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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Americas- Example #1055

Remember China's visit to America last month where their leader, Hu Jintao's was treated by Obama like a King.. or rather, treated as our King... remember? One of the 'highlights' was China agreeing to purchase Boeing planes which meant US jobs.

America #1 -  January 19, 2011

As Part of $45 Billion Export Deal, China Will Buy 200 Boeing Planes (AP) - "China agreed to approve airline contracts for 200 aircrafts to be delivered over a three-year period, starting this year. The $19 billion package will support more than 100,000 American jobs, according to the White House."

Ah, I see..

Now- America #2 - January 21, 2011  (Two days later)

Boeing Layoffs Slash 1,100 Jobs (St.Louis Post-Dispatch) -  "Boeing announced Thursday that it is putting in place layoffs that will cut 1,100 jobs, including 100 in St. Louis... The bulk of the layoffs -- 900 -- will occur at the Long Beach, Calif... Workers in Macon, Ga. and Mesa, Ariz. will also be affected. Boeing had 3,700 employees at the Long Beach plant before the layoff.

Stan Klemchuck is president of Local 148 of the United Aerospace Workers, told the Long Beach Press-Telegram the workers "are obviously devastated." "

~ Hmmm, I guess the White House overspoke on 100k jobs being retained (not created mind you-- just 'retained') -  I think they meant the $19 billion package would support 98,900 American jobs instead.

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