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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The News in Haiku - 1/12/11

Lately the news has fallen into a familiar pattern... and sometimes a blog site does not need endless paragraphs to fully explain what's going on at the moment..   Sometimes everything that needs to be said, can be done concisely in Haiku, which is a three-line poem; first and third line is 5 syllables- the middle line is 7.

Media cheering
As markets keep on rising;
No concern about you.

Jobless everywhere,
Housing in a Depression
News says 'All is Well'.

Why are you ignored?
Your plight glossed over by News..
Its' called bad 'Nielsens'.

Political games
Played over weekend killings;
Have people no shame?

US Bails out World
But China Bails out US...
China Bails out World.

~ Of course there's also times its impossible to say what needs to be said in 17 syllables so there's times writing many paragraphs is necessary too...

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