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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A satirical look at MSM's Egypt coverage

I turned on one of the mainstream news channels (MSM) this morning to see what was going on with Egypt and the democracy protesters.  After 5 minutes, it became too difficult to watch.   Not because of the information being presented, but the constant interruptions in the form of cutaways and commercials.

So I thought..  What if news blogs were like MSM?

I think it would go something like this

Blogger:  Welcome back to A&G.  Coming up later this hour, Lots and Lots of snow is heading your way- or is it?  Depends where you live.. we'll explain.   Oscar season heating up- who will win, what will they wear & how it affects you.  Also- its the newest trend, cats dressed in clothing. We'll show you the new Spring fashions..  But we continue with the situation in Egypt.  Protests continue- Day 6.  The people want Egyptian President Mubarak to go.  To help us understand all the complexities, I welcome Dr. Smith, Professor of Middle East Affairs for over 25years at XYZ University.    Dr, what is going on in Egypt currently?

Smith:  Well, the people are obviously upset-- they have been denied freedoms for over 30 years and are feeling a sense of frustration and empowerment.   It all stems from...

Blogger:  Hold that thought Dr Smith, the President is speaking...

(cut away to direct feed of President Obama giving speech)

Obama:  ..But umm... We will continue to monitor the situation closely.. I have nothing further at this time...Thankyou"

(cut back to A&G)

Blogger:  Sorry about that Professor.. you were saying...

Smith:  Um.. yes, i was saying this tension stems from 30 years of oppression and loss of liberties at the hands of Mubarak.  And adding fuel to what was a long time simmering situation was..

Blogger:  Um.. Excuse me Professor, I have to pause you there for a moment... we need to take a break. Can you stay with us a little longer?

Smith:  Um.. well I don't know if I...

Blogger:  Great!  We'll be right back

Blogger:  All right, we're back.  Thank you for making A&G the #1 source of news   We blog- you Decide. We have with us Dr Smith, Professor of Middle East Affairs at XYZ University for another segment.  We Appreciate you staying..  please continue what you were saying?

Smith:  Well.. um.. I was saying... The true catalyst for the intensity of the protests and what no one else is even remotely addressing is..

Blogger:  Wait Professor..  Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is speaking..

(cut to direct feed of Clinton's speech)

Clinton:  "And.. um.. We will continue to monitor this situation.. Thankyou"

(cut back to A&G)

Blogger:  Sorry about that..  Professor...  Professor?  I guess we lost his connection due to bad server.   Coming up after the break- the Big questions of the day:  How will the markets be affected? What should investors do? Oil prices rising & how to profit?  And How you can make as much money as possible off the Egypt situation?  We'll answer all that after the break...

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