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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun with Numbers- Cigarettes

Personally, I do not smoke but I know others do.  Some smoke for pleasure or the 'cool' factor, while others smoke because they cant seem to ween off the nicotine addiction.  But this posting is not about the pros/cons of smoking cigarettes, but rather the true economic cost to the smoker over the course of a year. 

A carton of cigarettes in most states run between $45-65 (In NYC, a pack of cigarettes is a whopping $8.50, making a carton priced around $80)  To make my point, I will use the low figure of $45/carton which comes to $4.50/pack.   If a smoker has a pack-a-day habit, and buys only from the carton, in a full calendar year, he/she will have smoked 7300 cigarettes & spent $1642.50 doing so. 

If a smoker cut down to smoking 18 cigarettes/day vs 20 (which is a full pack), that equals 6570 cigarettes smoked in a year, a decrease of 730.   In $$ terms, that translates to 37 less packs of cigarettes and a financial savings based on $4.50/pack, of  $166.50.  Of course, choosing not to smoke at all is the best plan financially and health wise, but if you must smoke, try cutting back by 2 cigarettes a day..  Its better for you and besides, couldn't you think of better ways to spend $166.50?

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