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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Early New Years 2011 Wishes

Normally about this time of year people start composing  their New Year's resolutions- things like 'I am going to diet' or "I will drink less coffee'..  Things which are safe, lighthearted and easy to not follow through on..

So instead of resolutions, I am going to be wishing things for 2011- hopefully most if not all what I wish for will come true, but if only one thing does, I will claim my wish list a success

I wish...

That people would stop their collective herd mentality when it comes to being deceived by government, media and advertisers.   This covers everything from believing pronouncements of 'recovery'  and other empty-optimism, to understanding that because its the holiday season, you are not legally required to Shop and spend money... also 'Buy 2, get 1 free' is Not a real sale!

That Americans would take the time to learn what's going on economically in this great nation and not just ignorantly assume things will get better

That Americans would also pay more attention and genuinely care about other parts of the world, especially where this global financial crisis is concerned.  It is affecting everyone- from Britain and continental Europe to Asia and to some extent, Australia as well.

I wish...

That our Democrat President would stop acting like a Republican, acting like an articulate version of George W. Bush in his policies; stop possessing an admiration complex and policy 'man-crush' towards Reagan & his principles

That the general public.. the bottom 98%.. stop figuratively and literally bending over and taking it.. stop accepting things as they are.  Speak out.. protest.. get pro-active and take a stand

That the general public act more frugal with their money- cut back on going to restaurants and movies, or concerts and sporting events... cut back on unnecessary expenditures and learn to save their hard-earned money for emergencies later on

I wish...

That bankers, bankers, stock traders and investors who caused the 2008 collapse be arrested and incarcerated while their life possessions are taken from them and sold off at auction, much in the way the government treats drug dealers.

That people take their money out of banks..  stop allowing banks the usage of your money to loan out at 6-9% interest while paying you 0.001% interest in return

That the stock market drop to the 7000-8000 level..  not so much of a drop that the overall economy is adversely affected but enough that many investors lose their shirts and suffer for profiting off the current recession

I wish...

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