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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can you make a living working at Best Buy?

~ None of these people are currently in relationships 

The answer--  It Depends.

Like any other company, salaries at Best Buy vary based on job title:

                        Title                                                    Salary

Vice-president Commercial Operations                  $198,000/yr

Marketing Manager                                                  $140,000/yr

Corporate Director                                                  $122.000/yr

Senior Finance Manager                                          $119,000/yr

Director of Information Technology                          $117, 000/yr

Project Manager                                                      $105,667/yr

Finance Manager                                                     $102,500/yr

Consumer Marketing Manager                                 $ 99,500/yr

Recruiter                                                                  $ 95,000/yr

IT Manager                                                              $ 94,000/yr

General Manager                                                     $ 84,822/yr

Assistant Manager                                                   $ 52,670/yr

Geek Squad, Double Agent                                      $17.90/hr  ($37,252/yr)

Department Supervisor                                             $16.72/hr  ($34,777/yr)

Geek Squad, Agent                                                  $11.96/hr  ($24,876/yr)

Retail Sales Consultant                                             $10.35/hr  ($21,528/yr)

Cashier                                                                    $ 9.69/hr  ($20,155/yr)

~  There's actually many good paying jobs at Best Buy once you get beyond working on the floor or entry-level computer repair..  I guess this explains why their electronics, HDTVs and PC's are so expensive compared to

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