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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Week's worth of food- for $10

As a mental exercise, I decided to challenge myself to see if it was possible to stretch $10 to cover a full week of eating- breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc without skipping a meal in the process or scrimping on portions.  Mind you, this was a mental exercise and specific for 1 person, not a family.- I have not actually tried this, but what I came up with is realistic and I am pleased to know that in a true financial emergency situation, it is possible to get a full week of nutritious meals for $10.

$2.00 - Box of Generic brand cereal
$1.75-  1/2 Gallon of Milk

*  Typically 12oz box is 12 servings. Even eating one and a half bowls/day is enough for full week.  Half-gallon of milk is 64 oz.. 8oz is plenty for a bowl and a half of cereal.  Cereal also makes a great snack.

$2.50-  Jar of Goober Grape brand PB&J spread
$1.00-  Generic brand bread

*  Goober Grape, for those who've never heard of it, is peanut butter & jelly already swirled together in the jar.  Peanut Butter is high in protein.

 $2.25-  2 mini cartons of Eggs (8 in each carton)
 $0.50-  4 sticks- Generic brand Margarine
$ 2.75

*  Eggs are also very high in protein and at 2 eggs/night,its enough for a full week. Margarine used to lubricate cooking pan and on the bread/toast which can be eaten on the side.

When thirsty, nothing but tap water.  (Bottled spring water often comes from the same municial source as tap)

And for ketchup, salt, pepper, etc.. your local fast-food restaurant can provide that. 

So let's add up the total:

$ 3.75- Breakfast
$ 3.50- Lunch
$ 2.75- Dinner

~  The meals may be a tad repetitious and perhaps bland, but it can be done.  Remember, this is was survival exercise- the goal being to be able in an emergency situation, to feed oneself for an entire week without going hungry or breaking the law to acquire food--  for only $10

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