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Monday, September 13, 2010

Net worth of the CNBC 'stars'

Ran upon this website called Celebrity NetWorth..  I thought it would be interesting to see the net worth of the personalities on CNBC; the ones that hard-push stocks and other investing; the ones who obscenely cheerlead for the markets while downplaying the economic realities of the nation.

CNBC 'Star'                             Net Worth  (CNBC salary)
Jim Cramer  -Mad Money         $100 million ($1mil/yr)
Larry Kudlow -Kudlow Report   $80 million  ($1mil/yr)
Suze Orman                                $35 million
Guy Adami -Fast Money            $30 million
Pete Najarian -Fast Money         $25 million
Maria Bartiromo                         $22 million  ($1mil.yr)
Erin Burnett                                $12 million  ($750k/yr)
Rick Santelli                                $ 3 million

All these people are heavily invested in Wall St.- its how they made their wealth and they are all still heavy investors.  When it comes to giving honest reporting of the markets and the current recession,  do not look to CNBC or any other mainstream financial media.

Like the old saying, if you want to really know the weather outside, don't watch the news- simply open a window.

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