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Monday, February 14, 2011

Mailbox Q & A - Feb 14th edition

Time to open the mailbox & answer more questions...

Q:  Hi, love your blog.  I have a problem- I don't know who I am.  I am the leader of a very big nation,  Some would say its a 'superpower'.. anyways, I should know who I am by now but.. Sometimes I think I prefer being Ronald Reagan.  Other times I try to be JFK and on occasion I will try to be like Bill Clinton if it suits the moment.  But I'm just not sure who I am- any suggestions? -- B. O.-  Washington D.C.

A:  Well B.O.,  it is difficult to say.  For instance you sorta remind me of George Bush 41 in that he promised "Read my lips- no new taxes" then raised them, and you promised essentially you were going to tax the wealthy then also went back on your word, extending Bush 43's tax cuts.

Then recently you seemed a lot like Jimmy Carter in 1979 when he dealt with the Iran revolution. You saw Egypt was going through a revolution and you straddled the fence; you didn't know who to support or what to do.  And at times you seemed so lost, you didn't even know who was still in power.   And you're kinda like Gerald Ford  when he famously told NYC to "drop dead" in the mid 70's.  But you're pretty much telling the entire Nation.. well at least the economic bottom 98% to 'drop dead' and to 'go F yourselves' by aligning yourself so close to Wall St. and corporate interests who are profiting off their misery and fear..

Best advice is this- be the person you campaigned as or be a one-term President.

Q:  Great blog- you provide information on the reality of the economy which I don't find elsewhere.  Anyways, I am struggling mightily to keep things together... my home, my family, my sanity.  Haven't found work in over a year and there doesn't seem many prospects unless I'm willing to take severe pay cuts and work $7.50/hr Wal Mart type jobs. I'm getting to a point I can't afford to make my mortgage payments anymore.  Why have things gotten so bad for people like me?  --  "Unemployed in Utah"

A:  Well "Unemployed in Utah", its like this--  the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

In 2008, the banks and the corporations were screaming for help; demanding free money or they would literally crash the stock market.  They scared the government and got free money.   In Tunisia and Egypt, the people protested lack of jobs and extreme high food prices.. toppled their governments. In other African and Middle East countries, the tyrants are so scared of the people protesting, they're given free money to keep calm and not cause civil disobedience.

Here in the US, people are stoic and rather accepting.  They take a lot of 'bleep' as the saying goes.  They just quietly took it in 2008.. and still keep taking it.  So--there has been no sincere help for hard working people struggling to make it and no help will come... That is, until you and people like you begin to  "Squeak" really really LOUD and Often and get the 'grease' you deserve.

Q:  I recently sold my blog site to AOL for $315 million dollars.  I know its a lot of money and we all know money is Very important but beyond me being richer than I was before the sale (and trust me I was Very wealthy before the sale due to a much publicized divorce), did I do the right thing? Should I have merged? --  A. Huffington, Los Angeles, CA

A:  Well if you're content having a corporate owned and controlled blog that will ultimately dictate political content by having your site hold back writing anything that might be detrimental to AOL or its business interests, then well done. Good merger move.Then again, it was always hard to take your blog seriously when you have daily coverage of 5th Tier pseudo-celeb nothings like Kim Kardashian, Kate Gosselin and Jersey Shore's "Snooki".  The way you devoted constant coverage, it kinda seemed like their publicists paid you to run daily stories about their every insignificant move--  didn't they?  Don't answer.. we both know they did.

Plus, what is AOL's track record?  Didn't they almost destroy Time-Warner when the merged a decade ago?

Q:   I am a commissioner of a multi-billion dollar sports league run by billionaire owners, and it is looking like there's going to be a lockout next month because the players are getting too much money and it just doesn't seem fair. I know we agreed to it in the last collective bargaining agreement but now we want it back.  Look, all we want is the players to risk injury by playing 2 more games each season (18 game schedule), and to take less pay for it.  Am I being a fuddy-duddy? -- R. Goodell, New York

A:  Well I guess "fuddy duddy" is a nice G rated way of saying it.   You do know if this lockout actually goes into the football season, you will not only cause financial hardship for the players, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, etc..., but also anyone associated in any way with the NFL from local TV stations to food and merchandise vendors to parking attendants. You will also have deprived the 30 NFL cities of hundreds of millions of dollars in lost tax revenue which they will have to make up in other ways like taxing the people and/or cutting more social services to meet budget.  And you risk alienating a very loyal, passionate fan base which has made your sport #1 in their hearts.

So, no you're not a fuddy duddy- you're acting like an M.F. - 'muddy fuddy'
Q:  G'day mate!  Ya have a great site.. Ya explain complicated concepts real clearly so non-financial people can understand which is not easy to do.  Anyways, why don't you charge for your site?  Aye mean aye charge for everythin'!! Ya want to go on Wall St. ya pay a fee.   Ya want to watch Fox News or Fox Business on TV- gotta pay for cable an' aye just raised fees the cable and satellite people pay me which means more everyone pays each month.  Wanna look at New York Post on iPad- get the app an' pay a fee!  Brilliant, eh?  An' aye just recently launched an iPad daily magazine called 'The Daily' an' guess what?  That's right.. aye charge people to get it.  You should too!  -- R. Murdoch, Australia

A:  Well thanks for the advice but um.. No.  Not going to be charging or putting up advertisements any time soon. A&G was started as a means to inform people about what's going on in the global crisis, and to prepare people for the economic 'winter' ahead.  It wasn't set up as a means to profit off people.

But thanks anyways~

Well that was fun..  will have to answer more Q's in the future...

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