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Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 Q's- An imaginary interview w/ Pres. Obama

If I had the opportunity to sit down face to face for an interview with the President, done professionally and with courtesy, and prior to the interview, he volunarily took a truth syrum-like pill so as to prevent him from giving evasive answers, double talk or change the subject like all politicians of both parties do, these would be 10 questions in no particular order of importance that I would ask Obama..

1)  "Is the US economy (the Entire economy, not just Wall St.) in recovery, recession or depression, and if the answer is 'recession' or 'depression', why have you refused to publicly acknowledge it?

2)  "It seems that despite being a Democrat, your economic policies are quite fiscally conservative.  Is this accurate?  If not, please state three fiscal policy decisions you've made in 24 months that would be seen by most people as "liberal"."

3) "The former Chief of your Economic Task Force, Larry Summer, stated he did not believe it was the role of government to help small business, no matter their need and the focus needed to be on  strengthening Wall St.  Do you agree?"

4)  "What would be your personal definition of 'Mission Accomplished' as far as the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are concerned, and is it realistically achievable by 2012?"

5)  "Why has your Administration not enacted a single "Trickle UP' fiscal policy where everyday people and small business are able to benefit directly with no middleman (banks, mortgage companies, etc)?"

6) "Being that Blacks and Hispanics overwhelmingly supported you and got you elected, how is it these same groups have been suffering so disproportionately under your Presidency?"

7)  "When agreeing to extend the Bush tax cuts to every American including multi-millionaires and billionaires and lower the estate tax threshold, why did you refuse at the same time, to fight for the ability of senior citizens and disabled people to receive a $250 cost of living adjustment when they've had no inflationary increase for two years and studies show that 100% of the money ends up circulated back into the economy, i.e. stimulus?"

8)  "Being that the US government borrows so much money from China to keep our economy afloat, how would you characterize the US-China relationship?"

9)  "Can the American economy fully recover without a manufacturing base and a productive capacity?  With housing at official 'depression' and so-called 'jobless recovery' for two years, what will be the Spark?"

10)  "As a US Senator, you were against voting to increase the debt ceiling on two occasions, calling it 'fiscally irresponsible'.  Yet as President you are now pushing Congress to raise the debt ceiling for the second time in your presidency-- why the change in position?

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