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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comfort "News"

We know of the phrase 'comfort food'- Twinkies, ice cream, etc

Well there's also something as bad for people called 'comfort news'.

The mainstream media (MSM) are well-trained puppies.  They've been conditioned like good dogs to refer to every economic event or statistic as part of the overall economic 'recovery'.  Sometimes it will be that so-called 'recovery' is speeding up in pace, or slower than expected.  But they always use that bleeping word.

This is not an accident- it is meant to condition the American public to accept 'recovery' as absolute, undeniable Fact... even if it is really Lie. Even if the US economy is actually worse than it was in Sept, 2008.  And its an easy sell because most people Want to believe 'recovery' -- most people have still been untouched by the last 28months and want to focus their attention on fun things like football and American Idol.

MSM is hard selling optimism; the less you really know, the better.

So, let's look at housing as our example.  Most news outlets have finally, stubbornly admitted that housing is in a depression.. here are some headlines from just last week...

Housing Market Slips into Depression Territory -- CNBC

Housing Market Plunge Passes (Great) Depression's -- CBS

Basically, home prices have fallen for the 53rd straight month (4 yrs, 5mths) and prices have dropped 26% since the 2006 peak and with no sign of let-up

And yet... here's some optimistic headlines from today...

Home Sales hit 13-year Low: Slow Recovery Ahead -- AP.

Housing and Jobs Numbers signal Firmer Economy -- Reuters

Both the AP & Reuters stories were written today, 1/20 - both distort reality.  The AP article is written by someone who Refuses to admit the Housing sector is in Depression, so instead its just a "slow recovery"-- and this is important-- notice how the damned word "recovery" Must be injected by the AP writer even when it has no place; he simply Must inject empty 'hope' into a very grim story about the housing crisis .

The Reuters writer decides to use distorted facts provided to him by the extremely subjective National Association of Realtors as the basis to declare optimism in the housing market, then refers to the findings of economists who in an earlier posting were proven to be deeply ignorant people concerning this recession.

It really is a shame these people get to earn a living writing this nonsense.

Here is the truth-  If you are in finance, banking, Wall St or any related field that has been the direct recipient of the Trillions of dollars of government-injected free taxpayer money then Yes, there is recovery.   Your life is much better than 28 mths ago and all is well with the world.

And if you're part of the bottom 98% and have no direct connection or benefit financially in those fields, you are in an economic recession bordering on depression.    Your nest egg- the home, is losing value by the month, real jobs with real pay and benefits are not being offered in any growth-sustainable numbers,  true unemployment is near 18% and to government & media, your plight simply does Not matter.

'A&G' is not comfort news.. we respect the reader too much

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