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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuscon- a Haiku poem

I had avoided talking about the Tuscon shooting which occurred the previous Saturday, January 8th because I wanted to keep A&G an economic blog.  I also wanted some time to reflect on it...  But I decided I wished to express sentiment.  So rather than write a grand pronouncement, political diatribe, or soapbox soliloquy like most have seemed to in the media and blogosphere, instead this is my humble contribution...

It expresses all I wish to say...


Where once there was life
There are tears and blood and fear;
People pray and mourn.

Grief and reflection;
We try to block out the news-
They play up 'blame game'.

And six are now gone;
Pundits work into frenzy
Still, six are now gone.

In time they move on,
To cover New tragedy;
Lives do not return.

And people move on.
Because we're told on TV
That it is now time.

But we with conscience,
We remember. We reflect.
And not in soundbyte.

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