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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun with numbers- salaries

Q:  What do Stephen McGee, Mike Kafka, John Beck & Kellen Clemens have in common?

A:  1)  You've never heard of any of them
     2)  They're all 3rd string QBs currently playing in the NFL
     3)   They all make the NFL minimum-- $645,000/yr

For non-football enthusiasts, a 3rd string quarterback is someone who pretty much only plays in a meaningful NFL game if both the starting and backup QBs are injured.  Otherwise, they hold a clipboard, send signals to the offense via the coordinator or coach, and participate during the week with the practice squad.. that's it.

Whether fair or not, let's compare that salary with the average salary of other professionals: (Source:   Teachers, police officers and firefighters make about the same median average/yr- $45k.  At that salary, one would have to work 14.33 years to make $645k  

The average starting salary for a private currently serving in the Armed Forces is $25k.   A 3rd string QB makes 26x more than someone fighting overseas.  

As a nation we can not even begin to address the economic problems we're facing until we sincerely look at wage disparity and stop admiring and idolizing those who make more money in a couple years than most will make in a lifetime.

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