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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Naughty domain names bought up by Bank America

I thought this was pretty funny... true article below...

Bank of America Buying Naughty Domain Names (PCWorld) -- "It's a common practice among the disgruntled, Internet-savvy customers to create websites with embarrassing domain names to sharpen any axes they have to grind with Corporate America and its executives. When confronted with these guerrilla attacks against their prestige, most companies grin and bear it. That's not the case with Bank of America, which has taken the offensive against offending domain names by buying them up.

The bank has been feverishly registering domains that include the names of its directors and executives combined with "sucks" or "blows," according to Domain Name Wire. Hundreds of domain names were registered by the bank on December 17 alone, Domain Name Wire said.

Among the names registered by the bank to protect its CEO Brian Moynihan, for example, were,,, and In addition to the .com domains for those names, .net and .org versions were also registered (though .info seems to have escaped the bank's notice).

Other officials receiving domain protection include CFO Charles Noski, Chairman Charles Holliday, and board member Charles Rossotti...  Despite its domain buying spree, there is one domain that it can't buy, and it's probably the most important naughty domain of all: "

~  Bank of America has bought 439 URLs thus far...

I wonder if they've purchased yet?

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