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Monday, February 14, 2011

Poem: "They Don't Care"

Sometimes the best way to convey a thought or feeling as to the state of things in the US and globally isn't with a long drawn-out blog posting but a succinct poem:

They Don't Care

Those at the top,
They don't care.
Don't wish to, have to, need to,
No incentive to... 
Don't want to.

And those at the bottom,
They don't care.
They wait patiently, quietly, nervously
They with incentive.. 
With no urgency, they Wait.

And the squeaky wheels gets the grease...

And one by one by one,
The job, the car, the home
The nest egg, the family, the pride
It goes.. and goes.. 

And those who cause the misery,
They take no credit;
They take no blame.
But they take..and take..

And they don't care

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