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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who would you buy a used car from?

There are some people who Need to invest in the markets, and by 'Need' I mean they MUST put their money in something- stocks, bonds, treasuries, gold, silver, oil, orange juice.. Anything! They MUST make a profit- MUST make their money work for them...  And to those people out there in internet-land, I can only say in total honesty, there's something deeply wrong with you.

Nonetheless, I don't want to see money junkies necessarily lose their lifetime of savings, so I thought we'd play a little game. I will post some photos of famous people.  Some are genuine celebrities- some are pseudo-celebs.  Put aside any preconceived notions, positive or negative, and pretend these people were never famous-  just focus on their faces, body language and non-verbal clues and ask yourself- which of the two people would you buy a used car with limited warranty from?

Suze Orman


Princess Diana

                                                        CNBC's Jim Cramer


NYPD Blue's Dennis Franz

                                                      Oprah Winfrey


                                    actress Angela Bassett

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