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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The US' two-faces of Internet Freedom

"Isn't it Ironic.. Don't ya think?" - Alanis Morrissette "Ironic"

It seems the US' stance on Internet Freedom has different faces

Like for instance..

U.S. warns against blocking social media, elevates Internet freedom policies (Washington Post) Jan 28 -  "The decision by Egyptian officials to virtually shut down Internet access to the country Friday marked an audacious escalation in the battle between authoritarian governments and tech-savvy protesters. It was also a direct challenge to the Obama administration's attempts to promote Internet freedom."


Politicians and groups speak out on Egyptian Internet blocking (TechWorld) Jan 31 - "US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called on the Egyptian government to restore communications in the country after reports that officials there had ordered Internet service providers to shut down outside traffic in response to ongoing protests. "We support the universal human rights of the Egyptian people, including the right to freedom of expression, of association and of assembly," Clinton said."

And Yet...

What exactly has been America's response to Wikileaks, hmm?

Something more like this...

Pentagon wants to censor Wikileaks (The Inquirer) Aug 6, 2010

WikiLeaks shutdown calls spark censorship row (Washington Post) Dec 3, 2010 - "The US opened new fronts in its fight against WikiLeaks today as civil rights groups accused the authorities of censorship."

Lieberman Praises Companies Helping Him Try To Censor Wikileaks  (TechDirt) Dec 9, 2010 - "Senator Joe Lieberman has apparently put out a statement, along with Senator Sue Collins, praising companies for following through on their political pressure to try to censor Wikileaks, calling them "good corporate citizens," and saying that people should support those companies for their willingness to bow down to government pressure."

Disappointing Poll: Americans Largely Supportive of Censoring WikiLeaks ( Dec 10, 2010 - "A new Marist-McClatchy poll has revealed a disappointingly strong opposition to the notion of a free press in the United States. The poll showed strong support for the notion of censoring WikiLeaks and prosecuting anyone involved in the publication of classified data."

~ Funny how Americans passionately believe in free, uncensored internet speech abroad and yet are so quick to surrender those same freedoms at home.

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