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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More AP News Propaganda

They never stop..  the lies.. the need for you to believe things are better so you will go out and shop.  The mainstream media (MSM) just will not stop writing lies.  Don't know if its the writers themselves or the editors who are insistent on this tone but it is incessant.  

I thought I would present two more examples of pretend 'recovery' propaganda- both articles from the Associated Press but instead of me commenting on the preposterousness, I will display comments from people in the Yahoo! community who read the articles and are expressing their individual opinions.  This way readers of A&G will be able to see that there is a 'silent majority' of people who also find the MSM to be complete liars.

Article #1 :

Consumer confidence at 3-year high on job optimism - "Americans are feeling more chipper about the economy than they have in three years.  The Consumer Confidence Index rose to 70.4 this month, up from 64.8 in January, as Americans expressed more optimism about their income prospects and the direction the economy is headed, a private research group reported Tuesday... A robust stock market and falling unemployment are lifting Americans' spirits in spite of rising food and energy prices and a still-weak housing sector. In addition, a cut to the Social Security tax meant Americans started seeing more money in their paychecks in January, which may be boosting consumer spending."

~ Ok, what do Yahoo! readers think?

"I may not be smart enough to write an article that the AP would publish, but i am smart enough to know that there isn't any reason to be "chipper" about our economy..."

"I think some of these stories are written to elicit a lot of outraged commentary. This seems to be the only explanation for this one. Otherwise AP is outsourcing to some high school journalism class."


"A BIG part of the problem is that we dont know the truth. in fact from the media we keep getting lies."

"Job Optimism????????? These people at AP never cease to amaze...........they start with their conclusion and work backwards. If they can't find any facts, well, just make it up. Their organization is simply disgraceful and helps destroy people's faith and trust in "journalism" on a daily basis."

"More $hit from the Associated Propaganda"

"Whats with this? Late last week they said retail figures figures are down and the outlook is bad. And some 3 days later, its better? AP are true idiots."

(There were 370 more comments like this on the message board under the article)

Article #2 :

In sign of growth, businesses are borrowing again - "Now that demand is up and business is finally improving for many companies, they're doing what they always do at the beginning of an expansion -- calling the bank and asking for a loan.  And in a stark contrast to the depths of the financial crisis, the banks are saying yes... Loans are one of the best gauges of economic growth. Small and midsize businesses that form the backbone of the U.S. economy take them out to pay for business needs -- unlike big corporations, which go to the bond markets for low-cost debt."

~  Ok.. do Yahoo! members agree?  Let's see...


"They are borrowing to pay their bills, not create jobs."

"Of course business can borrow.....all you need to do is have $200,000 in collateral for a $100,000 loan...a no-brainer.....but here in Fort Lauderdale...all I see are MORE business closings and a LOAD of vacant commercial stores"

"Neither a person nor business entity can borrow their way to prosperity. This just goes to show that some did not learn from the last 3 years"

"I truly would like to believe a story like this and hope that small mom & pop businesses were making a comeback, but I see no truth in this story!...........Everywhere I look, I see signs that indicate just the opposite! Americans have been "sold out" by self centered, greedy elitists & our government!....."

"I don't think anyone buys the trash the media is spreading. The economy can't recover until something is done about outsorcing our jobs, importing other countries rejected products, the huge salary cuts for people seeking employment..."

(and another 100 similar opinions on the Yahoo! message board)

The big question is this-  if people know what AP and other MSM sites write is total bunk, then why do they bother doing so in the first place?

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