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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dealing with a Pres-Elect Trump.. Right Way v The Wrong Way

~ Leonardo DiCaprio met with Trump yesterday for a talk on the environment.. An example of the right way to deal with the President-Elect..

When it comes to how liberals are handling the election loss and a new (brighter, in our opinion) future with a President Trump, there are basically two kinds

Those who handle it maturely and those who do not

A great example of those who can not handle reality is the entire cast and crew of once-funny Saturday Night Live who are so over-the-top vicious, that they forgot they are in the making people laugh business, not being multicultural smug Millennial assholes
Most people, especially normal everyday working people who voted Hillary still dislike or hate the Donald but they've moved on with their lives..

They're focused on earning a living, getting ready for the Christmas season and overall take a very responsible outlook similar to that of Shaquille O'Neal, the NBA great who expressed that while he didn't vote for Trump, he deserves to be given a chance to bring people together and lead

In spite of all the stupid snowflakes and other losers receiving paychecks from self-hating Jewish born Hungarian billionaire George Soros (his birth name was Schwartz but his father who was full of shame and hate, changed it to Christian-sounding 'Soros') who you see demonstrating and yelling 'NeverTrump',  understand these people are the fringe

They have and always will be the political and social outcasts and who do not represent the vast majority of people even in their own party
Celebrities have shown themselves to be among the lowest bottom-of-the-barrel entities when dealing with a post-Obama world

Madonna among others have openly expressed shame at being American...

This being the same um 'classy' dame that promised giving blowjobs to any man who could prove he voted Hillary and then like the elderly cocktease that she is, rescinded the offer, and whose son was recently arrested for drug possession

Maybe Madonna and those of her classless ilk should focus more on entertaining, being good citizens and parents and keeping a modicum of dignity intact
Lada GaGa was among the most offensive, disgusting celebs during the election in terms of her anti-Trump bile..  

Recently she has revealed she was dealing with long term PTSD issues which would explain why she has said and done so many things demonstrating that of a mentally sick person

Biased filmmaker Michael Moore in a desperate attempt to stay relevant recently demanded that Democrats to everything possible to obstruct and block Trump no matter how big or small and was hoping to state some kind of protest during Inauguration..

This fat, ugly man seems to think he is of the common person even though he is really part of the 1%
By definition, 1% means having a household income over $593,000 and/or a net worth over $1 million

Moore has a net worth of over $50 million..  His three biggest documentaries have raked in over $300 million at the box office and Moore cleared over $20 million off the super-biased anti W. Bush Fahrenheit 911 alone.

Under his current distribution deal with Miramax, Moore is entitled to 27% of all his film's revenues. He also receives generous 7 figure advances for his book deals.

In addition he owns two mansions..

Hmm.. does not sound like a man in touch with the lives of common people, does it?  And yet enough liberal idiots buy up the lie figuratively and literally, making this political huckster even wealthier
So how should celebrities handle Trump?

Basically one of two ways..

1) Either keep their rotten negative opinions and mean remarks to themselves, stop alienating their audiences and focus energies on being the best actors, directors, singers, dancers or whatever it is they do for a living

2)  Try to engage President Trump in a polite, civil way on issues that the celebrity cares about
Leonardo DiCaprio is an excellent example..

We are 100% positive he like 99.9% of Hollywood voted Hillary and yet rather than post election calling Trump every vicious, despicable name in the book like some petulant child, he actually set up a meeting to talk to the President elect directly..

Yesterday DiCaprio and the head of his foundation actually went to Trump Tower met with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss how jobs centered on preserving the environment can boost the economy.
In a statement to The Associated Press, the CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, confirmed the meeting at Trump Tower in New York City. The pair gave a presentation to Trump, daughter Ivanka, and other members of Trump's team on how focusing on renewable, clean energy could create millions of jobs.

The meeting with Trump's team lasted for about 90 minutes. The actor also gave the president-elect a copy of the documentary, and Trump promised to watch it and suggested they meet again next month, according to a person who was familiar with the meeting but not authorized to speak publicly.

And that is how democracy is supposed to work
Perhaps Trump will ultimately hold no interest in DiCaprio's pitch or maybe there's elements the future President will like and embrace

But had DiCaprio been like those idiots that tweet and scream 'not my President' and other pathetic rantings, we sincerely doubt he would have been allowed through the front door, much less get a face to face meeting
People who disagree with Trump and have concern for his policies and/or don't like him as a person have every right to feel as they do

Its just there's a right way and a wrong way to go about it

Most know the difference..

The Soros-paid lackeys and worthless college student snowflakes who express so much anger while most likely never bothering to vote and who sadly represent our future, by and large are clueless

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A New World Order is Coming.. One for the Better

Every Presidential election, candidates for both parties overhype it as basically 'the most important ever' in order to motivate people to care since for a good segment of the population, it takes fear and/or anger to get people to the voting booth..

And honestly, most elections it is really bull-poo..

Sure candidates have different ideas for doing things but time and time again when you peel back the veneer, you see both sides working for the same people pulling the strings in the shadows

But this election really was different because not since Reagan successfully freeing the hostages in Iran in early 1980 have we've never seen a President-elect have this much influence and sway not only domestically but impacting the globe.
At home, the TPP deal is dead because of Trump (Yay!), Mexico announced last month it would work with Trump to renegotatiate NAFTA (Yay!), corporations like Carrier and Ford are scared of the potential 35% tariff on imported goods so they're staying in the US (Yay!) and a Federal judge knocked down an Obama appeal on his healthcare dream connecting it to Trump's win (Yay!)

In addition all of Trump's Cabinet nominees should be approved barring a serious scandal since filibuster rules that used to be in place to stall and prevent controversial appointments from approval is now gone thanks to Dems themselves weaking the rules 3yrs ago to get Obama appointees through
On the global front, finally for the first time since the Soviet Union became Russia, they and we may actually be Sincere allies and not pretend at best and completely-needlessly adversarial at worst as demonstrated by Obama

The Cold War was not fun, especially for those in Europe who lived through it so why in the world our policy the past 8 years and including at the time candidate Hillary's rhetoric was to intentionally agitate Putin (over Ukraine and Syria of all places.. ugh!) is beyond logic or common sense

The US and Russia have a lot of common interests and common enemies.. the two nations should be having a very cordial relationship..  We guess Obama was too busy playing golf to realize this
In Western Europe, Trump has already played a major influence as well

In France, Francois Hollande stepped down as leader and appointed a replacement until new elections were held.   The mood of the French people is they are Sick and Tired of Muslim immigrants, just like most in the US are so perhaps a populist leader (populism is not a bad thing..) will be elected who will dramatically improve US-French relations..

In Italy, their Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, another Obama ally on the globalist front got trounced in elections held the other day over his constitutional reforms package and after the embarrassment, has said he would resign

Once again, the people have spoken
In Germany, the absolutely Horrible bitch Andrew Merkel, responsible for letting in over 800,000 Syrian refugees as well as evil Muslims from all around the world to contaminate her country seems to be changing her tune...

Maybe she's finally waken up to the reality these people are filth, they do not seek to assimilate and have caused widespread crime including massive numbers of sexual assaults of German women.. Eighty German women were raped by Muslims in Cologne this past New Years' Eve alone..

Now whether because she sees the new tide coming of a Trump presidency or she's scared of being tossed out with the new anti-Globalist and anti-Muslim immigrant tide,  the chunky face woman is doing an about face
In what the local press has dubbed an "astonishing U-turn", during a 77 minute speech by Angela Merkel yesterday, interrupted by minutes of standing ovations, the German chancellor pledged to strengthen the forces of law and order, to speed up the deportation process of failed asylum seekers. and a pledge to ban the burka saying "show your face. 

Merkel said to loud applause that the full covering is not permissible and should be banned wherever it is legally possible and that German law “takes precedence” over the Islamic code of Sharia

We do not believe for a moment that this alteration in policy is based on some eureka moment of clarity..   

It is political expediency at home and a re-positioning of Germany in terms of how they and the US will be dealing with each other in the coming 4 to 8 years..
When it comes to US-Israel relations, expect a long lasting friendship and strategic alliance to continue after an 8 year interruption due to a President who is secretly Muslim and wanted to be friends with Iran 

Trust us.. None of these changes would be occurring if Hillary won because the status quo of rotten Obamaism would have been entrenched

BTW, as an aside, did you know that black bastard and his worthless family racked up $85 million in travel expenses over the past 8 years according to the Washington Examiner..
Last year when the Oreo family visited Hawaii for Christmas, it cost taxpayers $5 million..

And guess where he, monkey-faced wife and the pot-smoking daughters plan on spending his final Christmas this year?   Yep..

And that would boost up the cost to $90 million which would pay the salaries of 2,250 Federal employees for one year at $40k each had Obama cared more about job creation than himself and his family..
It was also very nice to see Taiwan finally acknowledged by Trump even though it was not necessarily official recognition.   

They've been a nation since 1979 yet one US President after another has been so fearful of upsetting China, that we've done the same bullshit that many backward Middle East nations do to Israel..  To not recognize what is reality..   Their existence

So quite a lot has happened in just less than a month..  
In geology terms, the political global 'techtonic plates' are beginning to dramatically shift..

The US and world at large is saying nation by nation at the ballot box how much they hate Obama, his policies and everything the piece of shit stands for which their leaders embraced 

The political left at home and abroad are very scared..

They should be..

Their globalist and PC social-engineering dream world is about to end

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Collective Control of Words and the Power of Individualism

Over the weekend we caught a news blurb that an anesthesiologist was fired from the hospital she worked at because she tweeted to friends and followers that Michelle Obama had a monkey face

Yes..  she lost her job over that..

Also over the weekend, those pieces of vermin at Saturday Night Live with more urban attitude than brains continually mocked President Elect Trump's looks, voice, dignity and humanity.. all for a cheap laugh

The scum who over the last two years have turned a once enjoyable, funny show into 'In Living Color' got rewarded by keeping their jobs and having the opportunity to continue next week degrading the future leader of the free world
Earlier last week, a CNN producer was caught on-camera joking about wishing Trump's plane would crash..

She didn't lose her job..   She got 'disciplined'

Whenever we think of employers disciplining employees for actions that really they support, there's a baseball related story that connects..
The specific names I do not recall but I remember hearing a former ballplayer tell of how years prior, he had cursed out members of the media including female journalists, and used a lot of choice words to express his anger..

Management could not publicly tolerate such behavior so the GM later stated that the matter would be handled internally and the player would be disciplined..

So the GM called the player into his office in a public way so the media could see something was done about the situation, then according to the player, spent 15 minutes mainly talking small talk about this n' that while occasionally 'yelling' for dramatic effect..

The meeting ended with a $10 'fine' and was instructed to leave his office looking pissed off..
So whenever we hear someone working for an anti-Trump media outlet being 'disciplined' for exceeding the boundaries of taste and decorum regarding Trump, we think to that story..

Of course if the same people called Obama a mulatto or Oreo cookie among other more accurate words, then he/she would be fired as quick as the anesthesiologist did..

That's a big reason why we at A&G are so blunt and use words that sometimes shock or offend but really are not a part of our normal day to day conversation..

We do not believe in people controlling others, especially when it comes to words because after all, they are merely that..  Sticks 'n stones break bones but..     Remember that one?
All that matters in life are actions..

Anyone who does anything overtly or covertly to impede the forward progress and pursuit of happiness of others needs to be dealt with quickly and harshly because that goes against the very tenets of what our nation was built upon

Words that hurt or offend?

Sorry but a person must learn to deal with it.. or ignore it.. or know how to give back in kind..
No one likes to be called names but admittedly it does toughen a person up so they can function and succeed in life in spite of it rather than the current generation of pathetic snowflakes who want to Big Brother all words expressed which may hurt someone then hide in coloring books

But in a free society, no person or group has exclusive control of any word, term or phrase.. ever..

For instance, the word 'nigger' is not something any of us here at A&G say or have any desire to BUT we say it here because we will never tolerate blacks along with white-shame liberals claiming the word is exclusively theirs

Um.. Nope..  

What is good for goose, is good for gander..   Offensive to all or offensive to none..
Its like everything else in the black community...  A complete refusal to look inward and publicly criticize their own to show the world their inadequacies and failures..

Every time someone black and in the public eye tries to shine a mirror, the rest of the pack of animals go for the kill..

For instance take Bill Cosby..

Want to know what really destroyed his reputation and silenced him forever as a voice of the black people?   It wasn't the drugging and raping of women per se..
It was a black asshole comedian who was angry that Cosby kept criticizing his community for not studying enough and putting too much focus on basketball, handouts, etc..

So his retort through his monologue was to say 'Hey, stop picking on your black brothers and sisters when you have faults of your own'

And because the media which is so left-leaning and white-shame, you just want to vomit, saw the allegations as the perfect way to go on the attack, they shut Cosby up on other more important issues..

And it worked..
The blacks continue as a group to be economic and academic failures with high rates of functional illiteracy, drug and alcohol addition, imprisonment, unwanted pregnancies, raising children without fathers, etc..

But hey, they got exclusive control of 'nigger' as well as taking down that mean ol' Confederate battle flag..   So things have Got to be better, right?

Everything is a double standard where the worthless political left is concerned..
Burn the US flag while protesting Trump and one is just exercising their Constitutional right to free speech and expression

Burn the same flag protesting Obama and you're a 'racist'..

Had evil Hillary won and people burnt flags in protest, then they'd be 'sexist'

Burn the US flag with colors of the rainbow instead of normal red, white n' blue, and now you're homophobic
Somehow, conveniently to the left, you lost your First Amendment privileges in those cases

The left pushes 'tolerance' and 'coexistence'...  Black and white and brown and all the religions and ethnicities of the world coming together in love and harmony with flowers in their hair, dancing in a big circle around a campfire..

But political diversity.. Or people who think they're wrong..  

Think that is 'tolerated'?   Ha!
America was once a great nation (we will be again soon) and we were at our very best when we looked at ourselves as individuals and not groups; when we followed our own unique life paths and not tried to fit and mold our ideas, beliefs, looks or attitudes to others

Every so often the social progressive left gains power and tries to kill individualism, but it just can never fully do so because the spirit of One is stronger than the coersion of Groupthink

You were born an individual and will die individually..

Might as well live your life as one..

Friday, December 2, 2016

Analysis of What Obama's 'legacy' Really Is..

When you want to look at the economy under Obama the past 8 years vs the exciting promise of where the economy could go under Trump, two very recent statistics are as good a statement as any:

Last month, the US added 571,000 jobs in the service industry i.e. servers, bartenders, busboys, etc. while losing 17,000 manufacturing jobs

And yesterday Trump was able to persuade Carrier to Keep 1,000 good paying jobs in the US instead of moving the company to Mexico as was originally intended
Service industry workers mostly survive on tips because the base wage is either nothing, or next to..

Real jobs like the ones Trump worked to keep are the ones that allow people to make their mortgage payments on time and keep the lights on

You will see and hear a lot in the coming few weeks about Obama's "legacy" and the more leftist-loyalist the media outlet, the more they will gush on him
But here's the truth:

The only 'legacy' Obama has is that he was the first black President and we honestly believe the Last black President this nation will see in many, many decades, if ever

As we said before, just because something is a 'First', does not mean the floodgates open afterward..

JFK was the first Catholic President.    He died 54 years ago..    We've had 10 Presidents since..

How many Catholic Presidents have we had since?

Everything about the Obama Presidency is bullshit and that statement is based on objectivity, not our personal dislike for him

We will try to summarize the last 8 years as succinctly and bluntly as possible..

Back in 2008, Obama won because of the perfect storm of a collapsing economy, sincere fear by the populace, a deep hatred of W Bush and anyone even associated with him, and an incompetent cadaver of a Republican candidate who was afraid to go after Obama roughly for fear of being called 'racist'

How else could a man with less than 2 years experience as a US Senator, who never ran so much as a lemonade stand much less possess real business experience win the highest office in the land
So after receiving what seemed like 99.9999% of the black vote and an ample abundance of ballot-charity from simple minded white-guilters, he won and everyone could say 'Finally.. No one can say we're racist anymore!'


Then the very next day, he fires the economic team that provided him the populist message people loved and replaced them with Wall Street scum who proceeded even before he was inaugurated to bailout Citibank and others for tens of billions of dollars..
Later he force-fed Obamacare on the American people which is simply a communist-socialist 'take from those who work and give to those who don't' scheme and doubly punished those who did not want to be forced to participate

Health insurance basically turned into car insurance

Another of his campaign pledges was to not let the Bush tax cuts become permanent..  Of course, he did let them continue indefinitely..

He will try to take credit for a growing stock market which is like a thermometer that goes up yet is not actually reading the temperature of the room
Four-plus Trillion in Federal Reserve injections and 0% interest for banks and corporations to borrow while the Fed pays Them interest at 0.25% to hold it, would have a lot to do with a stock market that more than doubled along with the National Debt

Obama?  Ehh.. He was too busy playing a white man's sport (golf) while pretending to be black to get involved in silly things like actually rolling his sleeves up and working on fixing things

So economically he did nothing..
As for social issues and race relations, ugh!

Blacks have not felt so empowered, arrogant and Uppity toward whites since Reconstruction and for those who do not know their history, Caucasians were so pissed off that by the time Reconstruction ended, it brought about Jim Crow not only in the South but all of the nation

Of course few to none back then pandered to them (other than abolitionists and Radical Republicans of the day)..  Now white-guilt is an epidemic like polio but without a vaccine

Blacks as individuals are good people like individuals of all races, ethnicities, etc..

As a group in social-political terms, blacks are absolutely Disgusting, and the mulatto President played upon their emotional inadequacies and fragile egos quite well which of course emboldened them to be so incorrigible
In foreign affairs, US-Russian relations were more toxic then any time since the mid 1980s when Reagan and Gorbachev first met, and quite needlessly so

Not only did nothing get accomplished in terms of Middle East peace, but Obama did everything he could to antagonize and sabotage our biggest ally in the region, Israel including a very favorable deal with Iran where we let them enrich uranium and pay them for it

The rest of the region is a complete mess and Obama's policies led to the birth of ISIS

We could go on and on but we promised analysis that was concise and it is Friday so..
When people look back with an objective eye, they will see Obama as among the worst Presidents in US History; a man completely undeserving of holding the office but taking full advantage of being black in an era of race-pandering, white-shame and politically correct totalitarianism

And if one really wonders how Trump could have gotten elected when admittedly he is at times a bit coarse, well honestly if he ran at any other time in history, he would not have....

Understand this clearly -- Obama and all the liberal-progressive scum who tried to social-engineer the nation ultimately created President-elect Trump

It is because real Americans i.e. the silent Majority who aren't celebrities, elitist intellectuals and the super-rich suffered greatly the past 8 years and deeply Hate Obama..  as they absolutely should

So Trump was the perfect antithesis

And goodness is Trump needed more than ever!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Last TV Show To Depict Blacks and Black Lives Honestly

Today's posting is a follow up to yesterday's topic about the completely distorted representation of blacks on TV, and No, our argument is not about more or less..

Its about being more honest and accurate

TV with very few exceptions is absolute garbage; mere escapism where you can turn it on and relax your mind after a hard day of work, taking care of the kids or whatever is going on it people's lives
It does not portray the lives of white people with any honesty (heaven forbid it ever depict a Conservative as something other than racist or Bible-thumper) so it sure as shit is not going to depict minorities and other sexual or social fringe groups with any sincerity, much less delve into what their real everyday life experiences are like..

The following post we wrote a couple years back and still has relevance and is important to understand since nothing on TV has changed or seemingly ever will..

Some may wish to challenge the following assertion but its nonetheless 100% true:

There has not been a television show of genuine quality depicting what life is really like for black Americans in which blacks are primarily cast since the mid 1970's..

That is now 40 years and counting..

The show:  'Good Times'
~ "Sugar Shack" painting shown in closing credits..

Anyone who wants to argue 'The Cosby Show'..  Sorry but..  No.

It was Highly unrealistic then as it is now to find a black family where the husband is a successful doctor in private practice while his wife is a successful trial attorney who magically find ample time and energy to dote on their 100% perfectly adjusted, sugar-sweet children in a TV 'world' without any pressures beyond periphery concerns.

Cosby originally proposed that the couple should both have blue-collar jobs, with the father a limousine driver, who owned his own car, and the mother an electrician but it was his wife Camille who is also his business manager who insisted the unrealistic occupation premise used in the series.
~ Five kids and not a financial care in the world...

And from a dollars and sense perspective, she was right..

The show was a massive hit and made the Coz and NBC boatloads of delicious yummy money while portraying a very safe, sanitized and as stated before, unrealistic depiction of the average black family in the 1980s under Reagan.

Now since then there's been a couple comedies here and there depicting black families on TV..    For instance 'Family Matters' was a very popular show on ABC in the early 1990's
Of course in truth, it wasn't because of dealing with any family situations that mattered..

The success was due to an adorably sweet, intelligent, and occasionally klutzy character who started just as a minor character in one episode and due to popular response, blossomed into the show's star focus.. The first ever black nerd depicted on TV..


The absolutely antithesis of a threatening black.. a pre-Obama
~ Notice how Urkel is portrayed in this ad poster with the rest of the cast as small as little squibs..

There's also been a ton of Tyler Perry themed TV shows that really few to no one ever watches and as most shows, falls into the trap of needing to show upward economic mobility to present alternate reality.

There are black shows on currently like 'Blackish' and as par the course, all the blacks doing well on the socio-economic ladder and not a single problem or concern that most blacks deal with

Advertisers prefer this 'world' of black affluence depicted..

Now back to 'Good Times', the last show of quality depicting blacks as they sincerely were living at the time..   The show went on the air in 1974 and lasted until 1979 when it had jumped the shark as the saying goes...
It was produced by Norman Lear, one of the most important people in the history of television who went on to produce 'All in the Family', 'The Jeffersons', 'Maude' which 'Good Times' was spun off from, (and Maude was spun off of All in the Family) and others..

The premise:  Florida and James Evans and their three children live in a rented project apartment in a housing project in a poor, black neighborhood in inner-city Chicago.  and have 3 kids: James Jr., also known as "J.J.", Thelma, and Michael.

The show dealt with day to day realistic struggles for a loving two-parent black family to make it amid their poverty conditions and a bleak recession going on at the time while ultimately turned to malaise when President Carter replaced Ford in 1977.
James usually works at least two jobs simultaneously, from a wide variety such as dishwasher, construction laborer, etc. When he has to, he plays pool in order to hustle money, though Florida disapproves.. He is a man of pride who often states he will not accept charity.    Florida worked as well..

The show was sometimes gritty.. sometimes unflinching.. but it tackled real problems and issues with humor and truth.

And then by Season 2, like pretty much all TV shows, it got stupid and all thanks to the character of J.J. and his then-famous catchphrase "Dyno-Mite!!" which overshadowed the show's original intent and why the two adult leads signed on in the first place.
In a 1975 interview with 'Ebony', actress Ester Rolle who played 'Florida' expressed her annoyance with the character of 'J.J'.:

"He's 18 and he doesn't work.  He can't read or write.  He doesn't think. The show didn't start out to be that...

Little by little—with the help of the artist comedian Jimmie Walker who played J.J.), I suppose, because they couldn't do that to me—they have made J.J. more stupid and enlarged the role. Negative images have been slipped in on us through the character of the oldest child."
Yep..  that's how they do it..

Even Homer Simpson wasn't the complete insipid moron in season 1 of the Simpsons as he has been portrayed since.  He had basic intelligence but just wasn't respected by Bart so when the son sassed him, he took control and told Bart to "Shut up, boy!" or 'strangled' him, making the son show more respect to his Dad.

By Season 2 onwards, Homer is depicted as a total imbecile with an IQ of 10 who reverts emotionally into a 7 year old

But we digress..

As actor John Amos who played 'James' also expressed it:   "The writers would prefer to put a chicken hat on J.J. and have him prance around saying "DY-NO-MITE", and that way they could waste a few minutes and not have to write meaningful dialogue"

The chicken hat reference is to 'Chicken George' the character played by Ben Vereen who was a slave (and eventually freed) in the 70's ground-breaking mini-series 'Roots'
So the show devolved by season 3 into weekly plot lines concerning J.J. and excuses to hear that shitty catchphrase.  Ultimately Amos fought with scriptwriters and the producers enough that they let him go and killed off 'James' making 'Florida' now a single mother..

By the end of season four, Rolle got sick of the show too and was allowed to leave making it this contrived plot that now the neighbor pops in to check on the kids.  The shows got sillier and sillier and ratings dropped massively..
In desperation for season six (the final season) the producers wooed Rolle back with better salary and higher quality scripts that she demanded be more realistic and less stereotypical toward blacks,

Notice she never demanded the family suddenly win the lottery, be super-wealthy, everyone suddenly become judges and doctors, & live, act and dress like whites..  She wanted be a part of something positive but also Realistic

Rolle also wanted producers to make the character of J. J. more responsible, as she felt the character was a poor role model for black youths.

Nonetheless, ratings stayed flat and by 1979, that was that..
~ Toward the end of 'Good Times' run, the character of 'Bookman' was introduced as a cheap device to get harmless laughs off his weight and laziness 

Forty years since 'Good Times' aired and really nothing of quality and substance about the black experience in America that is even remotely truthful.

And the commercials with black representation that you see interrupting your favorite shows?   If blacks are not only depicted as affluent but with beautiful white wives and happy-bubbly mixed race nappy-haired children which is quite disgusting

No black man with genuine pride in their heritage, who finds black to be beautiful and loves their history and culture co-mingles sexually with whites and creates mulatto offspring..  Only horny animals and losers with no self-esteem who need a 'trophy', seek out or succumb to white women
Anyways, here's a brief example of the sincerity of 'Good Times' and how it dealt with issues of the day (some with resonance in the present as well)

The other day I was flipping channels and 'Good Times' was on the local UHF station..  In the scene I watched, Florida was at her primary doctor's office.. a black female in her early 30s

And there was an argument between the two:  The doctor was tired of having her practice in the poor neighborhood of Chicago where she was constantly dealing with break-ins to steal prescription drugs kept and mentioned she had to close her practice daily at 4p just to ensure she could get home without being mugged..
It wasn't said openly but the black female doctor who worked herself to be successful as an individual was tired of treating poor blacks in a community where she felt her life was constantly under threat

Florida empathized but pleaded for her to keep her practice open for there were few to no other options for her and those like her to go when someone was ill and need of medical attention..

The argument lasted a few minutes and in the script, Flo had the last word, but the scene was extremely well done..  Both sides' perspectives were presented honestly and without political-correct hesitancy of offending..
The doctor made it clear at one point she didn't put herself through medical school and incur student debt which she was struggling to repay and to be making next to nothing in her practice while constantly feeling at danger of physical threat from her kind..

Show me another TV show where you find two characters, black or white who speak so candid and address real problems, in this case med-flight to safer areas which cause the poor to suffer even more...

The biggest dilemma ever faced on the Cosby Show was which black university sweatshirt or bright-loud sweater was he going to wear while doing his goofy gibberish noises.
You will never ever find this honesty anywhere else..  Certainly not mainstream news..

What do they care?

To TV networks, every black person is merely a dollar sign to suck as much time and money out of via the watching of the shows and commercials and using their patronage to keep ratings up enough to justify charging the advertisers what they do..

Just like every other demographic
~ 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air'..  The eldest male was a judge.. and had a butler..  The kids went to exclusive private schools and young black viewers in particular just ate it up..

There's an ole' medical adage..  'When there's an illness needing treatment, no one ever gets better taking the placebo vs the medication'

And as long as people are content seeing themselves depicted in ways they never ever will be,  there never will be any chance of self-motivating people out of the complacency of where they currently are.