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Friday, October 22, 2010

What did we learn in school? Really?

Homer Simpson says:  "Hey kids, you can be just like me.. Just stay in school, study hard, do as your told, and don't worry about anything because government will fix all problems <belchhhh>"

Every American who attended K through 12th grade, spent approximately 2,100 days of their lives in the public school system.   When you add 4-5 years of undergraduate studies at college, and for some, additional schooling to achieve a Masters then Doctorate, that's quite a bit of time commitment.   But what did we really learn?  What essential survival or social skills did we come away with, in case modern society broke down, even for a temporary period like after a hurricane or blizzard?

Were we taught how to hunt or fish?  What plants are edible vs inedible?

Were we taught how to prepare food?  How to cook it? 

Were we taught how to sew or how to make clothing?

Were we taught how to do anything not involving electricity?  How to preserve leftover food? How to wash clothes?

Were we taught how to build?  Shelter?   A crate?  Taught to build anything?

Were we taught how to grow and tend to a garden?  How to turn useless green lawns into productive fields that grow crops that feed people?

Were we taught anything about farming?  Raising livestock?

Were we taught how to socialize with others?  How to show friendliness and how to be publicly sociable to others instead of insulating from the rest of the world with texts, tweets &  iPod earbuds in our ears?

Were we taught how to barter and trade?  How to negotiate? Were we taught to share?

Were we taught to think of others beyond ourselves?  Were we taught to think on the common good rather than feeding the Id?

 ~ Little Billy couldn't figure out the proper way to sit in a chair.. isn't he just precious?!..Aww~

Were we ever taught common sense?  Deductive reasoning?

Were we ever taught how to think analytically?  How to question?

Were we taught how to make do with less?  How to sacrifice?

Were we ever taught what it means to appreciate what we have? Taught to appreciate the moment?

Were we ever taught about marching to beat of one's own drum? To Not be a follower?
 Were we ever taught what true priorities in life are? 

After 2,100+ school days, were we Ever taught Anything important?

Why not?

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