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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: Anything for a buck..

~ Cowboys Stadium, Dallas Texas- site of Super Bowl XLV

I thought this was pretty funny..and sad...

From Yahoo Sports --

"For one-third the price of a regular ticket, NFL fans will be able to stand outside Cowboys Stadium and act like they are attending the Super Bowl XLV. The league announced on Wednesday that tickets to watch the game on large HD video screens on the east side of the stadium will cost $200.

They're calling it the "party plaza,"   Tickets will first be offered to Cowboys season-ticket holders who will have to buy in blocks of four. The $800 will cover four tickets to watch the game, four programs, four scarves and a parking pass.

Besides additional revenue, the biggest upside for the Cowboys is that those buying tickets to the party plaza will count toward the game's official attendance. Jerry Jones has expressed a desire to break the Super Bowl record for biggest crowd, which was set in 1980 when 103,985 attended the game at the Rose Bowl."

~  Ah.. good ole' Jerry Jones..  lol

Fun Fact- the average monthly unemployment check is $263..

Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff said it best-- "Ahh, What a Country!"

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