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Friday, February 11, 2011

First Tunisia, then Egypt.. Next is... ??

Who is the next domino to fall?

From the --

Algeria prepares for Day of Protests -- "Algeria, the oil-rich, military-dominated north African state, braced itself for a day of pro-democracy protests on Saturday, despite a ban on demonstrations in the capital, Algiers, and a large security presence intent on containing any uprising inspired by Egypt or Tunisia.

A key energy exporter and the biggest country in the Maghreb, Algeria used its powerful armed forces last month to contain several days of rioting, triggered by price rises for sugar and cooking oil. At least five people died and around 800 were injured in demonstrations against youth unemployment, poor housing and corruption, including several people who set themselves alight.

Now a hastily formed umbrella group of civil associations, independent trade unionists and small political parties has called for a national day of protest on Saturday , under the slogan "Changing the system". It is calling for an end to 12 years of authoritarian rule by Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his generals."

~  Will Algeria be next?

Whether these uprisings and revolutions excite you, cause revulsion, or scare you to death, the important thing to take from them isn't specifically what they want politically or empty terms like 'freedom' or 'democracy'.

These people want two things: jobs and food.  In the US and other Western nations, the rising prices of commodities especially food isn't being felt very much--yet.  In Northern Africa, the surge in commodity prices for food from the November 2010 market spike are being felt Now and it is dramatic.

In 2010, there were demonstrations in practically half the nations of Europe- from Great Britain to Italy to France to Greece due to lack of jobs and prospects for work..  and they continue into 2011.  The global finance cartel has hijacked a generation of young people throughout the world, including the US; depriving tens of millions of young people a chance at a better future.    So when you see people rebel and revolt, ultimately this is the True catalyst- jobs and food.

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