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Monday, October 4, 2010

Staying Even Keel in Turbulant Times

                                    ~  The cast of ABC's  "My Generation"

Imagine you're a struggling or up and coming actor or actress...  you've spent years waiting tables and other menial jobs, then after countless auditions- that Big Break- you're going to be on a TV series that's to be shown on a major TV network's Fall lineup. Its called 'My Generation'.   You're so Excited..  A phone call to your parents would probably go something like this:

"Hey Mom, its me..  guess what?  I'm going to be on TV!  Yesss.. isn't it great??  its called 'My Generation'.. I am Soo psyched- its going to be a Big Hit for sure..  Can;t wait to move out of this apartment and get a nicer car.. Yes, it's going to be on ABC..  looks real promising.. I think this is the Break I've been waiting for... No more menial jobs for me.. big money now.. Kids are going to really relate to it..  wow, never been a Star before..  haha..  Yes Mom, of course I will take care of you and Dad.. yes, little sister too...  I need to go practice my autograph.. i want it looking just right..  ok Mom.. love you.. talk soon.. or whenever..  ciao."

**  'My Generation' was canceled by ABC on 10/3/10 after 2 episodes

In life, the most successful people are emotionally even keeled.  They keep an emotional balance where they don't let things get them too happy or depressed.. but ride the ebb and flow; the joys, adversities, surprises,and uncertainties of life like an expert surfer rides the waves.  Those people always stay on top.

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