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Saturday, February 26, 2011

News of the Day- in Haiku (2/26/11)

* A haiku is a poem of 3 lines; 5-7-5 syllables...

Finance news of day:
'Libya- how to play it?'
Do bankers have souls?

Gaddafi fights on
While the world watches and waits..
And Wall St. profits.

Oil goes up; stocks down;
Investors flee like vermin
To commodities.

Wisconsin battle;
The impasse continues on..
Stay strong union, Stay Strong

USDA says:
'Food costs will spike 4 percent';
People keep on taking it.

Government shutdown
Is not a 'shutdown' at all';
One more news non-story.

Twenty-three banks closed;
Only two months into year...
On pace: one-fifty (150).

Charlie Sheen goes nuts.
Raves and Rambles and Rantings;
Glad to see him 'clean'.

Twenty years today...
Hussein pulled out of Kuwait;
Cheney- well liked then.

Eighteen years today...
World Trade Center first attacked
Bet you forgot that.

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