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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saving $$ at the Post Office

Here are two tips to save money when at the Post Office.. well I should clarify.. 1 way involves the Post Office and the other way bypasses the need to use them.

1)  When people send packages in the mail, usually the cost is determined by weight or perhaps the size of the package.  Most do not know there is something called 'Media Mail' which applies to books, CDs, DVDs and periodicals which make sending those items in the mail much less expensive than other items.  You have to remember to tell the Post Office person behind the counter that it is Media Mail or they will not mention it.  There is a slight drawback in that it may take an extra day or two to ship to your target vs Priority Mail which usually promises 2-3 days, but if a package is mailed out ahead of time, the price differential is worth is.   Here's a price comparison betw Priority Mail and Media Mail:  Source-

Note:  Priority Mail's prices are varied based on what zone you are sending from and the zone of the package recipient.  Media Mail does not vary

Weight (lbs)               Media Mail                Priority Mail

      1                             $2.38                      $4.90-$5.55
      2                             $2.77                      $5.00-$9.55
      3                             $3.16                      $5.70-$12.70

You get the idea..  Media Mail goes up about 40cents for each additional lb.

2)  Everyone pays bills.. mortgage, utilities, cell phone, cable TV, credit cards...  And pretty much people sit at a desk, write out checks, and mail each bill out at a cost of 44cents a stamp, a rate that will be increasing at the beginning of 2011.   But did you know you can pay all those bills on the internet using Online Banking and not pay a penny on stamps?  Each bank offers it and once you put your Payee data- bill name, payment address,etc.. you can pay your bills in seconds, and usually the recipient will receive payment in 2 business days.

In simple math terms, if you pay 8 bills a month, you're spending $3.52 in stamps.  In a full year, that adds up to $42.24 spent to send bills via snail mail  vs simply using Free Online Banking.   $42.24 can pay for a tank of gas ordinner for 2 at a decent restaurant or 3 DVDs...   How would you spend it?

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