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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wasteful spending- example #1,284

 From Associated Press:  "Apple Inc. says people snapped up more than 450,000 copies of Beatles albums plus two million individual songs during the Fab Four's first week (on iTunes)"

If a full length album is $9.99 and an individual song is 99cents,  that means collectively, people wasted $6.475 million precious dollars on Beatles music they could have added to their iPods and iPads for FREE and done legally so.

How?   Here's how--  At your local library, there is bound to be Beatles CDs (at my local library, there are five)  In addition, many libraries do Inter-Library Loans within a country, where you can acquire any book, CD or DVD that's available for checkout on the library's website.   Then, you take the Beatles CDs you've checked out and burn to your PC (you are legally allowed to burn one copy of a CD for your personal use).  Then once the music is burnt, you transfer the music via iTunes to your portable player.    Done.

The bigger point is this..  millions and millions of people literally piss their money away daily on either things they do not need, things they can not afford or things they could get for free legally.  Little things add up- two 99cent iTunes downloads a week adds to $102.96 a year.  A two-dollar cup of coffee each weekday adds up to $520 in a year.. and so on.

In spite of the government and media Lying to you, economic times are getting worse, not better, both domestically and globally.  Those who will survive the upcoming economic winter are those who think before they spend and don't succumb to the need for instant gratification.

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