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Friday, September 17, 2010

News of the Day- in Haiku

Here is the news and opinions for 9/17/2010.. in Haiku  (poem that consists of  3 lines, 5-7-5 syllables)

No increase next year;
Social Security freeze,
Woe is to be old.

People's net worth drops;
Past two-quarter gains erased,
Time to practice thrift.

The market goes up;
Consumer sentiment drops,
Both can not be right.

30 billion passed;
Small business to get credit,
More burden, more debt.

Warren head watchdog;
Wall Street critic to oversee.
Big business is pissed.

Bush tax cuts may end.
Many angered when they passed
Now mad they may go.

Europe is a mess;
Who has courage to default?
And who keeps paying?

One in seven are poor;
Americans- you and I.
Other six are not fazed.

All have opinions;
How to save economy.
No one really knows.

Some want taxes cut
Others want taxes to raise.
None wants to spend less.

Two months till we vote
Then all problems go away~
Some really think that.

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