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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun with Numbers- Brett Favre's 2010 Salary

It has been reported in various news outlets that if all goes well this season, Brett Favre would make $28 million in his return to the Minnesota Vikings for 2010  According to the blog site,

           "The Vikings are already set to pay Favre, who turns 41 in October, $13 million under the terms of the two-year deal he signed when he reported to the team in August of last year...Along with the $13 million in salary, the Vikings will give Favre $3 million, designed as a signing bonus. There will be another $4 million in incentives thrown in, based on the Vikings performing well and deep into the playoffs. Besides that, the team deferred $8 million of Favre's $12 million salary from 2009 to the 2010 league year"

So let's say the Vikings go deep into the playoffs and Favre satisfies all requirements on the field necessarily to receive the full $28 million, let's break that salary down in simplest terms:

1)  A NFL season is 16 weeks.  If the Vikings were able to get into the playoffs and into the Super Bowl, that would be a maximum of 20 games Favre would play.   That comes to $1.4 million for each start.  A football game consists of 4 quarters (assuming there's no overtime played)  Brett Favre will receive $350,000 for each 15min quarter of football.

2)  In 2009, Favre threw 33 TD and 4202 yds passing which are impressive statistics.  For argument sake, say Favre has exactly the same success this coming season,  that would mean based on a salary of $28million, Favre would receive approx. $848,485 per TD  or $6,663 for each yard thrown.  

3)  According to,  it would cost between $334.20 and $601.00 to take a family of 4 to see the Minnesota Vikings play live at the Metrodome.  This cost does not include parking, food/alcohol and concessions/souvenirs .  But let's take ticket prices alone- a person who makes $15/hr after taxes at a job would have to work between 22-40hrs simply to afford to see the Vikings play live.  Based on 20 game season including playoffs and a Super Bowl visit, it would take 30 seconds of 1 NFL game for Favre to make $778

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