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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jenny McCarthy, Oprah & Corporate Synergy

Recently, Jenny McCarthy appeared on Oprah to talk about her breakup with Jim Carrey, because you know, we all need to know this.   She's appeared on Oprah quite a bit- and sensible people would ask themselves why?   How is it someone who became famous showing her breasts and vagina numerous times in Playboy suddenly have the honor of being a frequent guest on Oprah?

Was it the numerous pseudoscientific ideas on autism she's espoused including that her autistic son benefited from chelation therapy (administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body) and belief that mercury in vaccines cause autism, which has been roundly rejected by scientific studies including the National Institute of Mental Health?

Was the attraction of having McCarthy as a repeated guest based on her parlaying this misinformation into many best selling books, helping to transform McCarthy in the eyes of others from gutteral trash to an 'expert' and someone worthy of respect (there is no such thing as reinventing oneself- its called re-packing the 'brand')

Or maybe the frequent visits have to do with Oprah's production company Harpo financially committed to launching a Jenny McCarthy talk show by 2011 and McCarthy currently writes a blog exclusively found on  Thus it is in Oprah's interest to get McCarthy on her show as much as possible to synergize the brands so when the show debuts, people will connect one with the other, like with Dr. Phil and help make both a lot of money?

Nothing in business and media is accidental. Not information you read in the news.. not the guests you see appear on talk shows.. everything serves a corporate business purpose to synergize and help both brands grow.  Oprah, through her production company can expand her base and add programming content to her O network, which she can syndicate to other networks. And with Oprah's backing, McCarthy will have riches, fame and a daily platform to espouse her kooky views..  the perfect Trifecta for all classless narcissists.

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