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Friday, April 21, 2017

Celebrities Who Sexually Harassed or Assaulted Others & Career Never Suffered

We're still pretty pissed that Bill O'Reilly was let go from Fox News for really if you believe the allegations were really nothing other than lewd locker room-like comments

While its good that Fox News was forced to pay out $25 million to send O'Reilly on his way, it still was very unjust what happened to him especially compared to other famous people's wrong doings and how they really never suffered in any way career-wise

So we compiled a list of just some in the entertainment world:
Marv Albert - The famous sports broadcaster was charged with forcible sodomy and assault and battery in 1997. One of his many fetishes was literally biting his female partners during sex..  He pled guilty to the assault charge and was given a 12-month suspended sentence.

He is currently lead announcer for NBA games on TNT
Sean Penn - Back in June of 1987, Madonna went to the hospital after Sean Penn apparently hit her across the head with a baseball bat.

A year and a half later, in December 1988, they allegedly got into a pretty serious brawl where according to a police report filed by Madonna, she tried to leave the house and Penn wouldn't let her.

He bound her hands with a cord from a lamp. She tried to run away and Penn chased her into the living room and tied her to a chair. He then threatened to shave her head. He went to the store to buy more alcohol, leaving Madonna tied to the chair and gagged.
Penn came back hours later and untied her after she agreed to perform sexual acts on him. She managed to escape after that and drove to the nearest police station. The whole ordeal lasted nine hours.

Hollywood rewarded Penn years later with 2 Academy Awards
Rob Lowe - In 1988 while at a hotel during the Democratic National Convention he was accused of having sex with two young women, one of them underage which he filmed.

The mother of the 16-year-old girl in the tape sued Lowe, who settled the case out of court.

Lowe is still a busy working actor, mostly now on TV where he acts in and produces his shows
John Travolta -  Expanding on what we mentioned yesterday,  a federal lawsuit was filed in 2012 accusing Travolta of sexual assault and battery on two male massage therapists.

The first masseuse alleged that Travolta repeatedly groped him and masturbated himself during the session. The second masseuse also accused Travolta of sexual assault during his massage.

Ultimately this was settled out of court with a nice payout

Travolta still works in Hollywood with no disruption to his career
Michael Fassbender -  The star of many popular films including Prometheus and Assassin's Creed was accused in 2010 of dragging then-girlfriend Sunawin Leasi Andrews alongside their car, resulting in a swollen ankle, burst ovarian cyst, blown-out kneecap and a broken nose.

Fassbender is still a hot commodity in Hollywood
Casey Affleck -   Expanding upon what we wrote yesterday, the half brother of Ben Affleck was sued back in 2010 in two separate matters by two different women for sexual harassment, among other things.

Producer Amanda White sued Affleck for damages in excess of $2 million and cinematographer Magdalena Gorka sued Affleck for damages in excess of $2.25 million, alleging that Affleck verbally and physically harassed them while making the film “I’m Still Here.”

Affleck settled with both women out of court for undisclosed amounts.

Hollywood rewarded Affleck the Best Actor award at this year's Oscars..
David Letterman -  Most people know by know that the liberal piece of shit former late night talk show host had a long on-going affair with one of his staffers while married..

But not everyone who worked with him and knew of it thought it was so 'cool'

One female staffer wrote for the Vanity Fair website at the time telling her experience working for him.

“Did Dave hit on me? No.  Did he pay me enough extra attention that it was noted by another writer? Yes.  Was I aware of rumors that Dave was having sexual relationships with female staffers? Yes.
Was I aware that other high-level male employees were having sexual relationships with female staffers? Yes. Did these female staffers have access to information and wield power disproportionate to their job titles? Yes. Did that create a hostile work environment? Yes. 

Did I believe these female staffers were benefiting professionally from their personal relationships? Yes. Did that make me feel demeaned? Completely. Did I say anything at the time? Sadly, no.”

Letterman was never punished, got to continue his show and left on his own terms..
Aroldis Chapman -  The baseball relief pitcher, at his Florida residence in October 2015 violently assaulted his girlfriend...  She called 911 and told police the pitcher choked her and that she hid in the bushes as he fired gunshots into the garage wall.

Later, Chapman’s girlfriend, who also is the mother of his child, told a prosecutor the pitcher used his fingers to move her out of his personal space, causing her to lose her balance and fall over a chair.

Chapman was suspended briefly by MLB then ultimately rewarded with a World Series ring while playing for the Chicago Cubs in 2016 then rewarded even more with a 5 year/$86 million contract to play for the New York Yankees..

On and on and on..
And yet Bill O'Reilly had to suffer..

If you want to write Fox News on this matter, copy and paste the following email:

Have a good weekend..

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life Lessons from How Fox News treated Bill O'Reilly

So its Thursday morning and yesterday Bill O'Reilly was fired from Fox News

All the mindless animals on the left feel quite proud of themselves for forcing the parent company 20th Century Fox to let go of their #1 rated host after 21 years of him being almost single-handedly the reason Fox News was #1 in cable ratings..

They basicallyoffered O'Reilly's severed head on a silver plate to the liberal maggots because loyalty means absolutely nothing to the Murdochs and the only core conviction that network possesses is appeasement to pressure groups

But there are still some good lessons  everyday people can take from what happened to O' Reilly and the unfairness of his dismissal:
1)  Never compromise your core values/beliefs..  Not one iota!

O'Reilly tried so hard to be both fair and balanced throughout his long tenure as host..

He would say needlessly complimentary things about liberal pieces of shit like Obama and Hillary, expressed his support for gay equality and pretend marriage, repeatedly call blacks by that complete bullshit hyphenated Afr-Am name the white-guilt PC crowd demands..

And in the end it did not matter a damn..
Unless he was a full fledged anus-liberal like that dyke Rachel Maddow or atheist prick Bill Maher, O'Reilly was forever going to be an enemy to the left no matter how much he tried to  be middle of the road..

Sean Hannity on the other hand never concedes any point to that rabid, rancid rabble on the left and he's smart for never doing so because when the enemy smells weakness, they go for the kill
2)  Never devote your life energy or passion to your employer

We talked about this the other day..

Unless it is your business or your family owns it, you are expendable and disposable as a piece of trash the moment that corporation has no use for you and can no longer be a benefit

Does not matter if you're a great salesperson who wins numerous company awards for generating most revenue or a loyal employee who never takes a sick day off, much less be tardy and has been with the company 50 years..

You are Nothing to your employer..  That is why your employer should be Nothing to you
According to from April 10th:

“The O’Reilly Factor” averaged more than 3.7 million total viewers and 652,000 in the key 25–54 demographic last week.  When compared to the same week in 2016, O'Reilly's prime-time program was up 28% in total viewers and 42%  in the key demographic that advertisers covet most, according to Nielsen Research."

And the fuckers at Fox News still fired him unceremoniously 9 days later..
3)  Life is not fair

Pretty obvious one but still..

The same fuck liberals that passionately defended President Clinton while he was in office when he sexually harassed every woman who breathed from showing Paula Jones his cock to pushing his penis inside intern Monica Lewinsky's mouth then ejaculating on her face and dress...

The same fuck liberals that had no problem with CNN giving a TV show to Eliot Spitzer After (not before) it was found out he repeatedly had sex with an expensive whore while married..
The same fuck liberals that had no problem with MSNBC giving that nigger race-baiting parasite Rev Al Sharpton his own show even though he was actively involved many years ago in this common black trash girl name Tawana Brawley who lied by saying she was raped by white guys back in the 1980s..

The same fuck liberals that absolutely adore Alec Baldwin for degrading Trump on SNL even though he once called his then 11 year old daughter a 'pig' and repeatedly have called paparazzi 'faggots'..
The same fuck liberals that love child rapist Roman Polanski so much, they gave him an Oscar for best Director a few years back and Hollywood still jumps at the chance to work with him; same for Woody Allen who had sex with his underage adopted daughter and eventually left Mia Farrow to be with her..

The same fuck liberals that gave actor Casey Affleck, half brother of Ben a Best Actor Oscar a few weeks ago even though he sexually harassed a woman in his past
The same fuck liberals that still hire John Travolta in films even though he is a closet homosexual and was accused of sexually harassing a cruise ship worker in 2009, paying him $12,000 to shush up , who allow X-Men director Bryan Singer to keep making films even though he sexually assaulted an underage teen boy, and who love/adore former LA Laker Kobe Bryant even though raped his masseuse in Colorado (that act actually gave him positive street cred) and paid her money not to press charges...

They all get a pass..

And yet O'Reilly had to be destroyed...
There's probably more life lessons to be gleaned from this but three is plenty for our purposes

We hope Fox News loses a ton of viewers and is hit very hard financially for this decision to dump O' Reilly as they did

Tucker Carlson, who will now move to 8p is a whiny lightweight while the afternoon show 'The Five' will move to 9p,  and really who finds that to be compelling TV?

Hannity is still on at 10p and the only thing on that network worth watching..
O'Reilly deserved much much better and if he was to be punished, it should have been at worse a suspension..

As we said before, we hope this really bites Fox News' financial bottom line hard, so much so that they beg O'Reilly to return...

And he tells them to fuck off..

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Did President Trump Read Our 4/17/17 Blog?? lol

Sometimes it feels like President Trump is reading our mind..

Or blog..

We're sure he isn't but it was funny that yesterday we wrote how profit-first companies like Boeing circumvent the hiring of Americans by firing as many of them as they can get away with, then bringing people in from overseas via work permits and visas to do those jobs for less
So they get the 'credit' of keeping factories and plants in the US while avoiding penalties and fines for relocating and instead just bring the 3rd world workforce to America while putting these workers at the head of the legal immigration line..

And today we read that he does not like this practice either..
President Trump will sign an executive order today that aims to overhaul the H1-B visa program used by tech companies to bring high-skilled workers to the U.S., directing a government-wide review aimed at putting new teeth back into decades-old “Buy American” and “Hire American” directives.

The administration says this order will make it more difficult for U.S. companies to look overseas for workers to fill middle-income jobs.

The current H1-B visa program is pretty much a lottery system that indiscriminately hands out work visas to contracting firms that recruit low-skilled, low-wage workers to replace working-class domestic laborers.

Large Indian consulting firms are by far the largest users of the H-1B visa program
Tech industry insiders expect Trump will direct the Department of Homeland Security, which runs the H-1B visa lottery system, to start a rule-making to re-prioritize the visa allocation to give preference to higher-paying firms. This pits tech firms against the Indian IT-staffing firms.

Prioritizing by salaries means visas for more senior, higher-paying jobs will be granted first, and visas for lower-paying jobs (such as those being filled by Indian IT services firms) would fall to the back of line, perhaps not getting allocated at all if demand for the high-wage job visas is strong.
It does not stop companies from hiring people overseas to be brought over to work here in the US but it makes it so the most specialized, advanced degree related jobs with the highest pay get first dibs so that it becomes such a chore for companies to hire low to mid-level foreigners, that basically their Forced to hire or retain Americans..

Pretty fucking sad that US companies that make the vast amount of its profit from American consumption can't stomach hiring American workers and if necessary taking the time to train, and thus must be forced to do the right thing!
A short personal story which ties in..

A long, long time ago in what feels like a galaxy far, far away, yours truly was applying for a bookkeeping job at a medium sized company so to be hired, a major prerequisite was you are knowledgeable on computers, which I was (and still am)

So the interviewer goes through a litany of different software programs to see if I know how to do them..  The software names are dated or outright obscure in 2017 lingo so I will skip listing them
One by one, I mention I know how to work such n' such and then there's one program I wasn't familiar with so the interview abruptly ends and the woman interviewer says basically 'Sorry.. we need someone who can do X'

Normally someone would just do the phony smile and handshake, then leave but that's just not my way..

I said directly.. "Why don't you take 4 hours and train me?!  Is your company so god-damn cheap that you can't commit half a day to teaching a new employee who is computer proficient or do you expect an applicant to know 50 software programs ahead of time just to earn $12/hr?!!"
Back then $12 for bookkeeping wasn't such a terrible salary but wasn't that 'wow' either

She seemed offended by my outburst which was the point since really there was nothing to lose once she said I wouldn't be hired

The greater point of all this being that companies, big and small are all extremely cheap bastards that will toss you aside the very second you are of no use to them, or not even let you in the door if they think they have to spend 10 seconds of their time training you

You are the one expected to get into countless tens of thousands of dollars in school debt to learn all the skills necessary to be work something to another while doing so as cheap as possible, all for their benefit
And if it had been cost effective, I am positive this company like so many others would have brought over someone from a third world nation to do the bookkeeping instead of bothering to put the ad in the local paper for Americans to apply for..

Absolutely no one should feel any loyalty or emotional fiduciary to the place where they work unless they personally own it or its family operated as in your specific family

But back to Trump' executive order..

The much needed order will also call for a review by federal agencies aimed at stricter enforcement of immigration and other laws governing the entry of workers into the U.S.
In addition to the visa program, federal agencies will be asked to review and minimize the use of waivers and exceptions to Buy American policies as well as assess the degree to which waivers included in free-trade agreements have hurt American workers.

If those waivers, which are part of trade agreements with nearly 60 countries, are deemed to have put the U.S. at a disadvantage, as administration officials believe to be the case, those deals are likely to be renegotiated
The order also will demand the use of American-made steel in publicly financed infrastructure and other construction projects. It clarifies that steel slab imported from and primarily constructed in foreign countries but finished in the U.S. won’t meet that directive.

As a senior administration official said Monday, "This ensures that the benefits of Buy American are felt throughout the supply chain,”
Good.. Good.. Good!

Buy American is nice but if Americans are not making the products or providing the services, then what does it really matter if the physical factories and plants are located here or not?

Corporations are rotten, disloyal, selfish dogs and if you don't treat them very roughly and firmly control them, they will do what they want for their own benefit and not feel slightest guilt for contributing nothing to their communities or society at large

Monday, April 17, 2017

Always A Way Around Everything..

One thing about the political stance of A&G which sometimes puzzles our readers on occasion is that overall, we are more conservative and traditional leaning, but not Republican per se and in no way, shape or form are we fiscally conservative.

Yes we hate Democrats collectively (there's always some good individual liberals out there somewhere..) but over the last few decades, we have not been too impressed or pleased with many factions within the party that act as self-interest serving mavericks
For instance, the reason Obamacare got passed in the first place about 8 years ago was scummy Republicans like current GOP Maine Senator Susan Collins and then GOP Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector (who was mad he wasn't given a Committee chair by GOP so switched Democrat) made side deals with Obama in exchange for their votes for passage

And we've always despised Wall Street, banks and corporations which is why we haven't been actively rooting for the stock market to keep climbing as it has overall since Trump's win
None of them were ever punished for 2008's market crash as they deserved and when you have an election like last year where both candidates looked very favorably at Wall Street, then one must just block that part of of mind and vote on other issues or concerns..

Corporations are soulless profit making machines..

Nothing more or less
If they must pander to every group under the sun, use sterile PC language like 'Happy Holidays' to give the impression of inclusion and make strategic charitable investments in the community to appear human to maximize profits, then so be it

All those companies that President Trump touted because they agreed to stay in the US and not ship jobs and factories overseas..  None of them did it for patriotic reasons, much less the slightest care for American people

They are anticipating heavy tax reductions along with increased financial incentives which they will use that increased profit to pay to shareholders and/or invest heavily in automation so to ultimately make even more US workers redundant..

And they won't hesitate to lay off as many people as possible in the meanwhile so to improve their bottom line
Take Boeing..

Two months after Trump visited their SC plant and repeatedly touted them and how he saved the tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars through negotiations with them,  Boeing's VP sent a letter to employees announcing that the company will lay off "hundreds" of engineers as soon as this week, affecting Washington and "other enterprise locations."

These aren't the people who work in the food commissary or clean the toilets..

These are the jobs that require in many cases masters and doctorates..  You know.. the good paying jobs that aren't easily replaceable in your local want ads
When a business fires people for profit-motive reasons during a recession or depression, its called Downsizing..  When its during an economic boom, its called Restructuring..

The intent is the same.

You see in business, there's ways around Everything..
For instance, let's say we at A&G own a major corporation that is heavily dependent on US sales and we really want to relocate our factories elsewhere but certainly don't want to pay a 15% excise tax...

So what do we do?

First we make a big statement that we're staying in the US which gives us good press and maybe even some face time with the President..

Then after figuring all the money we're going to save through a dramatically low tax rate and other incentives, we fire hundreds if not thousands of people making serious money whom we can ultimately replace with foreign workers with advanced degrees
Next we secure work visas and follow all protocol steps so these people from other nations are Legally entering the country, and now our factories have hundreds if not thousands of foreigners from around the world doing the jobs of US born people at maybe 10-15% less wages which is probably still 35% more than they'd be getting at their nation of origin

And everyone is happy..  Factories are staying in the US (of course our corporation is still expanding with factories overseas).. No 15% Tariff kicker..  The President looks good and helps for re-election..  The everyday person is none the wiser..

Everyone happy..   Well except for those American born people with advanced degrees now working at Best Buy and Target
Remember two things folks...

1)  Always a way around everything for corporations & banks

2)  If not for credit cards, the global economy would crash within 8 hours upon itself because most people do not possess the immediate funds to pay for even the most basic things..

Credit cards for the vast majority are either buffers between paychecks and/or a means to survive another day while having just enough to make the minimum payment
If we suddenly became a society where the only methods of payment accepted were cash and debit cards, there'd be no more society..

Such a crazy world how we're conditioned to root and cheer for the entities that enslave us...

Friday, April 14, 2017

If Only We Could Drop a MOAB on Liberals

If you were of teenage years back in late 1981-early 1982 or just paid attention to top 40 music, you might have noticed a dramatic albeit temporary shift in the lyrics of a lot of hit songs

Suddenly it seemed every artist was writing songs about nuclear war, from Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes" to the Fixx's "Red Skies" to German one-hit wonder Nena's "99 Luft Balloons"

What made this social-political ultra liberal music artists suddenly care about this issue when both the US and then Soviet Union had possessed a nuclear arsenal since the 1940's and the closest the world came to World War III was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962?

Oh that's right.. Reagan became President in 1981
Recent history has shown that when a Republican is in the White House, the media along with the garbage entertainment industry tries as hard as possible to inject fear and loathing of that President nd create a narrative that the world is dramatically worse

And once the US won the Cold War in the late 1980s, you didn't hear these asshole music artists utter a peep about nuclear war, and were especially mum during the Clinton and Obama years

The lyrics were back to dancing and loving and fucking..
Of course now the evil media is banging the drum to eventual war

Liberals actually Want us to be militarily involved in Syria  -- its OK for liberals to see America bogged down for years in another nation's civil war and toss away trillions for 'humane' reasons while ignoring problems at home)

It is just not OK for us to deal with North Korea or Iran in a manner we should have a decade ago and prevent rogue nations from possessing nuclear capabilities..

Times like this, we wish the Rosenbergs were still alive so they could be re-executed as Communist traitors to the nation for giving away our nuclear secrets to the then Soviets
So yesterday Trump unleashed what is called the 'Mother of All Bombs' on a specific part of Afghanistan where ISIS and Al Queda are located amid the complex mosaic of tunnels which cost a Green Beret's life last Saturday when US forces manually tried to infiltrate

The major bomb killed 36 ISIS militants while no civilians were harmed  and a yr old resident of Achin district where the attack took place, was quoted by CBS as saying he welcomed the attack on ISIS:  “I want 100 times more bombings on this group.”

Then the piece of shit media decided to manipulate all this into a negative
They fact twist to make the argument it is morally wrong for America to bomb other countries indiscriminately, especially without UN approval; the same UN that allowed Russia to veto a Resolution stating Assad was responsible for the sarin gas attack last week

But see how those fucking globalists think..  We the United States need the Approval and Consent of the United Nations, who to them is Superior to us before we are Allowed to do anything

This is just one of a million reasons why the Democrats are such a cancer upon this nation
Of course one wonders how history would have been different if President Jimmy Carter had been a real man and invaded Iran and overthrew their putrid government in 1979 in response to the US hostages taken instead of letting them rot for a full year

Or if in some alternative-history universe, we declared war on Germany and Japan as soon as Poland was invaded in 1939 instead of waiting on the sidelines for 27 months

As said before, the US should have engaged in heavy repeated military strikes upon N Korea prior to them getting nuclear weapons much like we should take our Iran before they do
But overall politicians do not think long term..

They care about re-election, then Presidential library then legacy which end up being shackles to doing things more obvious and expedient

Trump thankfully does not seem to which is why everyone around the world, even many allies are so scared or wary of him

The tomahawk missile attack on Syria's air force base and the use of a 23,000 bomb in Afghanistan that creates a crater one mile in circumference was really intended as messages to North Korea and by extension China to be much more pro-active in getting that little nation into line
Life whether on a micro or macro level seems to be the same..

So many times a person is in a situation where one needs to deal physically and aggressively with a school bully, neighbor, co-worker or just anyone you accurately perceive as a threat

They need to be dealt with very harshly and immediate or else the problem will only get worse;  The term 'Regime Change' can also apply to individuals dealing with others

And yet there is this 'System' in place that controls all people and nations' survival instincts where one is just not allowed to hurt who needs to be hurt and punish those needing punishing..
They like to call such things being 'civilized' but its really being placed in permanent pens of powerlessness

Trump does not seem to be imprisoned by this control mechanism

Perhaps that makes him an even more important role model and inspiration for our everyday lives than we realize.

We may not get to be billionaires or sit in the Oval Office like Trump but if only we can inspire in our daily lives to have the courage to deal with our personal irritants and remove them as matter of fact and to the point as he does..

Happy Easter Weekend..