt the swearing in, parade and night time fetes
Some pieces of scum even committed to breaking the law if need be..

We hope and pray nothing happens to Trump but if God-forbid some liberal Democrat piece of shit tries to harm him in a felonious way and succeeds, their fucking worthless party and all their wrong-headed beliefs and values will be in the political wilderness for at least a generation

Even people who think Trump is obnoxious or vile and did not vote for him do not take kindly to mindless animal zealots taking the law into their own hands and committing violence as a means to change the destiny of the nation..
Kind of like the line from Star Wars where Obi Kenobi tells Darth Vader if he strikes him down, he will become more powerful than he can possibly imagine

Trump is Obi and all the evil Democrats along with worthless Republican bastards like that decrepit cadaver John McCain represent evil Darth..

And if any mentally sick evil-doers cross the line from asshole to assassin to try to hurt Trump, they will find themselves, their political causes and their party in a world of hurt

Just think how much Reagan got accomplished in the Spring of 1981 after sicko John Hinkley tried to harm him..  The American people back then would not tolerate anyone obstructing him and so the Democrat controlled Congress became impotent and let everything Reagan proposed pass into law..
Such a tense moment in our history and needlessly so

All the cretinous white-guilt pieces of shit realizing they have no ally in the White House anymore to support them degrading their race, religion and lineage

So many idiotic blacks who think a Trump Presidency means going back to Jim Crow or pre-Emancipation..  Every time we hear one of these militant black fuckheads speak, we just shudder at the thought of so much taxpayers dollars wasted to educate so many ignoramuses

And of course the gays are afraid he will revoke that bullshit law which is gay marriage..  Trump should, but he won't..  Just think about it.. 5 liberal Supreme Court justices decided for 320+ million people that the law of God believed by all faiths is BS..  So we're stuck with the immorality
We have been looking forward to Friday for really the past 18+ months..

Other than a very brief consideration of Jeb Bush at the very beginning until we learned he was just a puffy-faced wimp and conformist whore, we at A&G have supported Trump for the long haul

Along the way we were mocked, ridiculed, snickered & sneered at, pacified, placated, patronized, and outright dismissed by everyone from Hillary loyalists to establishment Republicans

But we believed Trump was the best candidate of them all; the right man for this moment and the Only person who could defeat that wretched, verminous cunt;

It takes a monster to destroy a monster but we look at Trump more like Cookie Monster and Hillary being Godzilla
So to anyone who supported and voted for Trump, we sincerely hope you enjoy Friday because you all like we at A&G deserve the victory party and the opportunity to symbolically at least, middle-finger everyone on the left who never believed this upcoming magical day was possible

America is going to be a divided country for quite a while but honestly, so what!

We happily take a divided nation where every single policy, executive order and PC social engineering mindset of the last 8yrs is tossed into the bonfire vs a happy, united nation continuing all the shit of the last 24 years starting with hillbilly Bill Clinton
Obama campaigned in 2008 on a slogan of 'Change' then never followed through in any beneficial way..  Trump will be a true agent of change and the left is pooping in their Depends over it..

So just hold your noses at them, enjoy their suffering and celebrate Friday with as much passion and joy as you can express

Just 27 hours, 20 minutes left until another black man joins the list of the unemployed

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

T-Minus 1 Day, 23 Hrs or 'Seven Questions to Democrat Loyalists'

Well its down to less than 48 hours before the Inauguration ceremony that will push a really putrid black man out of the White House and put someone into office who actually wants to make America better for Americans..

As the days have been slowly counting down to this eventual moment and we've seen the left act like everything from emotionally retarded imbeciles to deeply immature toddlers, we've been thinking of some questions we'd like to ask these rotten Democrats if given the chance

Maybe if you the reader wish to, you can copy/paste the following Q's and ask yourself..

Question 1:  If given the choice, would you rather have events play out as they have i.e. eight years of Obama followed by Trump or that McCain/Palin won and ran the nation the past eight years (this means no bullshit gay marriage, no Obamacare, etc..) but a Democrat wins in '16 (not Obama or Hillary)?
Question 2:  Putting aside all that bullshit that Russia gave Trump the victory, who do you think was most to blame for your failure as a political party to win -- The Democrats anointing Hillary as their nominee as far back as 2 years ago, discouraging any major candidate from running, the fact she was/is such a deeply corrupt and unlikable person or that her political strategy was to middle-finger working whites while sucking up and pandering to the handout classes?

Question 3: Knowing what you know now that Trump is going to be your President very soon (whether you want to admit it or not), had Russia supposedly "meddled" to help Hillary win, would it have upset or bothered you in any way as you claim it does now?
Question 4:  There have been 3 Congressional elections since Obama took office in 2008 and each time the Democrats lost more and more seats, going from controlling both Houses in '08 to controlling nothing in '16..   Do you blame your boy even a little bit?

Question 5:  Do you have any regrets you backed Obama knowing full well deep down that he was so racially divisive that more people deeply hate & despise blacks today (collectively speaking) than since the 1960s and this nation will in all likelihood because of him not have another black President in many, many generations?
Question 6:  If  Hillary had won and Republicans kept shouting 'Not my President', GOP Congresspeople boycotted the Inauguration & all that nonsense, would you say 'no worries--that's democracy' or would you accuse those people of being hateful sexist and misogynist pigs?

Follow up..  If people acted like this in 2008 would you have laughed it off with a shrug or call those people 'racists' and wanting to destroy them so they were unable to ever find employment and treated like social piranhas?    Don't lie now...
Question 7:  If God-forbid we ever suffer through another 9/11-like attack and Trump's approval ratings spike up to 90% approval like W Bush did at the time, will that make you sick to your stomach?  Or will you rally behind him?  Or will you still mock him as the nation deals with tragedy?

There's probably more things we'd like to ask a Democrat if we could stomach doing so..   You just can not talk to zombies

T-minus 1 day, 23hrs, 4 minutes till Trump is sworn in..

We don't know what the weather will be in your part of the world this coming Friday but we will predict it will be sunny

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

T-Minus 3 days, 10 hours or "Why Do Actors Think They're So (Bleeping) Important?"

Historically speaking, the acting profession has been nothing more than generation upon generation of genuinely stupid people, most possessing nothing more than a high school diploma whose success is wholly dependent upon being able to pretend their someone their not

It is a profession of vagabonds and whores; as far back as medieval times, acting troupes composed of gypsies, thieves, and the emotionally lost would galavant from town to town performing for the illiterate commoners while accepting money on the side to perform sexual favors (men as well as women did this)
Then by the 20th century, the idea was created by studio heads of calling these classless dregs 'stars' to help push interest in what was then at the time silent pictures; a profession of self-centered egotists was born

One actor who was actually very intelligent was Spencer Tracy who for those who may not have heard of him was a very famous actor back in the 1940s through 60's..

What made him so smart as far as we're concerned was his understanding of the role of an actor especially in relations to politics and activism
Tracy once said "Why do actors think they're so God damn important? They're not. Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is."

When your toilet is overflowing with fecal waste upon the floor, who are you going to call.. Meryl Streep?     Well maybe to shove her worthless liberal head into the bowl..

In addition, Tracy once had a most brilliant response when asked why he felt actors should avoid political activism...

"Remember who shot Lincoln"

So true..
Goodness knows there's a lot of complete total Losers in Hollywood that are so mentally sick and sub-human. they would love to be the modern John Wilkes Booth if given the opportunity

Look into Alec Baldwin's disgusting hate filled eyes when that piece of maggot infested dung does his Trump impression on SNL and dare to say you don't see it..

Used to be Hollywood had many conservatives in its rank, especially during the Golden Era..

Did you know James Stewart was Republican?  So was Gary Cooper, John Wayne and Clark Gable..  James Cagney, Bob Hope, Glenn Ford, Cary Grant, Mickey Rooney, Gene Autry and Ginger Rogers as well..
Now in modern day, the industry is chock full of social progressive politically-correct liberal idiots who many believe are empowered with the gift meant to tell "stupid" middle America how to think, act and behave..

And with few exceptions they are all Obama nut-lickers and deeply pathetic Never-Trumpers

So where did the dramatic shift politically come from?

Its origins had to do not with McCarthyism back in the 1950s as most believe but further back when the actors tried to unionize into what is now the Screen Actors Guild back in the 1940s and were met with heavy resistance from studio heads..
This provoked a lot of tension even after the situation was resolved but that along with the blacklisting of actors, writers, etc who allegedly were Communist caused a dramatic shift in the political leanings of the industry though it would take another decade or so to really push out conservative thought..

So once you had liberal actors working with liberal directors on liberal scripts funded by liberal producers all wanting to push their same political group think upon the masses from the 1960s onward, you now have five decades of propaganda coming from that immoral, unethical cesspool
And with the advent of Twitter, even 4th tier nobody nothing pseudo-celebs can make news if their tweet hatred for Trump is cruel enough to attract a pretend journalist's eye who then will turn into a 500 to 1000 word article

The next four years are going to be absolutely wonderful with Trump in office but also truly god-awful as far as the bitching and belly-aching from the wealthy, spoiled, self centered celebrity clique and rest of the Hollywood cabal

But as we keep telling ourselves as a mantra of sorts...  Rather have them be annoying, emotionally retarded bitches and bastards because Trump is in office, then to see them all smiling and happy with a Hillary Presidency..

Monday, January 16, 2017

T-Minus 4+ Days or 'How Trump Can Punish Hollywood Hard'

Well its T-minus 4 days, 7 hrs and 47 minutes until Obama is completely 100% irrelevent..

Oh he may bitch and moan about this or that as he will pretend he still matters but honestly the last former President that actually had any importance out of office was President William Howard Taft when he eventually became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1921 until his passing in 1930.

All the others fade away whether they want to or not..
Of course its so hard if you are a Trump supporter to fully enjoy this because of all the rats in the media and entertainment industry doing all they can to sabotage the Inauguration and continue demeaning Trump..

We didn't even have to watch that shit program SNL to know obnoxious, bloated Alec Baldwin was going to do another terrible impression of Trump because the President-elect tweeted Sunday what an unfunny, vicious show with a talentless cast they are

Some out there probably are as frustrated as we by the continual mocking and degrading of Trump by these liberal elite pieces of trash in Hollywood and wonder what he can do if anything to stop it once in office
We mentioned the other day that there's always the option to at least publicly insinuate that the government would not prosecute those who pirate movies and redistribute them to others for profit and of course secretly directing the head of IRS to audit the most vocal bastards can't hurt..

But there's another legal venue Trump has if he ever wishes to really hurt Hollywood financially and make them heel like a rabid, foam-mouthed mindless animal which politically the industry by and large is.

And that is do to all he can as President to sabotage the interest in China to invest in Hollywood, thus dramatically cutting hundreds of millions if not billions of revenue annually which would cut deep into that profession like locusts in a wheat field

Let us explain..
In 2016, Chinese companies poured record amounts of capital into Hollywood, a trend eagerly embraced by the U.S. film industry.

Among the dealswas Dalian Wanda Group acquiring Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion and Dick Clark Productions for $1 billion, Alibaba made a major investment in Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, and Beijing-based Perfect World Pictures put $500 million into 50 films from Universal.

You didn't think all those films avoid making China the villian and place token Chinese actors in their films out of kindness did you?
But even before Trump takes office, tighter regulatory scrutiny and rising protectionism in the U.S. and China now have the industry questioning whether the deal flow could dry up in 2017, and already, there have been casualties.

Indie film player Voltage Entertainment, producer of The Hurt Locker and Dallas Buyers Club, surprised many in November when plans came to light for a provincial Chinese manufacturing firm, Anhui Xinke New Materials to acquire the Los Angeles-based studio for $350 million.

But within weeks, the firm revealed it was aborting the deal after failing to meet additional documentation requests from local regulators.
The agreement might have squeaked through if it had come a few months earlier as in before Trump won..

In early December, Beijing announced it was monitoring a pattern of "irrational" overseas investments in several sectors, particularly film, real estate and sports.

In an effort to stem capital flight, which was seen as contributing to a devaluation of China's currency, regulators signaled that stricter oversight is on the way.
Chinese officials said they would scrutinize offshore purchases of more than $1 billion if they were outside the investor's "core business" area. Deals well below that threshold already are being reviewed as well.

Here in the U.S., the deals have caught the attention of Congress and Trump.

On Nov. 30, incoming Senate minority leader Democrat Chuck Schumer said in a letter that the takeover of Hollywood companies by China firms should be examined more closely to determine whether they are being orchestrated to serve Chinese government interests.

At the same time, Donald Trump's appointment of hawkish economist Peter Navarro, author of such books as 'Death by China'  to head a new White House National Trade Council inspired Chinese state media to warn of a potential "showdown with the U.S."
So what this all means is twofold:

1)  Trump will have A Lot of say as to the economic growth or stagnation of the entertainment industry which impacts whether studios are forced to layoff workers or close up altogether.. He can kill deals or impose levies, tariffs or taxes on Chinese companies that invest in the sector..

2) In spite of all the bluster from anuses like Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, and the collective reverse MeCarthyism instituted by Hollywood to scare off those who want to support Trump vocally, those ignorant liberal pieces of shit need a President Trump far more than he needs them!
It must be extremely hard for emotionally retarded celebrities along with the disgustingly biased media to accept the fact that all their manipulations and dirty tricks did not influence the election in their favor one iota, making them like Obama very soon, most inconsequential

They can sell trucks, tampons and toothpaste but those rotten actors could not convince the American people that a rotten, lying, corrupt parasitic cunt named Hillary Clinton was who everyone should make Queen

And they still can't figure out why...  Other than to them, all Trump supporters are worthless, inbred. hillbilly hick white-trash racist idiots with guns in their pick-up trucks and flying Confederate flags..
Remember how those actors you watch on TV and film every time you think of spending your money enriching those bastards..

Hollywood and the rest of the loser left is scared..  They should be..

T-Minus 4 days, 7 hrs, 20 minutes until a good man replaces a bad one..

Friday, January 13, 2017

Praise Be! Only One Week Left!

~ Photo of the expensive DC mansion which the Obamas will be living in by next weekend

Normally we're not too excited when it comes to countdowns because they're usually associated with New Years Eve which is like a 'holiday' that lasts a minute or so

But the countdown until the permanent forever end to Obama being President and ever holding any meaningful, decision-making power or having any real significance to anyone on the national or global level now just 7 days away

7 days, 38 minutes, 15 seconds as of this being typed to be precise
It is something that deserves to be celebrated most joyously and not just because a peaceful transference of power is taking place or a very rotten person is being legally kicked out on his bony black ass into the life of a semi-normal person

No ex-President will ever be fully normal since they get 24/7 Secret Service protection until they die and opportunities to make millions on meaningless speeches and book deals, etc..  Things no everyday person gets to enjoy

But for all the power Obama possesses today, in one week give or take a half hour, he will forever have no more of it

As for the incoming President..   Wheww..  smiles~
It is funny..  No one here at A&G is related or connected in any way to Trump and none of us live the lifestyle he's enjoyed so we don't share his social circles, but the last couple months since the election have been so needlessly brutal with so much immaturity and petty bitterness from the left, we've gone into protective mode like one would family or good friend being picked on..

Our concern was until he is officially sworn in, Trump is like a sitting duck where he can be targeted and attacked on all sides politically by the corrupt media, ethically bankrupt Democrat politicians along with disingenuous Republican snakes like Rubio and McCain and of course the trash which is Hollywood left.

So there was a feeling of wanting to help him fight back
But after the press conference Wednesday and how he dealt with that disrespectful bastard reporter representing the Clinton News Network, it all felt so laughably silly that Trump needed assistance from us or anyone else in combating these monsters head on

No wonder the left is so scared of him.. Mmm, goodness

That presser, especially the 30 second exchange between him and the questioner which everyone has seen or heard by now was such an incredible jolt of happiness, joy, relief and excitement

Trump was not going to be like the others..  No phony politeness or appearing weak while the Alpha dogs in the press room try to show the President-elect that their figurative cocks are big and point out all territorial piss-markings from dealing with previous Administrations
Because once again figuratively speaking, Trump unzipped and displayed his member and basically swatted everyone across the cheek and over the head with it before making his own markings over theirs for all to witness

It really was a beautiful and adreneline-inducing thing to behold..  To know after this scrawny Kool Cat leaves in a week, a true fear-inducing Lion with a vociferous roar will be taking his place

When you think from a business perspective about what CNN did the other day as well as their whole biased, spite-filled coverage of Trump, it is sure stupidity
We don't mean the fact that on an average day where no major tragedy is taking place, CNN draws in 1 million viewers compared to about 15 million people who currently follow Trump on his Twitter account..

Rather, we're talking about the Time Warner- AT&T $85 billion merger which needs Presidential approval (Time Warner owns CNN along with HBO which produces the deeply evil 'Real Time w. Bill Maher' and another anti-Republican show starring a thick accented beady-eyed liberal-smug Brit with enormous nose)

Maybe CNN is angry because Trump has already stated he will not approve the deal so they figure, no point in fake civility
Stategically speaking, if we owned the corporation, we would have sent out a directive to curb the Trump attacks and try to cozy up to the Donald until he made a decision either way on the merger deal and then go back to being snakes

Some experts on the deal have pondered whether Time Warner would have to sell off CNN to get the deal approved with a belief that if that's what it would take to appease Trump, they would

Of course we don't see Trump caring who owns that once quality news network as much as the Obama and Hillary loving pieces of shit who run the day to day operations, and political ideologies do not change much in mergers
As an interesting aside, most do not know this but sensationalist website Buzzfeed, the ones who took the lead in the fake news story of Trump's ties to Russia is owned by NBC Universal which is owned by Comcast

The same entity who proudly hired that cunt Megyn Kelly who hates Trump deeply for humiliating her at first GOP debate (which she richly deserved), ultra-left wing MSNBC,  Univision, the Spanish speaking network that purposely over-sensationalized Trump's comments on illegals last year then pulled the plug on airing his Miss USA pageant, and allows Saturday Night Live to continually try to degrade Trump as a human being for cheap, sophomoric laughs
It is going to be a very intense, highly combative 4 to 8 years coming but thankfully Trump is no pussy like Presidents in the past..

Trump is a bully (in a good sense) who will be possessing the bully pulpit,  a man among boys and a long time success in the real world among an emasculated cackle of loud, obnoxious academic hyenas who really are as tough and threatening in Trump's eyes as plump geese

Trump is total teflon.. He may always seem irritated and ready for a fight but deep down, you can tell absolutely nothing bothers or affects him..
7 days, 12 minutes and 4 seconds now..

The light at the end of the tunnel of the last 8yrs is becoming ever so large and bright..

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Optimism with Economic Outlook..

Short post today..

This afternoon, we are going to ignore all the celebrity delusions that they matter in influencing how Americans think about anything beside buying peanut butter as well as block out the militant uppity black-led protests on Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions and other irrelevancies

Instead we're going to focus on a news story from yesterday that probably most did not read or hear about..
According to the National Federation of Independent Business who has kept statistics for decades, optimism among America’s small businesses soared in December by the most since 1980 as expectations about the economy’s prospects (the highest since 2002) improved dramatically in the aftermath of the presidential election.

In layperson words, there has been an amazing uptick in positivity about the outlook for sales, growth & expansion and where businesses believe the economy is headed Specifically because of Trump winning..
Add this fact to most recent Consumer Confidence finding which saw a spike in optimism up to a 13yr high in terms of excitement for their lives and America improving once Trump has an opportunity to get things done, and its pretty obvious why 2 months after the election, so many on the left are so deeply bitter.

Now there's always ups n downs..  Nothing with the economy or the stock market (which rose over 2,000 points specifically because they can't wait for Obama to be gone) ever goes in straight upward or downward trajectory

So we take the economic numbers for what it is..  Employers and employees sick and tired of the last 8 yrs and looking forward to something better from a man whose lifetime expertise is being a success in business.
When businesses feel good about the future, they do more investing in expanding their companies and that means more employment opportunities which translates of course to more money to pay bills and enjoy life which all works together to grow GDP and make the nation a better, happier place to live

Who knows.. maybe even beak-nosed Meryl Streep may benefit by getting more roles in films people Actually want to see which would give her even more millions of dollars than she already has

We wouldn't hold our collective breath that Trump would ultimately receive a 'Thank You' note card if it happened..
There's only another 8-9 days left in that worthless Obama's Presidency then he's just another unemployed bitter black man smoking his Kool's & receiving money from the government (politicians receive pensions)

From there the much needed dismantling of the last 8 years begins as well as focus on a brighter future; something pretty much all everyday Americans will benefit from.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

News in 2017.. Like A Borderless House

When writing yesterday's posting on that ignorant bitch actress Meryl Streep's comments at Sunday's Golden Globes, we here at A&G were a bit miffed more than usual

It really wasn't because of anything Streep said specifically...  She's just another nobody-nothing liberal fool spewing her stupidity among likeminded dimwits who are all far wealthier than the everyday folk they pretend to represent

What bothered us greatly was How we came to find out the ramblings of an over-rated yet critic-darling actress who has only been in one film that has grossed over $45 million in the last 11 years

We didn't watch the Golden Globes.. not one second of it
We didn't get the non-news 'news' headline on Twitter or Fox or CNN or Variety or any other place on Internet you'd expect to read of such tripe

We didn't even find out about this elderly peacock actress and her stupid liberal comments from a political website which would have made a tiny bit of sense only because President-Elect Trump fired back some tweets..

Nope..  We got the info while on a financial news website.

You know.. a place people go if they want to read on stocks/bonds & global markets, job reports, GDP outlook, the overall state of the economy...
Yours truly was forced to read about this Obama ass-kissing & ass-licking beak-nosed liberal sycophant who would have voted Democrat this past election even if Bin Laden had come back from hell to secure the nomination as long as he promised to protect abortion, gay marriage and select progressives to the Supreme Court..

This more than anything is the real problem with news today..  It is just damned impossible to avoid information that is upsetting, irritating or just plain irrelevant to everyday life
When we open the sports pages of a newspaper or go on a sports website, we do not want to see or read Anything to do with politics, elections, social 'justice' protests, social engineering or any of that bullshit!    We just want sports..

And when we go on a weather based website to check out what the temperature is going to be, we don't want to read about global warming or political-environmental issues

And if/when we ever go on a website devoted to latest news concerning movies and television, we absolutely do Not want to see headline after headline of one 4th tier celeb after another shitting on Trump!
Everything in news is too blended together and there are no safe zones..

Think of it like a house with no walls or barriers so the parents bedroom, the kids room and bathroom are all borderless.  Kids can watch their parents do the deed, parents can peek over at kids trying to with themselves and a magazine & the results of the recent visit to the potty can be smelled everywhere

Pretty disgusting, yes?

That's how news and information presention is today and why do many like us feel so much needless tension.
It is not that we go out of our way to seek the trivial opinions of every so-called celebrity or are eager-beaver to read the thick soup of biased Trump hate from practically every establishment media news story and op-ed

Its just there are few to no walls or gates to keep the barbarians at bay

Even Fox News does it and its the only cable news outlet we can stand..

They care more about entertaining and keeping eyeballs glued than covering real news with a true analytical perspective because after all, it is a ratings driven business.
So for them and everyone else, its much more fun to cover an arrogant elderly actress bitch pretending her words carry weight than say what's going on at the Fed and will they raise interest rates or keep them at near zero for another year which affects everyone buying a car, home, or who uses a credit card and pays back with interest..

I had a debate with a colleague yesterday about people in general..

She believed people are just collectively stupid..  always have been and always will, then made points which did make sense

But I disagreed with her..
To me, people on the whole are not stupid..

Rather, they are intentionally and purposefully misinformed and distracted by entities who control the mechanisms to which we get information and how as children we learn to process info..

Call it the 'System' or the 'Man' or the 'Matrix'..  It really does exist

It is not about controlling people to certain points of view as much as molding people to really have no point of view; just a mass of walking-talking contradictions who do not have the time or energy to really understand anything presented in a dull manner.

A distracted, disconnected mass of people is an easily manipulated one
And now we want our information in 140 characters or less, and seek out one-all-be-all sites to click on and get news, weather, sports, entertainment, channel listing and horoscope in one short list of easily scrolled headlines

Meanwhile Democrats think Republicans, especially those in fly-over Red State America are deplorable and backwoods hicks, and Republicans think Democrats are sinfully evil, rotten never-content bastards & bitches..

Few to none really make the effort to know one another and talk about points of view differences..   The liberals have their special websites, the conservatives have theirs and everyone is happy yet bitter..
If you are a Trump supporter like we are at A&G, the next 4 to 8 years are going to be a brutal exercise in news seeking and if you don't have some kind of strategy in place to get the information you seek from sites and sources you trust without being bombarded with bias n' bullshit, you're going to find yourself dealing with A Lot of tummy aches..

But the one silver lining in all this and it is a big one...   Just imagine all the sickness to be experienced had that rancid parasite Hillary won

So if stupid speeches and tweets from twits is what we must all deal with in order to have a President who actually wants to make America a better place for us all, then we guess, so be it..