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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why does the mainstream media distort truth?

This may seem like a question with answers on the surface that are fairly obvious but nonetheless need addressing.  A&G's focus is economic so we'll put aside the obvious political agendas and biases that pretty much every media outlet displays toward specific elected officials and political parties.  And for clarity, we'll just accept as a given that no American media outlet will take the position in a news story that makes the US look bad in the eyes of the world, such as the Wikileaks disclosures which were uniformly attacked and condemned in lockstep by Every US mainstream media source even though much of the information was valid and the public has a fundamental right to know.

So why does the mainstream media distort truth?  Two reasons-  the advertisers want it and we the people tend to want it.

 Advertisers spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on commercials and print advertising, celebrity endorsers and product placements in movies & TV, and advertising in media outlets such as newspapers and television.  They want their products shown in the best possible light and for 99.9% of advertisements, they are light hearted fluff which is meant to conjure happy, positive thoughts to associate with their product.

If the network news and 24hr news channels conveyed the current economic situation in an honest way and spent as much time focusing on the lower and middle class as they do the well-to-do investor, it would paint a very bleak picture of this nation and where we are headed.  Advertisers would pull their sponsorship, networks would lose revenue, corporate profits would dwindle causing drop in stock prices, investors would be upset and people would lose money. 

No way that will ever be allowed to happen.  So you will get 98% of the population completely ignored in its coverage and lots of focus on Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians and adorable footage of kittens playing with puppies.

 It is also the fault of the people themselves.  Most truly do not want to know what's going on in the world.  Its easier to be an ostrich with head buried in the sand, than to experience reality.  Some people do everything humanly possible to escape reality-  they drink, self-medicate, over-exercise, focus obsessively on sports or celebrity gossip- the mind is turned dramatically inward so nothing that does not affect them directly in the moment, is to be mentally acknowledged.

The corporate driven mainstream media is in existence to make a profit.  If people tune out and turn off because the coverage is too honest and sincere, ratings drop and money is lost. So news is catered to the public's need to not be truly informed.

And when the media touts 'Recovery', everyone is happy with the lie: the government that doesn't want to incite panic and protest, the media that doesn't want to lose viewership or advertisers, or be responsible for civil disobedience, those who are advertising who need people to believe "recovery" so they will spend their last dollars on the crap being advertised, and the people themselves who know things are real bad but wish to treat the economy like a self-affirmation-- that if you tell yourself things are better long enough, it eventually becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy and becomes Truth.

 There is honest news reporting in the world and places on the internet you can go to get information free of bias and spin.. unfortunately, you just have to work a little bit to acquire it

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