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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What to Watch instead of State of Union

Many people will tune in to watch President Obama's third State of the Union this evening at 9p eastern/6p pacific.  Some will actually care to hear what the President has to say.  For others, there's little choice since it will be shown on what feels like 100 channels.

Many others would prefer watching something else.

So here's a 20 word 'cliff-notes' summary of what Obama will say:  Nation improving; "Recovery"; optimism;  jobs, jobs; lower taxes; corporations- good; Reagan- wonderful; challenges ahead- we'll meet them; God Bless America!

Now that I saved you, the reader, an hour of boredom, and expressing emotions ranging from frustration to depression, here are some suggestions of other programs you could watch instead that might be a bit more enjoyable and relaxing... These are real shows/episodes...

Animal Planet-  Human Prey" "Killer Cats & Dogs"

"A wolf stalks a family camping in the Canadian wilderness; a coyote assaults a man mowing his lawn in Virginia; and cougar attacks a biker in California"

Food Network-  Cupcake Wars: "LA Auto show"
"Car-theme cupcakes are created by four top bakers, who are competing to have their sweets showcased at the LA Auto Show."

Lifetime Network- WifeSwap

"A woman who spends most of her time helping one of her five children launch his hip-hop career trades places with a woman who is devoted to hunting monsters in Florida and has little time for her stepson."

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) -  "General Spanky"

"During the Civil War, Spanky (Spanky McFarland) and Buckwheat (Billie Thomas) get the bunch to outwit the Yankees"  -  original 30's Little Rascals

Travel Channel - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: "Pennsylvania"

"Strange eats in Pennsylvania are sampled. Included: a Japanese chef prepares potentially poisonous sexual organs; a family boils every part of a pig."

~ All TV shows start at 9p eastern/6 pacific      Enjoy~

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