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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stocks just love to 'shrug'

For 'fun' I decided to keyword the phrase "stocks shrug off" to see how many results I would find in the 'news' section of a particular search engine.  Many repetitions but I still found a pattern of headlines...

Stocks shrug off mixed jobs report - (AP)  Feb 4

Stocks shrug off Egypt unrest - (CNN/Money) Jan 31

Stocks, oil shrug off Fed, rise on Obama speech (Reuters) Jan 26

Stocks shrug off news about Apple CEO, bank earnings report ( Jan 19

Stocks drift as markets shrug off Spain (CNN/Money) Dec 15, 2010

~ Outside of catastrophy, stocks will keep taking that QE $$ and keep rising...

And just keep on shruggin'...

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