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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Super Bowl & Prostitution- like Cookies & Milk

The Super Bowl generates a lot of interest around the world, even though 90% of the global TV audience doesn't really follow the sport or watch any other NFL game during a season but the Super Bowl.   And for whatever city hosts the big game each season, it draws a lot of people, and where there's a Super Bowl to be played, there's prostitutes...


"Super Bowl XLV will bring money, athletes and fans to North Texas, but that's not all, a sex trade expert warns pimps and prostitutes will also come to Dallas-Fort Worth.

"We will have an influx of pimps and traffickers bringing women and children into North Texas," said Katie Pedigo director of New Friends, New Life which is dedicated to helping young, often abused women escape the sex trade.

Pedigo estimates 15,000 prostitutes will be brought to North Texas for the Super Bowl, many against their will and that many of the women selling their bodies are underage and on the verge of homelessness."

Using basic math, if all 15,000 prostitutes ply their trade for a 7 day period, and each earned on average $500/day (which is a modest estimate), that means in one week, a total amount of $52.5 Million dollars was earned.

~ So what does Charlie Sheen think about that?

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