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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cheat Sheet: The US & Global Economy; one word answers

The US and global economy can explained in two ways..  First, is to write a lot of detailed analytical postings filled with statistics and charts and graphs with the ultimate goal of being confusing and indecipherable.  A second means is a 'cheat sheet'.. Simple one word responses to capsulate the global recession here in the US and abroad.  Some may find this a bit too simplistic or generalized, but it certainly cuts through the BS

Without further ado.. One-word responses- the US & Global Economy:

US Economy (Main Street) -  Struggling

Us Economy (Wall Street) -  Booming

US Economy (Banks/Finance sector) - Profiting

Ability for people to get credit (loans/mortgages) - Difficult

Employment situation - Brutal

Government's focus on fixing unemployment - Nonexistat

Morale of those Unemployed - Scared

Morale of those still Employed - Dejected

Business' decision to not hire the unemployed - Disgraceful

People's belief in government - Disillusioned

People's belief in media - Cynical

Wealth Gap - Horrific

The "State of the Union" - Precarious

The state of Unions - Weak

Republicans (economically) - Heartless

Democrats (economically) - Corrupted

US Dollar - Depreciating

Housing Market - Doubledipping

Housing prices - Falling

Home Sellers - Nervous

Home Buyers - Salivating

Real Estate Agents - Scrambling

National Assoc. of Realtors - Liars

Prices of Food, Gas, local taxes, etc - Increasing

Decline in standard of living? - Assuredly

Chance that markets crash again - Good

Chance that US bails out "Too Bigs" again - Affirmative

~ And Now..  one-word responses- National economies (overall):

USA - Difficult

Great Britain - Overstressed

Ireland -  Depression

Iceland - Rebuilding

France - Struggling

Germany - Vibrant

Greece - Abused

Spain - Tumbling

Portugal - Adrift

Japan - Stagnant

China - Illusionary

India - Blooming

Brazil - Blossoming

Egypt - Nonexistent

~ Now that you don't have to read the financial news for another few weeks, what will you be doing with all your extra free time?

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