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Friday, January 28, 2011

Just a thought.. 1/28/11

Trader 1:  "Psst, make a lot of money today?"
Trader 2:  "Oh yes.. made a lot of money"
Trader 1:  Heh Heh.. Me too.. A Lot.."

Just a thought..

I do not know very much about the current situation in Egypt, certainly not knowledgable enough to comment insightfully on it.

But I do find it amazing that in spite of all the negative signs domestically that would normally cause this bloated, corrupt, rigged stock market to drop, its not the depressing US housing market now officially in double dip territory or high unemployment or any other real economic indicator that in any other time in US history, would have been priced into the markets.

No, it seems the only thing that will stop money-junkies from obtaining their 'fix' is near-revolution in another nation or other global calamity the investor class has no immediate ability to directly control and manipulate.

Think of Wall St. as an economic "thermometer". It is supposed to provide an accurate reading of the current state of the economy.  For most of US History, it has done this. Now its being tampered with. The Fed Reserve is pumping hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into the market, creating additional Debt to artifically display 'strength' and to entice Mom & Pop investor to come back and risk losing thier life savings.

And the 'thermometer' is telling you it is 72deg outside when its really snowing.

Without tricks or schemes, the Dow would be around 8000.

It should be at around 8000.

Wall St. & banks made a stink about lost profits- they got their bailouts

Other businesses and industries made a stink- they got bailed out too.

Most Americans are still proudly stoic and quiet in their victimization...

Old saying--  "The squeeky wheel gets the grease"

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