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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Opinions are like rear-ends..

~ "Got the $1,000 suit.. Finance section in hand.. ready to conquer the world"

According to Stock Trader's Almanac Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Hirsch, ""The super boom's not really going to kick off until 2017 after we shake out all this financial crisis," he says. He predicts the Dow will hit 38,820 in 2025, a 500% gain from the intraday lows of March 2009... It only takes a 7%-8% gain, compounded annually, to get to 38,820, Hirsch notes. In fact, the Dow rose 1,400% during the bull market of 1982 to 2000"- Yahoo Finance

 ~ "In 2025, I'm going to be SOOO Rich!!  YEAH~"

1)  If you think Hirsch knows what he's talking about (which he doesn't), then you also have to accept the entirety of his premise- that it will take Seven more years to get out of this current financial mess.  That would date the crisis at 2007-2017, meaning we're not in a recession and certainly not a BS 'recovery'-  it would mean we're in year 3 of the second Great Depression.

2)  This is the kind of garbage you find in mainstream financial news- worthless pieces of empty information from no-named nobodies who don't have a clue on anything.  Next time you read or listen to some 'expert' give financial advice, ask yourself this-  Did he/she forecast the current depression we're in- did that person write or speak on it prior to 2008 warning people to protect themselves financially?  If not, then he/she is no 'expert'.

Opinions are like rear ends- everyone has them..  except some are fortunate enough to be picked up by mainstream news.

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