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Friday, November 26, 2010

Is this a game you want to really be playing?

New York Stock Exchange Dow:

Tues:   11/23:   down 170 pts
Wed.  11/24:    up 150 pts
Thurs. 11/25:    Off- Holiday
Friday 11/26:    down  95 pts

Every day the market swings up or down, with no real rhyme or reason. And everyday the media will rationalize its pendulum swing with double talk and gobbletygook.  

And the talking meat sticks on the various TV business channels will tell you Today is THE day to buy stocks in a fashion no different than carnival hucksters would go from town to town in the early 1900's trying to sell magical cure-all elixirs to the townspeople.

The Fed has purposely made interest rates super low and destroyed the ability of savers to earn anything in interest by keeping money in a bank.  The Fed purposely has tried to steer mom & pop savers and everyday investors into the stock market....  Into This market.

The American people, to their credit have take out $60 billion from the markets because they will not play casino games with their precious and hard earned money.   The Fed has stepped in to fill the void.  Quantitative Easing 1 pumped trillions into the stock market via giving free money to banks.   QE2 pumped an additional $600 billion at $75bill/month.

This is not a game you want to be playing.   You will have a better percentage chance of success if you took your money to the roulette table and placed it all on black or red (45%)

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