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Monday, October 11, 2010

Your elected leaders do not care about you

There are many reasons why little to nothing gets done in Washington and on a state level.   You hear many rationales for this from lobbyists to gridlock but perhaps its a simpler reason-  the men and women you elect to office really do not care about you.   More specifically, they do not understand or relate to your day to day life struggles in any honest way, especially economically.  Thus have no desire or intention of enacting policy that benefits you, a class of people that is foreign to them.

No member of Congress is living anywhere near the poverty line nor I imagine has any friends or colleagues who are. Can't imagine any politician cutting coupons, self-sacrificing, and budgeting to make their paychecks stretch. No politician that I am aware of is in jeopardy of losing their home to foreclosure and if they were to lose their 'job' in November's elections, do not cry for them Argentina- they have their government pensions, private practices and political networking contacts to keep them 'warm'.

I ran across an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer today called Democrats Drowning in Tea-Party Tidalwave and one sentence in particular caught my eye;  to combat the increasing popular tide of Tea Party candidates, "(Democrat) Party strategists suggested that congressional candidates position themselves as outsiders who understand that government hasn't adequately addressed the ills - particularly the economic ones - afflicting the country."

Re-read that quote-  Rather than BE candidates who actually and genuinely Care about you and the economic realities everyday people go through, and are sincerely outsiders, they are told to 'position' as such.  And this really is the crux of the problem..  Put aside Dem v Rep biases-  you have candidates of both parties who pretend to care about you.   And as long as you have elected officials that at best hold their noses around their constituents, and at worst, simply ignore their existence, then it really doesn't matter who you elect, does it...

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