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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What does "Ants & Grasshoppers" want?

A lot of time is spent on this blog explaining what's going on economically in the financial sector and in government.  Decisions that are not only not for your benefit but in fact for your economic detriment.  This blog also tries to demonstrate how biased mainstream news is, particularly the written media who distort truth through sensationalistic headlines and spin, and strategically bury statistical facts at the bottom of their columns where few bother to read.    All this done with a political and more importantly, a financial agenda to push.

So this leads to the following question- What is the position of this blog- what does A&G want in terms of economic policy and the overall state of the American nation?   Good question- glad you asked..

In no particular order, A&G would desire the following in a perfect world...
  • That not only QE2 not occur but the power to stimulate the economy be completely taken out of the Federal Reserve's hands (Bernanke) since their mantra is strong economy through monetary decisions that solely benefit the triad of Evil-  Wall St., banking/finance, and investors.
  •  That the government would enact "trickle up" policies that puts wealth in the hands of everyday people so they could stimulate the economy through business start-ups and everyday commerce which would guarantee money be circulated at a faster rate than at present.
  • Social Security get a cost of living increase of 4-5% for 2011 and beyond
  • Additional minimum 26 weeks of unemployment benefits to the '99ers'- those who've ran out of government assistance while unable to find work since the recession began.    
  •  The government provide job training for those unemployed in marketable & expanding fields to give  people the best chance possible to find meaningful employment on their own. To receive benefits, you had to attend 10hrs/week in free or copay classes.   No classes- no benefits.
  • Establish a law that compels businesses to hire instead of hoarding cash reserves by giving tax breaks to those who expand hiring and tax penalties to those businesses that either do not hire or continue releasing workers for economically selfish reasons.  Called Carrot--stick.
  • That policies be enacted to strengthen the US dollar rather than weaken it vs other currencies so products and services can be as affordable as possible while dealing with massive unemployment and stagnation of wages.
  • Establish a law that any company that sells its products to US consumers has to make at least 15% of its items domestically, using American workers & they will receive a tax break OR continue making all products abroad and the US place a 40% tariff on those items.  Companies must be Forced to use American labor if it wants American consumption. Once again- Carrot--stick.
  • Via the Patriot Act under the crime of Financial Terrorism, the government arrest the top leadership of Goldman Sachs, AIG, JP Morgan, Chase, Bank of America and every other major CEO and power broker directly or indirectly responsible for the economic situation we're in today They would be detained them indefinitely without counsel as would any other suspected terrorist trying to harm our nation.  This is important- their actions, in particular the creation and profiting off the housing bubble and its results, have blown this economy apart- far worse than any bomb could have.  It caused untold suffering, massive collateral damage and shook the bedrock of the entire financial system... and we're still just beginning to pick up the pieces.
  • Increase the interest rate by 3-4% to bring savers back to the banking system and reward them for living in a fiscally responsible way.
 Basically this is what 'Ants & Grasshoppers' wants- Fairness, Accountability, Justice, sincere Job creation, a Strong dollar, a Better Life for Everyday people and a Strong, Safe & Vibrant America.

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