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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two Americas - Example #1554

There are basically Two Americas...

America- group #1 --

What Recession? Shoppers Eat Up Black Friday Deals (AP)-- "Millions of the nation's shoppers braved rain and cold to crowd stores while others grabbed online bargains on what could be the busiest Black Friday ever... Shoppers still clutched lists and the buying frenzy was focused on the deals on TVs and toys, but many were treating themselves while they bought gifts for others, adding items like boots, sumptuous sweaters, jewelry and even dresses for special occasions."

 and America- group #2 --

99ers, Unemployed Need Help As Their Benefits Expire (CNN-Money)--  "Roughly 14.8 million Americans are unemployed, with about 6.2 million of them out of work for at least 27 weeks. About 8.5 million people are collecting unemployment insurance.  But as the nation's economic funk grinds on, a growing number of the jobless are exhausting their benefits."

~ Most people are able to be oblivious about the current recession because it doesn't affect them. Only when more people in the "group 1" category start becoming "group 2" will Americans start to really care about how bad things are nationally and globally.. and maybe will begin to care about each other..  maybe.

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