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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mainstream Media- Cheerleaders without Pom-Poms

If there is one consistency about mainstream media, particularly the financial media, it is that no matter the economy reality or how much the stock market falls, the mantra is 'Invest, Invest, Invest!!!' They are the ultimate economic cheerleaders minus the pom poms.  To them, money Must be invested Somewhere.. Profit Must be acquired, and investors are their 'heroes', so they happily report and write articles to appeal to that sociopathic psychosis.   I decided out of curiosity to glance at major online news outlets this evening to see how many articles pushed investing, in spite of the Dow dropping 107pts to a close of 10,360.  There were too many to reprint here.. so here's a sampling:

Thinking Outside the Stocks- "The stock market may be slumping, but other investments, from student housing to parking lots, are surging. Here's how to play them" - WSJ

Which currency is a safer haven? - WSJ

Tired of Stocks & bonds? Try these 4 Alternatives-

10 Top-Ranked Stocks with Big Upside-

'Double-dip' stock picks by James Altucher - MarketWatch

Gold or Bonds? Or Both? - TheStreet

5 Innovation Leaders Poised for Stock Gains- The Street

Investing in Investment Firms -

3 Stocks Winning Favor with Analysts-

Looking for Opportunities in the M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) Flurry?-

~Sickening isn't it?  A daily glut of complete and utter bullshit...

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