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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Financial Media wants to destroy you

There's an old adage that says 'A fool and his/her money are easily parted'.   And another adage from PT Barnum that goes 'A sucker a born every minute'.  When you take those two sayings and blend together, you get the basis for ALL financial media- from CNBC to Fox Business to Bloomberg and the various financial websites on the internet.     For 'fun', I decided to go on which is part of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network along with and Barron's, to skim headliners just to see if anything was interesting.

 "Pay off your mortgage, or invest in stocks?"--  "With interest rates so low, does it make sense to use extra money to pay down your home-loan debt — or invest in stocks or bonds?"

~ Yes, paying a home off in full and saving on the compounded interest is silly when you could put that money into something very secure like the market.  But see how these bastards push investing?

"10 Reasons to Buy a House"

~  Paying off a mortgage as quick as possible is smart;  assuming a new mortgage isn't

"How to influence online friends"
-- "A new study shows which posts garner the most attention on Facebook, offering some helpful hints to brand marketers as well as advertisers."

~Ah yes, what good are friends if you can't use them, network them and profit off them

"Blue (Suede) Christmas" -- "Is a blue Christmas on the horizon? Let's check with Elvis Presley — the latest economic indicator"

~ A supposed 'clever-cute' way to minimize the fact that the upcoming holiday shopping season will be BAD, and put an added financial burden upon millions who are barely getting by as it is

"Starbucks to raise some prices" -- "Coffee chain will raise the price of "labor-intensive and larger-sized beverages" in response to surging green Arabica coffee costs. "

~ Any idiot willing to pay $1.96 for a latte each weekday morning (which adds up to $509.60/yr) is more than willing to pay more for the pleasure and status of holding that logo-printed cup in their hand as they walk into work.

"7 Investments that beat stocks right now"

~ Hmmm..  how bout this.. put your money in a savings account, inside a safe, under a mattress or any other place where others can not put your finances at risk or make commissions...  Or simply invest in Yourself-

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