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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Super Bowl & Gouging- like bread & butter

~ What an interesting phallic symbol..

Last week I mentioned that for $200 you could have the opportunity to stand outside Cowboys Stadium, and watch Super Bowl XLV on a big-screen TV.

Now you can park your car in some parking spaces for just under $1000:

From Yahoo Sports--  "A parking spot at a private garage a tenth of a mile away from the site of the Super Bowl is selling for nearly $1,000, an online parking broker reported this week.

The spot costs $990 and features access to a restroom, on-site security and the ability to tailgate.

Other spots the same distance from the stadium are selling for $550 (without restroom access). If you're interested in walking a mile to the stadium, a spot can be yours for $55. The NFL will operate a (parking) lot at Six Flags, which is also a mile away. For $71.40 the league provides a shuttle, but no tailgating.

Face-value tickets started at $600, meaning that some people could be paying more for parking than a ticket. Those prices aren't available anymore, though. Stubhub reports that the cheapest tickets to Super Bowl XLV begin at $2,500 and range up to $15,000. Currently, there are over 1,800 tickets available for sale on the website."

Hmm.. and what does singer Lee Greenwood think about all this?
~ sings:  "And I'm Proud to be an American... Where at least I know I'm free.."

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