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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Video: When stock markets plunge

For the second time in less than a month, Bangladesh has seen its stock market plunge.  Above is some raw footage from the protests.. Often the temptation by Americans and other westerners is to mock and ridicule people from third-world nations or exhibiting such behavior and expressions of anger, much like the protesters in Greece were mocked by elistists in western media and society for protests against austerity. These aren't fanatics or fringe 'nuts'... these are everyday people that are witnessing their life savings disappear in snaps of a finger.  They're angry, scared, and victimized by their government and the system.

But it is important you do not mock or ridicule these people, because this is what is coming down the pike in western Europe and America once the stimulus money runs out.

After the US stock market panic of '08, The US Federal Reserve spent 14 Trillion US Dollars propping up Banks throughout Europe, Japan and South Korea, hedge funds and US corporations like McDonalds, GE and Verizon as a means of containing the global crash.  This does not included the Trillions spent domestically to get the markets artificially priced at where it is today.  Nothing about this so-called 'recovery' has been organic, in other words, a natural growth recovery like we've seen in past recessions.  100% of it is stimulus based and pretty much all the funding is coming from either the Federal Reserve or the US funded International Monetary Fund, which is a sovereign nation's version of an evil loanshark.

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