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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Incredible BS Headline Lie of 2010

From AP via Yahoo Finance: 

"Economic panel says recession ended in June 2009" - "The longest recession the country has endured since the Great Depression ended in June 2009, a group that dates the beginning and end of recessions declared Monday."

This caused the market to rise 161 pts.

This was followed with another AP headline "Recession pain still real, despite end, Obama says"

These two insipidly evil headlines need to be addressed so it can be put in the proper context of the media and government's ultimate goal- to influence public perception of the economy to the point that it is automatic to believe the recession is over, that we're in full recovery and people just need to be a little patient and then all will be well again.

The message is a Lie.. its intentional.. and its destructive.

So then let's ask- Why?   Why the outright and consistent Lies?  The answer lies in you, the individual and what you accept as truth.

Everyone wants you to spend again like you did before the recession.  When you save money and pay down your debts, you do not stimulate the economy- you're simply making your individual life better.  Because our economy is 70% consumption, it only can run efficiently if you and your friends & neighbors are spending your paychecks the moment you receive them, buying things you don't need with money you really don't have and  putting everything on credit at currently low interest rates while paying over a duration of time.

If you believe the economy is bad, you will tighten your economic 'belts' won't spend freely or impulse buy.. you won't invest in the markets.. you won't compile debt and take out loans..  and worst of all.. you will save.   And the government and media DO NOT want you to do this.

Also if you are unemployed and believe the lie, you perhaps won't get so despondent..  you will feel a renewed vigor..  a passionate desire to dust off the resume.. to pound the pavement or computer keyboard keys in a relentless, determined search to find the job.. the perfect job that's just out there.. waiting to be taken...  are you going to Take it?? You're an Amer-I-CAN dammit..  not an Amer-I Can't!!!  (cues up Lee Greenwood's "I'm Proud to be an American")    

~ um..  Please!!      But this is the Lie they want you to embrace.

So a happy Lie is pushed in hopes you will eventually believe it trat enough people around you will believe it, and have you accept via social peer pressure that all is well.

This is not a new phenomenon..

This occurred over the entirety of the Great Depression which lasted Twelve years.. And the collective propaganda push by the government and media then can be summarized in the famous and overly simplistic song from musical Annie, which came out during that Depression..

"The Sun will come out.. Tomorrow.. You can bet your bottom dollar that Tomorrow there'll be Sun...   Tomorrow.. Tomorrow.. I love you Tomorrow.. you're only a Day Away~"

It is pushing 'Hope' which is a very pessimistic feeling actually and is not based on any joyful or positive belief.  More the emotional comparison of grasping at straws. (and I don't mean this as an anti Obama=Hope type slam for ALL politicians play upon this nonsense)  But really let's use two situational examples of 'hope'

Ex:  You have a final exam tomorrow:
Optimistic-  I feel confident and positive that I will pass
Realistic-    If I study hard, I will pass.  If I don't, I won't
Pessimistic-  I will study my best and hopefully I will pass

Ex #2   You want to propose marriage to your partner
Optimistic-  Not a doubt in my mind he/she will say Yes
Realistic-   He/she shows me love so I feel good about it.
Pessimistic- I sure hope he/she accepts

Ultimately, if you need or wish to believe the lie because its what keeps you going, so be it.  Ignorance is bliss.  But for everyone else, understand that you are being conned.  The economy is not better- it is worse.

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