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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What does $12million buy?

Jennifer Lopez was recently signed on to be an American Idol judge and she will make $12 million. Jennifer originally asked for $15 million/yr and a guaranteed movie but backed away from those demands when Idol said 'No'.

Now, if Lopez' salary was broken down into a standard 52 week, 40 hours per week pay schedule, she would earn $230,769/wk. or $5,769/hr.

* A person making $50k/yr for 40 years will earn $2million or 1/6th Lopez' Idol salary)

* A person making $12/hr [$24.960/yr] & working 40 years will make $998,400, or less than 1/12th Lopez' Idol salary

* A person making $7.25/hr min. wage will make $15,080 in a full year.  Lopez will need less than three hours.

~ So, let's have some fun.. what are some other things that $12million can buy?

* 9 homes in Beverly Hills (Housing Median price in Beverly Hills- $1,323,721)

* 150 Fully Loaded 2011 Mercedes E550 Sedans @ $75k each

* 389 Fully Loaded 2011 Nissan Altima Sedans @ $30,800 each

* Full year of groceries for 839 people based on spending $14,300/yr per person ($275/wk)

* 4000 Plasma 60" 1080p 3D HDTVs @ $3k each.

* 15,000 Notebook PCs- 17" screen, Blu-Ray capable @ $800 each

* A year of free cell phone usage for 20,000 people based on $50/mo plan

* 40,000 Sony Playstation 3 game systems @ $300 each


~  you get one demanding Diva- J-Lo

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