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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The US war against the union worker

Remember when A&G said during the congressional debate to extend Bush tax cuts that the goal of the Republicans was to speed up the insolvency and bankruptcy of US states and Federal social programs,  seeking the destruction of the unions, the defaulting on pensions and ultimately repealing all the socioeconomic advances of the past 80 years?

It begins...

States, Congress ready assault on labor (Yahoo News) --  "2011 could be a challenging year for labor unions and their members.  Facing daunting spending gaps, many states are looking to limit labor's political and bargaining power, the New York Times reports.  The news comes just as Washington Republicans gear up for their own "war" against public-sector unions."

"Perhaps the most aggressive attack on unions is being launched in Ohio, where the new Republican governor, John Kasich, is looking to take away the right of state-financed child-care and home-care workers to unionize, and to ban strikes by public-school teachers.  "If they want to strike, they should be fired," Kasich has said. "They've got good jobs, they've got high pay, they get good benefits, a great retirement. What are they striking for?"  Meanwhile, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, also a Republican, is threatening to take away the right of government workers to form unions and bargain for contracts. And GOP lawmakers in Maine, Indiana, Missouri, and seven other states are pushing laws that would make it harder for unions to raise money by barring public-sector unions from forcing workers they represent to pay dues or fees"

"Some see all these moves as a long-term threat to the viability of unions. "In the long run, if these measures deprive unions of resources, it will cut them off at their knees," Charles E. Wilson, a law professor at Ohio State University, told the Times. "They'll melt away."...  Meanwhile, GOP wise man Newt Gingrich has been talking up the idea of a bill that creates a venue for state bankruptcies. That, too, would force cash-strapped states to pare down their benefits packages before a bankruptcy judge did it for them."

~  2011 is seemingly Not going to be the year of the worker

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