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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Audio: Wisconsin Governor caught speaking candid

We all know pretty much all politicians are liars and filth.  Doesn't matter the nation, the party or political persuasion- its just a fact.   Usually its something we have as a gut instinct or through observation.  And then on occasion, a politician slips up and states how he/she really thinks and feels.

I discovered this item via 'The Atlantic' today.  Thought it was pretty interesting because its a window into the mind of the piece of garbage that is Scott Walker, the current Governor of Wisconsin. He wants to destroy the unions by denying them collective bargaining rights under the guise of a faux budget crisis which he created by giving tax cuts last year when the state had a Surplus budget.

From 'The Atlantic':

"Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had a candid 20-minute conversation with billionaire Republican donor David Koch (sounds like 'Coke'), or so he thought. In reality, the caller was Buffalo Beast reporter Ian Murphy, who recorded the call and posted it online. Walker is battling Democratic state legislators over his plan to curtail the power of state government workers' unions; thousands are protesting in the capital. The call reveals him to be at turns sympathetic and a jerk.

Murphy, noting a state senator's complaint that Walker is "just hard-lined--will not talk... will not return phone calls," decided to test just how hard it is to get the governor on the line. So he pretended to be Koch, and a receptionist immediately transferred him to Walker's executive assistant."

~ Gov. Walker pt. 1  10min long..

~ Gov. Walker pt. 2   10 min long..

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