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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A pack of Smokes

I was once told something that over the years continues to be remarkably true..  No matter how poor someone is-- No matter how much a person is financially struggling, there always seems to be enough money for a pack of smokes.

Driving by my local 7-11 today, I saw them advertise Marlboro for $5.59/pack.

Let's do the math for a pack-a-day habit:

$5.59 * 365days =  $2,040.35  before taxes

A person will spend more $$ per year on cancer sticks than it would cost for 6 months of groceries ($1950) for 1 person based on $75/wk

~ Sometimes people have little to no money because life is a struggle and necessities are expensive..  and then there will be those who barely get by and who say they don't have enough to eat or to get Christmas gifts for their children yet always have enough for a pack of smokes.

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