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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trump's Courage to Attack the Fed

~ Fed Chair Janet Yellen.. A more dangerous and powerful woman than Hillary could ever hope to be..  BTW, the National Debt this moment is $19,532 Trillion so obviously the photo is old by maybe 6 months

When we have an extra day to think back on Monday's debate and noticing how polls are still steadily climbing for Trump, maybe we were a little harsh on the Donald..

He wasn't perfect by any stretch but maybe he wasn't nearly as awful as we first feared..

A lot of it has to do with expectations..

Most expected the barbs and jabs but there were still a number of people who believed the Clinton camp lies that he was some kind of nut who should be kept 40miles away from any nuclear code

So he firmly showed he had Presidential temperment - the necessary mixture of calmness and passion
What we were most impressed by and admittedly it was something we missed in the initial watching was the absolutely refreshing and gutsy way he attacked the Federal Reserve and Fed Chair Janet Yellen directly

That simply does not ever happen in a Presidential debate when usually both candidates are bought and paid for by Wall Street and the same business interests.

John McCain has the nickname of 'Maverick' but turned out to be an old, impotent scardy-cat when facing Obama in 2008

Trump is the true Maverick
The Fed has absolutely destroyed any chance of economic growth in this nation by keeping interest rates at record lows at near 0% for at least 8 years now which has Killed savers and the ability of retirees to live off their savings

This has been done for many reasons among them it keeps down the interest on the repayment of the debts the government owes to the Fed, China, Japan and dozen or so other nations..

It also allows banks to borrow at nothing which makes it essentially free money.
People don't know this but when large corporate banks borrow from the Fed, they make a profit even if none of the money is ever invested.

This is because the Fed itself becomes the holding bank for the money they lent out and they out interest on that money just like any other bank..

In other words, let's say you borrow $10,000 from a bank at 0% interest with 5 years to pay it back and while doing so that same bank is holding your money at 1% interest..

This means over the life of the loan, you would be paying not one penny in interest as you basically give back the money in monthly increments and yet have made a profit of $500 or so on the borrowing (1% interest for each year of the loan or $100 x 5)

Now imagine how much banks are allowed to make interest when they borrow $1 billion?
Remember the Fed is a private bank that works to benefit other banks and is allowed to exist because politicians in 1913 sold their soul to vote in banker-created legislation for it to exist.

And by the way, that lent-out money by the Fed becomes public debt added to the National Debt which we all re-pay

Right after the political tensions of late 2008 and the $700 Billion TARP vote, Congress snuck in a law on New Year's Eve that the Fed would be the ones to make decisions on how much money to allocate to stop the market slide and what strategies to use

That's why since 2008, it is not Congress that makes these decisions
So Trump was absolutely right to call out the Fed for the evil which it is..

Everyone may celebrate Dow 18,000 or whatever it is but to give some perspective, from the beginning of our nation in 1793 with Washington's inauguration, the Dow did not reach 1,000 until January 18, 1966

That is 173 YEARS of trading!

The first time it hit 10,000 was March 30, 1999 so it took another 33 years to get from 1,000 to 10,000
Now on March 9, 2009 the Dow was 6,547 which was the low point of the 2008 market crash..

Today, less than 8 years later thanks to TRILLIONS spent via Quantitative Easing where the Fed bought up US Treasuries and now are buying corporate stocks, the Dow is at 18,208 as of this writing..

That is a jump of 11,661 points!  In less than 8 years!

And based on Nothing real..
We read an AP news item today which said Trump's attack on the Fed chairwoman during this week's presidential debate was so aggressive that many now think it's possible Yellen will have to resign if Trump ends up becoming president.

The AP writer actually used the word 'vicious' to describe the debate comments toward Yellen.  Guess we know which side of the political and financial fence he or she supports

Her resignation would be a good first step but of course whoever would replace Yellen would be a carbon copy of Greenspan, Bernanke and her since unlike other President-made cabinet appointments, he would not get to choose his own person..

A list of suitable candidate is Provided by the Fed for the President to choose one from and Then that person goes through the confirmation process.

This ensures the Fed is always run and operated as They wish it to be...  
Do you yet understand how rigged the US financial system is and by extension our government?

We will never pretend to say a Trump victory means a new peaceful revolution of freedom and liberty or a new utopia awaits..

But if there's going to be any change in how this nation is run domestically, internationally, financially and every other way that impacts millions of people for the better, it sure isn't going to come from a Hillary win..

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hilly is 'Gilly'

~ SNL Character 'Gilly' played by Kristen Wiig

Here's Tuesday's posting a bit early.. Monday Evening..

Just couldn't wait..

A few years ago on Saturday Night Live when it was funny and the cast did not resemble 'In Living Color', there was a re-occurring character played by Kristen Wiig named 'Gilly' who was a young girl who always got into trouble and did bad things to her classmates

The teacher would constantly go 'Gilly....  Gilly....' and every time he exaggeratedly called her name to find out what mischief and destruction she caused, her response would be an obnoxious smile mixing arrogance and lack of any guilt

After enough times of hearing her name called and being asked what she did and why, Gilly would grin even more stupidly and then say 'Sorry' and everything was treated as OK while she would do a smug victory 'dance'
And watching that horrible debate last night, that's all I could think of when looking at Hillary's fucking face and her deeply phony, arrogant, smug perpetual grin every time Trump cornered her on her unethical behavior and rottenness.

One continual grin painted on her face like an old clown.

And maybe there were some undecided dum-dum voters who were swayed by that and/or the fact that to be honest Trump just rambles too god-damn much about things that are not of consequence

Who gives a fuck what Trump's tax returns show or if he did or did not support the Iraq War in 2002!!
Trump probably pays 5x more in income tax annually than all the millions of dollars Hillary made doing nothing but giving speeches to Fortune 500 corporations and evil Goldman Sachs (twice)

What matters is our debt is at $20 Trillion and will keep climbing as we annually spend more than we take in tax revenue (it has become the new norm) and the Federal Reserve keeps spending Trillions to prop up that stock market to close to 20k based on nothing tangible or real; a gigantic ponzi-scheme investment bubble..

What matters is our enemy, ISIS beheads people; cutting throats from ear to ear like a normal person cuts into a stick of butter, they're now in 30 nations and their growth and expansion is ALL on Obama/Hillary's watch
What matters is you will never EVER have a truly equal society as long as one group of people deem themselves superior while playing the victim card when it suits them;  Blacks collectively do not give a Shit about the death of a black at the hands of another black and they exaggerate a black death at the hands of a police officer..

And Obama has tolerated this uppity behavior by these Black Lives (do not) Matter monkeys.

It was so painful and pathetic to see both candidates Constantly refer to blacks as 'Afr-Amer'.. Makes us nauseous to even type the full term of racial egotism

Trump should have pressed the rancid bitch on ALL lives matter by saying 'Don't you believe the lives of Hispanics matter?  How about Asians?  And Jewish people?  And Irish Catholics? ..  So why are you a coward that you can't disavow BLM?'

That's what he should have done..  Gone for the jugular
Now Trump did attack but everything she was prepared for with a lie and another fucking insincere 'there you go again' like smile, as if trying to take a page from another extremely old person when he ran in 1980 + 84..  Reagan

We don't know how you the reader saw the debate but putting aside who won or lost,we found it to be an extremely frustrating experience and when all was said and done, really learned nothing positive about either person..

Trump should have gone for the kill like any skillful hunter would when dealing with cunning deceptive game and instead he seemed distracted by harmless irritant gnats
And Hillary spent her time hiding from the voters well.. She learned how to present herself as 100% completely opposite her true nature; Someone friendly and kind and warm..

An elderly, devious Cheshire Cat

And when it comes to Benghazi, the 33,000 lost emails, the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation, supporting corporations in Haiti when they fought the government to prevent them from raising minimum wages to $5 a day, on and on and on...

Hilly is a 'Gilly'

When Political Enemies are Really Bestest Friends

~ Taken sometime in the early 1990s when Bill Clinton was President..  Trump is standing next to Hillary; he refers to her as a 'wonderful woman'.. ugh..

Even though we here at A&G have written quite often about politics, do not think for a moment we enjoy it or that we personally like anyone involved in it.

Yes we support Trump and have made it extremely obvious as to our bias toward his candidacy since before the New Hampshire Republican primary a long time ago

But do not confuse support of a candidate with support of a person.
Both Hillary and Trump are rotten, vile people in their own unique muck stench-like way but the difference is, at least from where we sit is a Hillary Presidency is a continuation of Obama and Trump is at least the Hope of something completely different..

And much better..

It is really all one can do because you can read endless newspapers of all political persuasions and listen carefully to every word of tonight's debate and subsequent ones

And you and we will still not really know anything.
~ Trump and Clinton.. best buddies

So many historical examples of people who run for President and they make these impassioned promises

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson running for re-election promised he would not get America involved in the senseless bloodbath known as World War I..  It was the basis of his entire campaign

Five months after election in April, 1917 we declare war..

Historians do not tell you this but our soulless bankers and creditors lent Britain and France a TON of money at the beginning of the war and had they lost, we'd never have gotten that back.
~ Possible future First Lady Melania Trump is standing to Clinton.. 

Then there's Richard Nixon who centered his whole campaign for President about quickly ending the Vietnam War and bringing everyone home based on a secret plan

Yes, every last troop was brought home..  It just happened 7 years later

Then Bush 41 promised 'Read my lips.. No new taxes' and ultimately went back on his word since really his word did not mean spit..

Every person running for office promises the moon and the best one can hope for is that we the people don't put in the wrong person and get mooned back.
But what we hate the most.. Really HATE is the chumminess between all the people who were or are in power..

Old fart Bush 41 is best friends with degenerate Bill Clinton..

His idiot son Bushie 43 was super-chummy with the Obamas during a ceremony this weekend to open a black history museum (as if we really need That)
And in spite of all the rhetoric, Donald Trump really still thinks very fondly of Hillary and Bill.

Trump even at one time donated $100k to the corrupt pay to play Clinton Foundation and hosted Clinton fundraisers back in 2000 at Trump Tower

It is all a game at our expense- present and future.

It makes any decent person genuinely sick..
I can not speak for any other but I've personally never pretended to like someone I hate nor pretended to hate someone I liked.

I have never agreed to attend the wedding of someone I thought was racist, xenophobic or such (Hillary attending Trump's wedding), and I've certainly never played golf or involved myself in any social activity with someone I thought was a garbage human being. (Trump and Bill)
But it is all a country club; a super-exclusive clique...

And every election when these rats of both political parties are done their mud slinging and fear tactics while getting millions upon millions of people so angry and scared they want to yell and fight anyone who thinks different..

And these MF'rs just sit back, share some coffee or tea and just laugh and laugh..
Because to them, it all means nothing.

Kinda makes one long for the good ol days of the 19th century when if you felt passionately about something and another felt different, you bashed them with a cane (pro-slavery Senator Preston Brooks upon anti-slavery Charles Sumner's head in 1858 on the Senate floor)
Upon learning that Brooks broke his cane rightly attacking Sumner in the defense of his honor (Sumner had said all slave owners breeded with their slaves), he was deluged with dozens of new canes sent to him by appreciative southerners to replace the old

Now all matters are settled on the god-damn golf course where everyone wears conformist collared clothing and waste their day hitting a little white ball into a cup
~ Trump and Clinton with NYC mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a pretend 'Independent' scumbag who said he would only run for President if Bernie Sanders beat Hillary in the Democrat primaries

All we can say is this election will be over in about 6-7 weeks and since neither Trump or Hillary sincerely feel any dislike toward each other in this big charade, neither should you let it affect your personal interactions with those who think different

Don't let this ruin your relationships and friendships with those who may be voting different than you because in less than two months, these two will be sharing laughs and smiles (their daughters Ivanka and Chelsea grew up and still are best of friends)
~ Disgusting isn't it..

Meanwhile you certainly don't want to leave your personal interactions with others in tatters over This..

Just a rotten shame every election its between two people who deep down like each other, who pretty much see the world the same way and want the same people (the super wealthy) to benefit with every public policy.

Friday, September 23, 2016

So Many "Racist" Presidents in History; So Many Monuments to Destroy

I've always been a great lover of history and found it both interesting and insightful..

The one problem with it however is the people that create the history through their actions and deeds are not alive to defend themselves when future generations of biased historians and the ignorant everyday masses want to revise, re-interpret or ignore for their own agendas.

For instance if somehow magically all those of adults who lived in the US back in 1920 were alive today, they would Never tolerate the level of liberal social progressivism we've seen and they would have but down Black Lives (do not) Matter with intense violence if need be.
But the dead can not defend themselves or their past which is why the white-guilt scum of 2016 along with uppity militant blacks want to destroy all traces of anything that is deemed even slightly 'racist' to their uneducated eyes.

This means renaming all schools and streets and taking down statues and plaques of anyone that fought for the Confederacy or owned slaves at any point in their lives or felt at least the slightest anti-black sentiment no matter if it occurred in 1920 or 1790.

If these black dirtballs and their white-shame partners in crime could, the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Mt Rushmore and any other rememberence of great Americans who built this nation would be literally turned to ash and history books would only paint them in a negative light.

Think that is an exaggeration, do you?
Did you know there is a militant black movement which recently aligned itself with BLM to force by physical violence if need be, the knocking down of the famous statue of President Andrew Jackson that rests in New Orelans, site of the War of 1812 battle where he soundly defeated the British.

Does not matter a damn Jackson's accomplishments as a soldier and statesman..  He didn't see blacks as 100% equal (as if anyone other than extreme-radical New England abolitionists did back in 1820) and treated those Indian scalp-scraping, white woman raping savages meanly

Funny how these pieces of feces never go after Lincoln who they are all taught to look at as America's Jesus.. Sent down from heaven to free them:
"I  will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races -- that I am not, nor have ever been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negros, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a phyiscal difference between the white and black races which prevents them from living together on terms of social and political equality.  

And inasmuch as they can not so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race"

I absolutely Love this quote not so much for what was said but WHO said it..

Abraham Lincoln on August 27, 1858 during his second debate w. Stephen Douglas during the campaign for Illinois senator.
In the book 'Lincoln's Selected Writings' by David Reynolds, he writes about Lincoln:

"He (Lincoln) shared many of gthe prejudisces of the society in which he lived.  Lincoln used the word 'nigger' privately and, occasionally in public,  He enjoyed going to blackface minstrel shows, and his seemingly endless repertoire of stories and jokes included overtly racist humor"

Funny how historian Ken Burns left this out of his 'Civil War' documentary..  Guess it conflicted too much with the narrative of Lincoln as a great emancipator.

Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's VP who became President after his death stated in 1864:

"As for the negro I am for setting him free but at the same time I assert that this is a white man’s government…  If whites and blacks can’t get along together arrangements must be made to colonize the blacks (that is, send them to Africa).”

This was a very common sentiment at the time and to a degree some still share it today..
The nation is also adorned with many statues, plaques and honorariums of Ulysses S Grant..  The bastard is even on the $50 bill

Most people don't know or seem to care that he owned slaves at the start of the War on his farm.

Historians rather than attacking and vilifying Grant created this make believe narrative that the experience made him feel very negative toward owning others, as if he had no direct day to day input whatsoever in the purchasing and ownership of other people.

Really no different than how the media today bends over backwards to minimize or trivialize every negative thing about that rancid closet-lesbian Hillary because they're all on the same team
So let's see.. uppity blacks should have at least 6 Presidents they hate - Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Johnson and Grant..

Let's see if based solely on the criteria of not looking at the colored man as equal to whites prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, let's see if they should be hating any others..

President Woodrow Wilson who led America into World War I thought blacks inferior to whites as well..  Also praised 'Birth of a Nation' as a very accurate portrait of the Civil War and in particular Reconstruction..
Teddy Roosevelt once said in a speech in 1905:

"The problem is so to adjust the relations between two races of different ethnic type that the rights of neither be abridged nor jeopardized; that the backward race be trained so that it may enter into the possession of true freedom while the forward race is enabled to preserve unharmed the high civilization wrought out by its forefathers"

Who did he mean was the 'backward' race?

So now Teddy has to be added to the militant black list of hated Presidents huh?

Plus he like every single person back then called those people 'colored'..

Whewww.. That sure is a lot of people to hate and a lot of historical rememberances to destroy
The biggest problem with the world we live in today outside of the political corruption and economic slavery by banks, is that the politically correct white guilt pieces of garbage want to look at all of American History through the lens of 2016

And if you were a person from the past and did not look at blacks as 100% equal, and support the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals, etc..  then you are to demonized and portrayed in only negative ways.

Which of course is ridiculous but we've allowed them to hold that power; like allowing a bully to get away with things.. When you stand up and push back, the bully shows him/herself as a coward and runs away
You can never have true equality in society when one group is allowed to be superior to another and white-shame liberals have allowed this to happen.

And you can not EVER look at people from centuries gone by in terms of their views on other people based on the standards of today..

Name one President prior to say 1900 who made any mention of women's equality or the the right to vote?  Or said a single complimentary thing about Hispanics or Asians or Jewish people?''

That is Not how you judge someone from the past in terms of the simple narrative of 'good v bad'..

You judge on deeds..
Because we have a President who never deserved to sit in the Oval Office and who only encourages the blacks to galvanize and riot causes race relations to continually deteriorate and good people always get caught in the middle.

And because that Bastard Obama only has 4 months left, the BLM feel empowered to scramble to cause as much destruction and middle-finger decent people as they can because even if Hillary wins, she is not going to tolerate anyone or anything challenging her rule.
There are many blacks who are good, decent people, very intelligent, law abiding who love their country and deserve full respect..

And there are many not worth a shit..

You can not say all are good as much as you can not say all are bad.

Just gotta know thy enemy and not be afraid to fight for your vision of America to be represented because right now its been systematically hijacked.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Three Decades of Globalist Presidents

~ Bush 43 and Hillary.. Best of friends & enriched by the same people..

As we were writing yesterday's post, it dawned on us that partisan politics aside, we have not had a President that truly put America first since Ronald Reagan.

Four globalist-minded Presidents over a span of 28 years.. Old fart Bush 41, Wall Street whore Bill Clinton, Junior Georgie Bush and the current incompetent

Back in late 1990 when the US was gearing up for the big invasion into Kuwait which would occur the following year, Bush 41 did not simply decide to um, 'liberate' the extremely rich oil nation that did not pay a penny toward their freedom
Bush built his coalition which is a fancy way of saying he went to the UN and directly to other nations to ask for not just support but their blessing and permission.

Rightly or wrongly Bush feared a US invasion of a Muslim country would appear like a modern Crusades so he basically sought consent before all that time and money and loss of life was wasted (68 American servicepeople are still 68 human beings whose lives were cut short)

And as we stated before, while Bush 41 did not originate the term 'New World Order' he sure did use it a lot in speeches which is shorthand for one borderless world where nations are to the UN what US States are to Washington DC and Presidents are merely Governors
A borderless world means one currency for everyone, global VAT taxes in addition to national, state and local, no self-identity or pride in where one comes from and America is on equal par with nothing 3rd world nations.

If someone decides the US is too wealthy or too successful, they a greater power decides that wealth or resources are to be transferred elsewhere..

Globalism is socialism on a global scale.
People think of NAFTA as Bill Clinton's baby which it was not..  He only signed it into law with the full backing of every corrupt, globalist Democrat and Republican establishment politician

NAFTA was the creation of the Bush 41 Administration and had been worked since 1990 and the initial draft signed by Canada, Mexico and the US in October, 1992 right before the wealthy blue-blood President would ultimately lose to scumbag Clinton.

Clinton, while signing the NAFTA bill in 1994 stated that "NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't support this agreement."

So either the Oxford educated Rhodes Scholar was/is a complete retard idiot or as we all know, option #2 -- a complete, disingenuous liar.
According to liberal blog Huffington Post in 2014, NAFTA at its 20 year anniversary the following cost:

 "A staggering $181 billion U.S. trade deficit with NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada and the related loss of 1 million net U.S. jobs, growing income inequality, displacement of more than 1 million Mexican campesino farmers and a doubling of desperate immigration from Mexico, and more than $360 million paid to corporations after “investor-state” tribunal attacks on, and rollbacks of, domestic public interest policies."

But why should anyone be so surprised that Wall Street whore Democrat Clinton signed into law an Agreement created and worked on for years by Wall Street whore Republican Bush 41 in much the same way why should anyone have been surprised that Wall Street whore Obama agreed early in his Presidency to make Wall Street whore Bush 43's tax cuts permanent after campaigning to not do so...
Its a dangerous world we live in and we're not even talking about terrorism

Corporations have sought control over nations for decades but now the tentacles are firmly clasped.. ]

Now only do they have massive influence to affect elections thanks to a Surpreme Court decision a few years back that ruled when it comes to donations and PACs, corporations are to be treated the same as people but they are front and center when they don't like social policy
For instance Apple's CEO is a proud homosexual so the queer anus used the muscle and influence of his corporation to exert as much pressure as possible to get pretend gay marriage to legally be treated as valid.

Of course he still happily sells Apple products to nations that beat, torture, imprison and sometimes kill people just for being gay

When the NBA didn't agree with North Carolina passing a law preventing transsexuals from using any bathroom they wish, the basketball league decided to pull the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte as a punishment while middle-fingering the democratic process of representatives voting based on the will of their constituency
And of course who can forget many corporations like General Electric and Facebook which are heavy Democrat donors and Obama supporters did not pay a single penny in corporate taxes over the last couple years while the people who work low-end, low-pay jobs don't get such a break from their black hero

There's always been corruption and greed as long as this nation has been in existence and banks have always run the show...

What makes the present so different is before we had Presidents good and bad who put America first even if they ended up not being successful in office.
And now?

Candidates for President do not seek to win approval of just Americans anymore.. Now they are running to be President of the world..    Trump recently said that is not his goal..  Thank goodness..

As we said.. 28 years of globalist, one-world, pro-outsourcing of jobs, education and technology Presidents who only care about themselves and their libraries.

That is just about 3 generations of duped minds.. No wonder there's such a divide between the young and those who remember when life was better

Let's hope Trump can get elected and prevent the streak from reaching at least 32 years..

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Senile 92 Year Olds 4 Hillary

It seems the big 'news' politically is former President George H.W. Bush (41), the man who started the Iraq War which we've paid for as a nation for decades in blood and treasure is supporting Hillary.

This may come as a surprise for some but it really shouldn't

Bush is a 92 year old, elitist 1% blue-blood who was really an economically moderate and social liberal man who pretended to be a real Conservative and rode Reagan's coattails to the White House.

Then watch his dynasty end in rubble with the disasterous Bush 43 Presidency and his son Jeb floundering and taken to school by Trump in the Republican primaries.
Bush Sr was not a very good President and that is just historical fact.

Besides starting the Iraq War, the National Debt nearly doubled from $2.8T in 1989 to over $4.4 Trillion by 1993 and this was back when that was a lot of money.. har har..

And the two most famous moments of the Bush 41 Presidency?

"Read my lips.. No New Taxes!" which he broke then acted like he was tricked/duped into it and looking at his watch during the Presidential Debate of 1992 as if he was bored of having to communicate to voters and was missing his bedtime.
Who would have known Ross Perot would have been so right about him

Perot hated Bush and it stemmed from a discussion they had while Bush was VP where he kept insisting to Perot there were no Vietnam War prisoners left being held captive.

One of Perot's passions was helping out the veterans in every way he could including using a lot of time and money to seek out if any Americans were still being held there and Bush, being the distant, detached former CIA man couldn't have given a shit one way or another.

But Bush supporting Hillary is not just the action of a decrepit old man in the final years if not months of life but a resentment of Trump that he dared to call out the Bush family, George W in particular for Iraq.
Remember, this is a petty family..  The whole Iraq War was based on Saddam once trying to kill Bush Jr's paw-paw and 9/11 was merely the excuse

In the days of yore, it was common that Kings would seek to conquer lands for power, wealth and/or prestige and basically spend their entire life focused on the task..

Then upon death, the son would become King and as history shows, make a complete mess of things.

Think of Henry V and his successful battle of Agincourt which allowed him to ultimately take over France as his dominion, and upon his dead, his son failed to maintain hold (this is when Joan of Arc appeared), the War of the Roses followed and a continuation of a Hundred Years War ensued.
Of course no one back then in any position of prominence dare publicly state a King's fuck ups

In America, we are free to do so, even if the precious Bush clan can not handle the truth especially so publicly uttered.

A study in 2013 stated that the Iraq war has cost U.S. taxpayer more than $2 trillion -- $1.7 trillion with an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans.  Those expenses that could grow to more than $6 trillion over the next four decades counting interest.
As of June 29, 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Defense casualty website, there were 4,424 total deaths (including both killed in action and non-hostile) and 31,952 wounded in action (WIA) as a result of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This is simply Bush Jr's foray..

Then add the $63 billion to free uber-wealthy Kuwait from Saddam's dastardly clutches and 149 Gulf War deaths, men and women who would be alive if not for the two Presidents and you get the Bush Legacy

And this worthless, wretched, bitter family is supporting Hillary.
Any other nation and both Bushes would have been charged with war crimes..

In the US, we let sleeping dogs lie and give large annual pensions and perpetual Secret Service protection to our Criminals in Chief

Personally, we don't think Bush's endorsement means a thing because the vast majority of people who supported Trump in the Republican primaries didn't like either Bush and especially how 41 used then discarded the Christian vote once elected in 1989.

So the extremely old man holds little to no sway..

It is merely another opportunity for a liberal biased to the core mainstream media to middle finger the man who in less than two months could very will be our next President.
That is how the modern media operates..

John McCain was a piece of garbage and non-stop attacked with his Vietnam War record questioned during the 2008 election vs that poo-colored mulatto and today, he's a National Hero when Trump got into the fray during the primaries...

Colin Powell was a piece of garbage, a traitor, a Tom and house-nigger to the left when he represented Bush Jr as Secretary of State and told lie after lie in the United Nations..  And when the 5 star monkey supported Obama in 2008, he was given his national respect and dignity back.
And now with Bush Sr.  If he was so liked and respected, he would have beaten that complete bullshit artist known as Bill Clinton in 1992.. But he lost handily,.. a one-termer

The Bushes and Clintons all feed from the same Wall Street trough and they serve the same masters.

Remember Bush Sr as well as Bob Dole and other prominent Republicans of the early 1990s zealously supported Clinton's NAFTA initiative and who was the original globalist with his 'New World Order' refrain?

Yep.. Bastard Bush 41...
So don't be surprised in the least that Georgie supports Hilly

It just shows how deep the well of corruption and collusion American politics has become where Democrat and Republican have no meaning to those who serve and affect our lives with their egos and master designs to alter the world