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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yay for Delicious Yummy American Beer

So, let's say you're thirsty for a frosty cold beer..  you don't want something imported, but prefer American because your a patriotic guy or gal; you only want something domestically made And owned..  so, what do you buy?

~  Keifer Sutherland ~

You could get yourself a big tall can of 'Bud' or Bud Light.  After all, Anheuser Busch is the "King of Beers", and nothing more American than beautiful Clydesdale horses clip-clopping through the snow at Christmas...

~Tara Reid ~

 Hmm, that's right- AB sold itself to the Belgian brewer InBev for $52 billion  in July, 2008, so now AB is foreign owned..

~ Heather Locklear ~

OK, what about Miller Brewery, makers of Miller Lite, Miller High Life and such.. That's American owned right?  Its gotta be- with that famous #2 NASCAR car driven by Kurt Busch..right?

~ Mel Gibson ~

Oh, darn.. that's right..  South African Breweries (SAB) bought Miller Brewery, Inc in 2002 for $5.6 billion from Altria Group (previously named Philip Morris), and renamed their company SABMiller

 ~ Jessica Simpson ~

Well.. alright, certainly Coors is American, right?  Fresh as a mountain stream.. Frost Brewed Goodness, cold from the Rockies.. right?

~ Lindsay Lohan ~

Double-darn..  seems the Canadian beer company Molson bought them in 2005, renaming themselves Molson Coors, then later merged its US operations with SABMiller.

 ~ Drew Barrymore ~

There's got to be an American made and owned beer company..  right?

~ Britney Spears ~

Yes-  Pabst Brewing Company, in operations since 1844.

~  Christina Ricci ~

 If you believe in supporting US owned companies and enjoy beer, they're the largest remaining American-owned brewery.

 ~ Kirsten Dunst ~

Cheers !!

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